Sketchbook Painting Outdoors – My Process

Sketchbook Painting Outdoors – My Process


  • Marco Bucci says:

    My colours (from left to right, top to bottom), as seen at 0:55 –
    Mauve, May Green, Sap Green, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna Deep, Van Dyk Brown, Vermillion, Perinone Orange, Cadmium Yellow Light, Lemon Yellow, Neutral Tint, Pthalo Blue (Green Shade), Opera, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Alizarin Crimson, Permanent Karmin, Viridian, Ultramarine Violet, Cobalt Green/Turquoise, Ultramarine Blue Deep, Cobalt Blue.
    Gouache is Titanium White.
    Brands are Winsor & Newton, Horadam, Daniel Smith, HWC.

  • Sarah Ahmed says:

    "The subject is not my boss" this is so important and empowering.

  • Ivy Cao says:

    I love your commentary!!!

  • Michal says:

    You dont have problem with watching people around you? 😛
    Btw…its nice when someone paint very well and its nice when ppl watch and say "whoa! so nice!"..but its problem when you are begginer, you know that you are learning and paintings sux and people watch this and probably think "meh… ugly begginer's painting" :'(

  • Michal says:

    7:41 you have nice, flying, orange/brown phoenix on your palet 😀

  • Lorrieonline says:

    Great video – seems like such fun. Thank you for sharing!

  • Get some colour in your life DaveLowe says:

    Great little demo, I bought some conte crayons a while back, at least now I know how to use them lol. Thanks for sharing this wonderful watercolour demo

  • Eduardo Garcia says:

    Cool! In what city was this painting painted? Great job, man!

  • Charley Wang says:

    Very beautiful! I like you art.

  • Licia Chiappori says:

    Ottime spiegazioni . Utilissimo! Grazie

  • xoxocamilla says:

    very nice!

  • k942 says:

    Did I mentioned that tour editing is lit. Pure bliss to watch your videos.

  • EvelineUK says:

    I'm watching this almost a full year later and you've gained 109k subscribers! Great job! Really enjoyed this video, hitting that big red button now.

  • gary7466 says:

    Well, there you go–a great, simple working set up and the process explained in action. This is just an outstanding video from which anyone trying to break through in sketching outdoors can learn so much. Thank you, John!

  • A-Carvalho says:

    "If you're interested in looking cool, I don't really reccomend doing this."
    Seeing that every abstract shape has a purpose shows me the genius behind the brushes. It's cool enough to me.

  • blue says:


    i love, love, love this advice! my watercolors are relatively cheap and there's no possible way to make a clean flat wash, so i'm trying to learn techniques that use layering and lots of textures. this comment just made me smile and comment immediately down here lol. you earned a subscriber once again! <3 °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° nice job

  • dinu jäger says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience👍

  • Rachel P says:

    heyy so ive always wanted to learn how to paint well and ive always loved working with art when i was younger though i was never an expert it was super fun, but that was a long time ago and i guess i wanna relearn how to paint and sketch and stuff…tips on beginners??

  • Unkrautgarten KeinNachname says:

    Is that clip on watercontainer thing common? I've been looking for something like this, but can't finde it….

  • Anne Saffer says:

    Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood!
    Fun video! I don’t use watercolor because it’s s too difficult! I always end up with a mud colored painting. So I enjoyed watching someone who can handle it and get great results. Love the use of gouache and conte crayons!

  • Arte Tinta says:

    Incredible! Your comments are really helpful! I've just found and subscribed! More!! More!!

  • MilkyWay Production says:

    Good job .I only wonder ,on the top of white building, it looks like a fallen red car ! Where it come from!!!

  • Ssv Dhr says:

    Great man..thanks from india

  • Kris Art says:

    man im so stiff while painting in watercolor outside…

  • KTM says:

    I love those tiny sketches of yours. They have such a spontaneous & jewel like quality.
    I went to a John Constable exhibition many years ago and much preferred all his colour sketches to the finished works.

  • Thom B says:

    my mother does this when she goes on trips – last time i was home I took a long look through them. I may have to start doing this.

  • Joe Donahue says:

    you prob get asked a lot but do you have somewhere where you detail your sketch pad materials? I don't see why someone doesn't manufacture a good sturdy toned mixed media sketch pad at this point. So many water media artists out there who can't find a good pad to use without making it themselves! I guess I wonder what paper or card stock you use? Thanks.

