Shelby J Interview – Part 1 (of 2) “Painting with all the Colors”

Shelby J Interview – Part 1 (of 2) “Painting with all the Colors”

we have the first part of my interview
with Shelby J comin at ya right now everybody welcome back to Prince’s
Friend I’m your host Prince’s Friend and if you’ve been around for a while you
all know how big a fan of Shelby J I am if you don’t know who she is
let me tell you a little bit about her Shelby J is a singer-songwriter social
activist from Greensboro North Carolina and she’s on a mission to spread
positive messages through music books art fitness training live performances
these core messages being to inspire love and light shelby’s performed with
some of the greatest talent in recorded music history having toured and recorded
with her own band black gypsy groove theory mary j blige anthony hamilton
DeAngelo Santana Larry Graham in obviously Prince you’ve heard her on
many a Prince track as well from her co-lead on Chelsea Rodgers to her voice
being lent to many other tracks like lay it down future soul song colonized mine
mr. goodnight and most famously on stage with Prince at the 2007 Super Bowl
Shelby Jay recently founded her own company black gypsy music and has
released her debut album 10 on her own label on her own terms and today she’s
here to talk to me Prince’s friend about her career for years with Prince her
upcoming show at the Capri in April and where the future leads let’s get into
that interview hey everybody welcome back to Prince’s friend I am your host
Prince’s friend and I have a very cool and special interview for you guys today
I am honored to bring onto the show Shelby Jay thank you so much shelby Jay
thank you for having me now is it okay if that I call you Shelby or should I
call you mrs. J what should I how should I refer to you you can call me okay
awesome I’m so like Shelby James Shelby J it
just seems weird like well but definitely thank you for the show I know
that you are in California I’m in Florida you’re across the entire nation
and I know that you’re getting ready for the Grammys that are tomorrow
oh I’m so excited and attending with my sister Lynn who’s also my drummer and
we’re so excited it’s yes tomorrow so I can’t wait okay I saw you talking on
Facebook live that this is actually your first time going to the Grammys is that
is that right yeah we would do you know after shows and stuff in LA at the house
you know principal I got a lot of people coming back after the Grammys we long
jail okay and so we would jam we do that especially times we were out there
during you know like the forum shows and stuff like that when we were there but I
never went to the ceremony and I was watching on TV and everything but
they’ll be here soon just let out so they’ll be you know but yeah I’m excited
about going and I love my dress and I told somebody I said it kind of feel
like Cinderella going to the ball and I’m not afraid to let people know that
because I think that humility is really important and I try to be transparent
with folks and when something means something to you I mean I watch the
Grammys like everybody else from the time I was you know four or five six
seven and I would watch those shows and have the dreams about you know being on
stage and performing which I will be being nominated accepting but just being
around that that energy of all the creativeness you know from all of our
genres from everything being in that room I was like what must that energy
feel like so I’m excited to be going to soak that up you know and with be with
my sister you know it’s like that’s the one way definitely and and and who are
you wearing is are you wearing a famous designer well she’s gonna be famous
she’s a Nigerian sister and her name is me clay it’s felt like Nike but it’s
pronounced Nikkei and all of her pieces are handmade they’re hand beaded and
they’re one-of-a-kind and this piece speaks to everything that I’ve learned
everything that I am and everything that I want to be and I think that it’s
various when I put it on I was like yep this is this is Shelby J all day and I
know parents would approve as he taught me a lot and he taught me
how to you know stand in your in my truth you know as far as not I don’t
need to look like anybody else I don’t need to see what’s hot what are they
telling me I should wear it’s like noon baby girl you have to be true to you and
you you know you said to Trina don’t follow you know but but but really speak
to your truth and I went and I saw some fabrics and then I saw some of her
designs and one particular dress I put it on I was like this is it was just
boom pow I was like she’ll be all day so I’m excited I’m excited so you did speak
about some of your time with Prince and some of the lessons that he’s taught you
but can you can we backtrack a little bit
tell me a little bit about your time like before you got some friends like
how did you how did you come into being because you know I doubt that Prince
just plucked you off the street you had like you had to already kind of be in
your own a little bit when he’s ready right definitely
I’ve been working and I’ve been earning my stripes and he told me he was like
you know where have you been he said and I was like I told him I’ve been working
with everybody um most notably mary j blige –is Anthony Hamilton Martin
Luther D’Angelo chorus voodoo tour and that’s where anything in Anthony and I
