Silver & Gold Shadow Metallic Pens With Outline Colors

Silver & Gold Shadow Metallic Pens With Outline Colors

Hi. Today I’m going to tell you about our
Silver & Gold Shadow pens. What they are is a metallic pen and the inside is either silver
or gold and the outline is the color of the pen. They come in five silver and five gold
and I’m going to show you how they work. The outline effect of the Gold and Silver
Shadow pens really shows up best on a white, smooth, matte finish paper such as this one,
and I’ve already written a few examples to show you how that works. And remember,
the inside of the pen is the gold or silver, and the outline is the color of the pen. So
let me show you an example. I’m going to take the Silver Shadow Green here. As I write,
maybe you can see this, the whole word comes out green and then it fades into silver with
a green outline which is kind of neat. Another example, we’ll use this Gold Shadow pinkish
sort of pen. I feel like the silver ones are more prominent. Maybe it’s the way I’m
holding the pen, but sometimes with the gold, rather than getting as strong an outline effect,
I’m getting sort of a blending of gold & pink which is also kind of a cool look. But if
I hold the pen up straight, it’s a more prominent outline. I’ll show you some black paper examples.
Again, I’ve already written a few. Believe it or not, these are all different colors
even though these both look gold and these both look silver. So again, this is the Gold
Shadow. It starts off looking pink and it’s sort of fading to all gold. And this is a
Silver Shadow Orange. We have a pink example just to show you that,
again, the outline effect is more prominent on lighter paper. This is a smooth finish.
This is Silver Shadow Pink, Gold Shadow Blue. Again, you have sort of that blending of blue
and gold here. And let’s see. Let’s grab a gold green combination. I’ll try to hold
up the pen nice and straight so we get a nice outline.
The silver purple is nice. So you can see, again, the nice strong outline on this one. So now you’ve seen our Gold & Silver Shadow
pens in action and in my testing, in conclusion, remember the outline effect was strongest
on lighter colored papers, particularly white with a smooth finish. And for some reason,
the silver seems to have a bit stronger of an outline effect than the gold. And remember
on the black, the outline completely faded away, leaving just silver and gold. Now if
you have any questions about our Shadow pens, post a comment, give us a call. We’d be
happy to hear from you.


  • Reyna Sanchez says:

    I love gelly roll

  • Beth says:

    This is so awesome. In the early 90's I had several of these pens,.I used them in ALL of my letters. I can't remember who made them, but they were more fine than these appear to ordering some on Amazon to see! My daughter and I were talking about glass dip pens, and she brought these up, saying they were her favorites she remembers…it was nice to find them!

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