  • Genius I.K. Indranil Kundu. says:

    Thank you sir

  • Yvette Shaw says:

    Where did you get the hiking pack?

  • TeleJazzer says:

    I actually thought this is an Autodesk Sketchbook review/tutorial/etc 🤨

  • Phyxy Morretz says:

    I want to meet you then I’ll beg you to teach me

  • Briubbly Crafts says:

    You’re explanation of this was amazing. I subbed

  • Madeline Quintero says:

    Lovely ♡ !

  • Subas Shrestha says:

    Wow. Nice

  • Kombucha King says:


  • Kombucha King says:

    looks so digital and so cool

  • CheesecakeLasagna says:

    What's your opinion on water brush pen? I think that would lessen the item you need to have in your bag and during painting.

  • Paulina says:

    U have very captivating vioce

  • taunus spatz says:

    Great video Marco. Thankis for explaining the whole process – it all makes sense! Until now I only used watercolors for sketching outdoors but I will definitely try to add some gouache the next time. And conté sticks seem to be thrilling (and a good chance to mess it up :-))) Greetings from Germany, Thomas

  • POPO TV says:

    Marco, can we use acrylic instead of gouache?

  • Andro mache says:

    I'm sure you are an amazing and well known artists and I sure don't mean this in a bad way but what is it? You kept showing the buildings and I expected to see a painting of buildings. However I just see blobs of random color that make absolutely no sense. Are others seeing a painting of what he's looking at? Do I need to get my eyes or brain checked?

  • alex says:

    I imagine you just standing on the middle of the road sketching lmao

  • wildzwaan says:

    Ahhh magnificent stuff subscribing this instant

  • ReineGalena says:

    I finally got the nerve to go and paint at the more secluded side of the park. Now I just have to work my way up to busy road. 😅

  • Tschij Dölla says:

    Is it in munich?

  • Marwin Colinayo says:

    Wow, dude this is awesome! Painting while standing, holding your tools with 1 hand, and yet you still manage to do it!

  • Krys says:

    Braving the hold.. Ha. I went down to a meadow to paint a couple weeks ago and the sun was out and this light breeze came over. (It’s April at this point) and pretty moderate temperature. Anyway, I puss out and ended up slapping two lazy splotches of colour on my paper and then packed everything up and went home. I imagine in the summer I’m gonna end up doing the same, but because it’s “too hot”. But when I’m inside, comfortable, trying to make some kind of art, ..I sit here on my iPad. Heh.

  • Angel Slayer says:

    What a great artist!

  • Katherine Paredes says:

    Wow wow wooooww!

  • RoseyRoses says:

    That up close shot of the painting made my jaw drop. My perspective of painting changed at once. I've been so caught up lately in thinking "can anyone even tell what this is" but as you said, putting the most detail in the thing that interested you initially, and then expressing the image not exactly copying it was eye opening. I feel super inspired 💓

  • Balina midnight says:

    Me: first 2 mins of the video
    subscribe button = clicked!

  • Girlie Dela cruz says:

    your background music sounds like ‘subway surfer’ game…idk if i got it right.😂
    btw you’re amazing☺️

  • Nathania Sutanto says:

    Ur art is gold and special!!!!

  • Leash H says:

    I love how you’re nonchalant about the watercolor bleeding. It’s definitely a medium that requires a ton of control, but also full freedom. Your video allowed me to see that I need to stop nit picking everything. I always seem to get discouraged when my colors bleed. Especially when the mixture ends up looking muddy.

    Great work!

  • Dissonance Paradiddle says:

    The whimsical beauty the colors added compared to the source is so pretty🤩

  • Rob C says:

    Nice! Love the painting. Love the cat. Cannot decide between oil and water color for plein air type stuff. New to painting after years as a photographer.

  • Get Artistic says:

    Love ur channel
    Can we Collab Please…

  • Pentanox Digital Painting says:

    Hi Marco, i do love your urban sketches, that inspired me a lot and keep me to paint and I tried to follow you but it wasn’t easy. I had’t used water color before. Would you give me any feedback ? It will help a lot thanks!!-from your fan

  • CoffeeCupGoodness says:

    I have an essential tremor so I can't balance my equipment like this. I'm so jealous!

  • Ya boi. says:

    What is guash?

  • kuni yazu says:


  • Deus Vult says:

    Is that in Germany?

  • Leslie Aguirre says:

    I cant even draw a tree….

  • theiDOLfriend says:

    Nice video dude
    it boost my confidence

  • parker cummings says:

    You have inspiered me to give this a try (shyly) . Where can I find that container you were using to hold your water ? And how were you able to hold it to your journal ?