toured and did that iconic tour with voodoo with the Angelo and right after
that I was singing with Anthony when he did his solo project and I had a break
from singing with Anthony and Sundra Manon called me to come and fill in with
Larry Graham for like one night and it was in Vegas at 3121 and Prince was out
there and he got to hear me sing and you know he liked what he heard and
obviously you know and he called me too he came on stage that night with us and
we were singing together and then they called me back to come out to Vegas and
I was like okay I’m going back out there I’ll know where this is going but it was
so cool and it was like a journey it was just every step of it even as I reflect
back on it it’s just those things in a dream like okay this happens and
this happens and and he’s like you know what you enjoy him a ban and I’m like I
gotta call Anthony because I was on break I was still in his band and he was
like I leave my band the same with Prince I was like okay so yeah so that’s
how that happened and we start a version with the Super Bowl shortly after that
you know this is right at the end of 2006 so it was just you know right place
right time God and all those things and it was an energy we connected our
energies just really you know connected most definitely and and you can even
tell like I’ve seen you perform with him before like you
you just jived like really really well which was one of the the best things
about you know the years that you were featured prominently in his music
whether live or in the studio like I always enjoy listening to those albums
probably more than some of the others but I’m just saying
what was like one of your favorite projects that you worked with him like a
particular song a particular album no doubt Chelsea Rodgers because I was I
had just outwardly and he was finishing up planet Earth and
there were certain songs that I mean I’m brand new so we would only play I got to
tell you a little bit of the story so it’s so beautiful I was just talking to
you I’m out in LA my girlfriend grace is out here she was around during this time
and she came out to Vegas and we were gonna take a trip to the Grand Canyon
and do like a film and Louise thing but not the ending and going out there and
then I get a call we only worked on the weekends I 3121 so during the week some
people Prince will go back to Minneapolis people go to LA I was still
at the Rio that’s basically where I moved into from North Carolina to the
RIA and we were playing Scrabble by the pool I don’t forget this my reason is
Raul who is part of Chris’s team at the time and he says principal she’d come
out to LA and do background vocals on the song and and I was like okay so I
think it was Tuesday and I said well has like Thursday or something cuz you know
I’ve got my friend here she just don’t know maybe like in three or four
hours I want you know we’re gonna just gonna fly you I was like oh okay great
and that was that was kind of my introduction to to how when he had an
idea he wanted to get things done and it wasn’t you know it was there was a sense
of urgency for that and I was like wow and I said grace okay I’m gonna go pack
and I went in there were no lyrics and the engineer was there Prince wasn’t
there and he said let me play the song for you
he played that song he’s like Prince is on the phone but I’m talking to him and
he goes I want you to you know kind of seeing what you hear and there were no
lyrics so I had to let her a lot of lyrics in Chelsea Rodgers I mean that is
all it’s a lot of words in that song so I sat for maybe about an hour and did
lyrics why my mind why my life my life you know and he said sing the whole
thing sing it like you would sing it and I’m thinking the whole time I’m going to
do you know backgrounds of who I yeah yeah something like that
you see every word and I did and then when I heard him play it back it was the
it was the record and it was the duet and he said you know you’re gonna love
this and it’s us and I was like what like it
was pitching you as backing vocals but I’m like I you pretty much ruled that
song like that speaks a lot to his generosity because he didn’t have to do
that you know he didn’t have to as I always say like put me on Front Street
like that he did not have to do that but it was just so beautiful you know he’s
like you know you work for this and he would just say little things like that
to make me aware that he that he was aware that I didn’t just show up today
won’t the same you know he could see he could feel he could see it and when he
had the opportunity to feature me or to help me shine he always did and you know
he helped me to step into that you know there’s even being a background
vocalists with different people like Prince was the one that happened he had
me Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby shut you know just the way he would say my name
so many times in a show I’m like menaces it’s beautiful you know he didn’t he
brought the same way that we were off stage on stage so people could see that
and that that I’m like that’s cool everybody doesn’t do that you know so
Chelsey I just for me is a very special song and that’s that memory of that and
just how he let me shine on that with him and then I got into really listening
to those lyrics and I’m like man brother so deep he’s something I mean most
definitely and let me add as well if if you were to ask me which was my favorite
that you’ve been on I would have also said Chelsea Rodgers but how was even
without me knowing all of that now I love it even more baby mama which was
another one and he let me a rainy trusted me he let me basically arrange
in my background vocals like he would like who does that like I have people
that never produce nothing that want to tell me he’d be like not just sing what
you hear in your head sing what you hear and you know what you hear sing what you
hear and he gave me that freedom to Lennear those vocals in the lair all
those parts and then he would mix it in with his and I had friends that didn’t
even know at the time I was singing with Prince and they heard future baby mama
and they could tell by the way that I had like layered my vocals like on my
earlier stuff they were like is that shelving like just think people pick up
on that like from the black gypsy stuff and everything so it was kind of like a
signature that I would have with how I would do vocals and he let me do that on
his record I’m in this press come on man you don’t have to do this stuff and so
he just let me be free to create and to take part in his art which was beautiful
so I will add that there are a lot of singers and artists out there that can
sing but like it really takes having a specifically kind of unique
voice to really kind of stand out and like you’re one of those and might like
if I hear it I’m a weight that Shelby wait a minute smelling I think I respect
that with people that I love like when I yeah when as soon as Anthony
Hamilton comes on you know it’s him you know what that taser comes on it’s
her you know a prince comes on if you if a song comes on and I don’t know who it
is singing is something wrong with that but you should have your sound you know
a Picasso from a Rembrandt you know you know artists should have their their
lane of not that you can’t you know grow in mesh but I should know is you don’t
you should need all sound you know like this is this this is the the sound of a
month so we got all sound like this is like know whatever I sing it’s gonna
sound like Shelby whether it’s the star-spangled banner just sound like me
you should know it’s me that’s actually one of the the cool things about you
that I’ve that I’ve noticed listening to not only the music that you’ve released
and we’re gonna get to that in just a second because I wrote a top ten with
you but one of the things that I’ve noticed is that you’re able to kind of
not be fit in a box so easily like you do like funk and soul and gospel and R&B
like you do all these different things like like is that just natural to you or
is it like you know what I feel like doing some funk today let’s do some fun
or right just real is real organic and I say that I’ve always told people
especially my friends I can’t stand categories I think one of the worst
things that ever happened is when you try to categorize things that you limit
who who thinks they should be listening to something or you let them you’re
telling them what art they should base it like as opposed to what speaks to
them and their soul and their spirit so you got you know a sister growing up in
the hood that thinks that she’s not supposed to want to listen to Shania
Twain not Shania Twain song could speak to her heart and her soul in those
melodies but because somebody’s discolor and some
this color and it has this particular instrument in it then you’re not
supposed to listen to that you’re only supposed to listen to this music over
here made by people of your same color of your same thing and I can’t stand the
genre think so with me I listened to everything growing up I absorbed
everything growing up grew up in the Baptist Church so there’s that my mom
minister of music my sister was on drums other sister Kim was singing grew up
listening you know to mahalia and to Mavis that’s all in here could hear
country music all around me you know that’s all in here my sister was playing
Parliament and Funkadelic she’s 10 years my senior I’m hearing all of this as
like a 7 year old and an 8 year old the bar-kays like just absorbing that you
know my dad playing Otis Redding and I read the Franklin and just the Doobie
Brothers and just getting getting it all into me and it spoke to me so I would
listen to what I wanted to listen to and I didn’t kind of let anybody uh direct
me and direct that that part of me so then when I started to create my own
music I’m like I’m gonna paint with all the colors in the crayon box I’m not
gonna let nobody tell me I only have to use the orange and the blue and green
it’s like nope I’m gonna use all of the colors and then I might want to just
take one color and do one color because with with I just you know did a gospel
song as you’re aware of people like oh you are you switching to gospel now it’s
like wow I’m never gonna limit myself and I understand society makes you you
know they tell you no you have to go and they’re good to go but man I’m an artist
and I’m free and I Know Who I am more so now than ever because I’m older
and I’ve been through some things and I’ve learned some things I took taken
some bumps so the stuff I’m writing about now and and speaking to now it’s
my truth so it’s gonna speak to somebody might not speak to everybody everybody