  • шер кур says:

    im enjoyed that

  • Omileti says:

    I really enjoyed this video, your process, and how you went about everything. It gives me confidence that I too can do this… and express myself… What I loved is that I don't need to make an identical copy… but an expression of my art. Love it!

  • Charlee e says:

    This is the best video I've seen here on youtube. I love how you explain every detail of how you think. I appreciate this so much!

  • Linda Maude says:

    You call it a sketch; if I could do this it would be framed on the wall!

  • Blessing VH says:

    This is so cool. I really like the sharp contrast in the composition. I also really like how you are capturing the expression of your subjects rather than trying to copy it like a copy machine. I just subscribed because of all this. 😬

  • mahendra iik says:

    Very fast ❤️❤️❤️

  • candiigurl7893 says:

    "Its the expression of an object not an exact copy of it."

    This is really spoke to me on a deep level. Perfectionism and exact-ism are my 2 greatest problems when I do any kind of art.

  • Tegugur - says:

    "lets go to found a good spot…."
    *walks around 10m
    "that is pretty nice"

    this is what i like … coz u dont need to go to a wonderfull place just to found a good object… just looks around u, let ur eyes see in a different angle XD

  • AmmasSaha says:

    Nice video. Thanks!

  • ran 2424 says:

    Great work! I love using tape as well to make a clean edge. It helps latter on if you want to remove a page and frame it. For folks who don't want to make there own field books, check out eBay seller ran2424. I make and sell professional quality field books 5×7 or 7×10 in. Again, great work, I'll be subscribing.

  • Sony Thomas says:


  • Neeti K says:

    saw Mishu and subscribed the channel! <3

  • axL says:

    so helpful! thank you very much!!

  • Снежана Романова says:

    Черт, я слышу знакомые слова, но я не знаю языка. Столько полезной информации теряется х(((((((

  • Serin Oh says:

    I feel like I see magic here. I don't even know how this came to be. lol You just rock. I probably can't finish that kind of work in a day and yet after I finish mine will still look nothing compared to yours. You're super cool.

  • Barb Mummey says:

    Great tutorial – thanks!

  • Calico Cat Vlogger says:

    can you paint mishu?

  • Black Demon heart says:

    Marco, I’m an SO inspired about your work I decided to create more watercolor pieces! I bought brushes, paper and gouache!! I know I might be disappointed in the beginning but you truly are an inspiration! Are you going to do the 8-week membership program soon? Seems very interesting!

  • Vo Kaloiyd says:

    Super cool! xD

  • kuni yazu says:

    thank you

  • Swirl AndTwirl says:

    Crazy how I'm a computer studies student instead of planning for project I'm watching this… but I draw.

  • Zak D says:

    0:47 very clever cut marco, you almost had me :p

  • Sundus says:

    My next level of watercolour painting. Thanks for the encouraging video.
    I always try to simplify my shapes while drawing, but it seems that the process needs more practice. Also, I WISH I could simply go out and draw, but i get very anxious and people here keep starring which makes the situation even more awkward.
    But anyway, thanks for the video and filming in the cold for us 🙂

  • Just Me says:

    Awww, I think you look cool. Great video, thanks!

  • cloudsofsunset says:

    I am not a water medium artist nor interested in painting in streets but honestly tips like: "The image is not my boss" and painting what helps the composition. These type of tips are valuable to me right now.

    Btw turns out really cool!

  • Leo T. says:

    Video is nice, but audio is super cringy

  • C. Catlover says:

    Best part is Mishu! If you don't mind me asking…. are you Italian? What city was the painting done in?

  • BIGGIN mcquinn says:

    Great painting! I sooo want try painting…I draw and ink. Maybe 1 day!

  • Cassie Jean says:

    This is super cool and well explained! I was almost going to give up painting plein air in cities but this has inspired me to give it another go

  • Patrick Jur says:


  • Hear Sok says:

    Vow love your work man :O

  • Lois Brown says:

    i've been so hesitant to keep texture, but i think after seeing this painting, i'll experiment a bit more with rough edges over smooth. thanks!

  • Mar Cial R says:

    I've really enjoyed this video. Great production, editing, hints… I'd love to see more live and quick painting. Keep it up!

  • jae seung lee says:

    well how about now? u got quite a follower

  • vminkook 2seokyoonjoon says:

    it felt as if i was back in art class

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