might not like this song with that song but it’s always gonna be my truth I’m
always gonna do that so it might have some heavy font it
might have some slide guitar I might do a whole thing that’s orchestrated with
strings where it sounds like Disney but it’s coming from what I feel you know
and I’m not gonna let anybody outside of me tell me how to create if I feel it
cuz prince would do that he would create and put out even what he wanted to you
know and not ask you know is this is this cool you know like before he
released something like if you don’t like it he’s not putting it out it’s
like no cuz everybody ain’t know like everything that’s just the world but you
have to be true to yourself you know and really stand in that yes I and I had a
very similar yeah I had a similar upbringing like it’s good to have
upbringings like that I think definitely I love my mama mama J and my father he’s
you know passed on but he’s with me every day Prince loved my parents as
well and he was a he knew how much I love family and a lot of people like did
your mom ever meet Prince I’m like did she maybe they ran up on Prince at 31 21
and hug him so tight it was like this kind of world we are so she wasn’t going
to be with him any difference wasn’t gonna walk up and kneel or well that’s
just not who we are and so once he met my mother he said I understand you now
even more which is cool because they you know he you come from your mom so you
know he met her and he’s like yep I get you so now he mentioned my truth which
is actually one of the tracks on your album 10 yeah so I guess that’s a great
segue for us to shift over into talking a little bit about 10 which I actually I
reviewed 10 I think it was over a year ago I thought oh you did owner
no words for you two I got on a sermon yes I do thank you for that I like
honesty you know I like people to tell the truth you know you’re not just like
oh I love everything you know that’s not real but you you know you speak to tell
people how they can do things better and things that an artist might not think of
or you know something like that so I watched it so you have the lyrics I got
Jeff I had nowhere to put them online so it’ll be prominent everybody will be
able to find them send them over I got you now I listened to so I listened to
it a bunch and of course I had to go back and watch my review to be like what
did I say but definitely I enjoyed the album and I can tell that like those
experiences were like from your soul like you your your singing is so
authentic on that album is there like possibly and you don’t have you know I
know all songs are your children but is there maybe one of those songs that you
know even now just a little bit we’re a little bit separated from the album’s
you know official release which was a you know in 2017 like our is there one
of those songs that speaks to you even now today like even more Wow I think who
you are okay most definitely um and also day in the Sun lyrically um
as well with with Dan the son who you are because you know Prince taught me a
lot about trusting that you know really trusting that and knowing that your
strength comes from that you know that’s that’s you there’s only one you you know
you’re unique and so go go with that and trust it and everybody might not get it
enough so kay but that’s what he always did and he didn’t care about if society
was gonna get it at the time he was you know wait ahead anyway but he helped me
to realize to really trust that in myself
um after earlier you know things in my career where you know people can can
teach you to kind of doubt like no you need to do it more like this
or Shelby if you do it like this even though that’s not what you’re feeling or
not where you’re going they’re like no no try this just trust in that and it’s
so easy to be who you are it’s like that’s you can be who you are every day
and and and really knowing that there’s power in that and and embracing that so
that’s how it speaks to me I listen to it I’m like yes you know be yourself
everybody else is taken you know I really truly mean that and then the Sun
speaks to me now even more because of what I’m saying in the song you know um
you have to go through some things in life you know you have to have those
valleys to really even appreciate the peaks and day and the Sun speaks to that
with me because I you know this last year I went through a few valleys and
day and the Sun truly speaks to me about holding on staying strong in your faith
and knowing that you know ain’t no progress without struggle that’s a true
lyric it’s like ain’t no progress without struggling just telling myself
that over and over again and knowing that your day and the Sun will come and
now what I’m doing musically and as I’m continuing to grow it’s like okay you
get through this valley here we go you know here’s the Sun so I I was listening
to that last night and it just really touched me and it’s me you know and I’m
like no it really did I’m like oh yes yeah you know yeah I told her I said you
know I’m listening to my own music to remind myself of the things that I know
are true but sometimes we can forget those things you know when life you know
kiss you in the head you know what a flying pan and just knocks you sideways
you can forget that you know and when I listen to those songs it helps me
remember what I will say about the album and just to throw compliments at you for
a second here I would say that super power is probably my favorite track on
the album Thank You shout out to Lassiter
definitely day and the Sun would actually be my second favorite so it’s
funny that you mentioned that one as well me
so in the beginning of that let me just add that that’s my niece Kayla who wrote
that piece yes she wrote that poem and I was like this has got to be part of this
song and she was 16 at the time and I said you have to do this I had you know
so it was very cool and probably it was a question that I had when I was
listening to the album just recently I was like who was that my favorite thing
about day and the Sun specifically is I think just the the way that you sang it
it felt really deep and it also felt like you hit you like you weren’t afraid
to kind of go up and down and kind of go everywhere with your with your tones and
stuff like I really really dug the way that you delivered that song you know
like the when you do like a my day in the Sun like you weren’t afraid I go up
and down and I did it I butchered it it’s okay but you know I could probably
do better but like I would be I would I would be to stage Friday for me to sing
and go – LBJ like oh my gosh and and also it speaks to the the overwhelming
kind of positive message of the album as a whole you know it’s like there there’s
some sadder tracks on there but you know there’s a lot of tracks that are like
yes some stuff is bad but it’s gonna get better and like this is your time to
make that happen and like I appreciate that from a listener standpoint because
there’s a lot of negative music out there I guess my question is like did
you sit down to write kind of a motivational album or was just just what
you were feeling at the time and you needed to like get it out oh wow I
definitely needed to get it out my life had gone through a major transition that
a lot of people they had no idea that I was going through a divorce at the time
right before that had no clue I didn’t share it with people life happens and
you know Prince was very helpful he said you know write your truth you know write
write what you’re feeling right I mean your lyrics from that album that have
two stains on the sheets well that’s you know real talk from coin really deep and
writing that and and even though I couldn’t record it at the time I had
everything got kind of stopped you know there was that moment like she put this
out albums coming what happened and people didn’t know that was going on
with that but he said you might not feel like singing but at least writing
someone I don’t like ant I just can’t I can’t I can’t sing this stuff you know
right now but he’s but I had it ready so that when I could go and sing those
songs like run and I could see those that I would know the right time that I
could record them and there were other songs that I wrote coming out of that
storm so it’s kind of like their songs that reflect being right in the start of
the storm and coming through the storm and then those then the songs kind of
shift as you’re getting your strength your coming out of it your understanding
that you know life is about chapters and their many chapters in your book and I’m
trying you know you’re you’re coming out of it you’re going through it getting
through it and coming into another place and then those lyrics are different from
works of when you’re in it you dig that you hear those you know that it’s my
times and everything got it lifting up to boom moved on to the you know ah so
it’s cathartic I think in the way that it takes you through that the valleys of
things that people had no idea like I said that I was going through into
coming out of it like you know you can you can get through this and I hope
because I’m not the only woman or a man or person that will go through any kind
of hard heart aching heart I’m also you know I just lost my dad you know right
before and I was still you know you that’s a major loss and so there were
there were things that were in me but you have to face those things and and
grow through those things so I’m hoping that when people listen to that music
and they see you know Shelby went through this you
know man she took some serious hits some lumps and this is how she got through it
and I can get through it too and I want them to feel inspired and and uplifted
to know like I can do this she did it you know I can do it too
life can be hard and just completely surprise you and knock you silly but you
know when you hold on to your faith and you you look for your strength you can
make it through you can you have to find those things that help you make it
through a music is definitely one of those one of those tools oh yeah yeah oh
man what I mean even with Prince’s music people talk about it got me through this
I remember going through these trials in my life and this music was the only
thing that brought me through and that’s that’s real music it’s so powerful like
that oh oh man and that’s just part one there’s a whole bunch more that me and
Shelby got to talk about I hope that you come back for part two which will be
launching tomorrow until then don’t forget to check us out on Twitter and
Instagram they’re both at Prince’s friend whitey you can become a patron
and support the channel directly at slash princes friend and
until next time may you live to see the dawn


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