Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pen on Polymer Clay

Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pen on Polymer Clay

Hi guys, its Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay
Tutor, and in today’s PcT Test Lab, we are testing the Sharpie Oil-Based Paint pen on
Polymer clay. Now, about…let’s see, about back in May
of 2012, I took a scrap piece of Polymer clay…this happens to be a piece of Translucent that
I had done some other things to, but I drew on it with this Sharpie Oil-Based pen to see
how it would react with Polymer clay over time, and as you can see, it’s been on there
for a year…almost 2 years now, and it is tough, there’s no stickiness, so it’s
obviously compatible. I can scrape at it with my fingernail and
it won’t come off, so it means it’s not gonna get rubbed off at another time, it doesn’t
flake or chip even on this flexible piece, so it’s perfectly suited for Polymer clay. Now I was a little bit surprised by that because
it is an oil-based pen, and from what I’ve been taught, oil doesn’t do well… usually,
on baked Polymer clay pieces, and it usually will react over time, so I’m gonna be doing
some more testing on some other oil-based products to see it that theory is actually
correct. Now I’ll just quickly show you how these
pens work, you need to shake them…they have a little ball inside, and they’re those
kind of pens that you usually have to push down on the tip to get them to start running,
so you can do that on a piece of paper or whatever. And I’ve just got a piece of baked Polymer
clay here that I can…well hopefully my hands aren’t in the way, but I’m just going
to draw on it, you can…you know, you can put whatever pattern you wanted, and this
would be a neat thing to do for, you know doctoring up something that didn’t turn
out so well, you could do all that Zentangle stuff on it and whatever you want. So, it works really well, you could heat set
it with a heat gun, it only takes a few minutes…or I mean a minute or so, and…or you can just
let it air dry, either way will be fine, and you’ve got a neat piece with some great
embellishments on there. So I hope you enjoyed that, if you did, make
sure to click that like button I really appreciate it. And my question for you today is, have you
tried any paint pens on Polymer clay, and did they work or didn’t they? I’d love to hear from you, leave those comments
in the comment section below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel,
we have new videos that come out every week and you’re not gonna wanna miss a thing. We’ll see you next time and bye for now.


  • Juli anne says:

    I use acrylic paint pens they work pretty well, going to try these sharpie oil based on polymer clay too 🙂

  • Charline Ahlgreen says:

    Hi, Cindi.  You should contact Doreen Kassel (  She's been working with oil paints on polymer clay for eons.  We had her come to Fandango in May, 2012 and she taught us her technique which completely covers the sculptures we made.  The pieces I did then have not reacted to the oil paints at all.  Charline

  • Queen Ifama Uchefuna says:

    I use regular sharpies as well as the oil ones. I was a little hesitant about using the oil ones but with this vid, it is full steam ahead. Thanks Cindy!!

  • MYT CR8TiV says:

    Your videos are always so lovely to watch and so informative. I always learn so much from them. Keep on sharing the great Polymer clay tips. Thanxs for sharing with us all ! lnunl

  • Cameryn8 says:

    no but i have a question.. i m making a phone case for my friend and i am using polymer clay on top… i have baked it for over an hour and its still vert flimsy!!! is it because its about an 8th of an inch thick or because its shaded?

  • PolymerClayTutor says:

    Today in the PcT Test Lab we are testing Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pens on Polymer Clay… Want to see the results? #polymerclaytutorials   #sharpiepaintpen  

  • Carla Kneisel says:

    Find the you tube test for Sharpie mugs, it works there also, have u used soft pastels on your Cay, I would love to see your technique

  • Maria Eva Ramos says:

    Thank You for the info!!!

  • Cameryn8 says:

    thank you so much for responding to my comment!!! it helped so much!!!!

  • Ginger Davis Allman says:

    Cindy, I did a comparison of several pens and markers on baked polymer clay and found that the Montana Acrylic Markers did very well. They're similar to these markers in that they have the little ball inside and the push tip. But the ink was rich and dark and held up to well to water and varathane. Being acrylic I wouldn't expect any compatibility issues, but it's been 5 months and it looks great (whereas the regular sharpie marker has faded considerably). I'm glad to know about these Sharpie paint markers. Thanks for the info!

  • PolymerClayTutor says:

    Hi Carla Kneisel, Thanks for the mug tip… didn't know that one. As far as using soft pastels on polymer clay… yes I have. I could do a video on that as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • corneater23 says:

    Can you make a vid about thickness baking of polymer clay? I don't understand certain things about it.

  • Elizabeth Vallely says:

    Thank you for sharing! Love your idea's Liz x

  • esthersfaith says:

    Thank you so much for this. I have been try to come up with a way to make some letter bead to go on a crochet project. I think this may just be the solution 🙂 

  • Claire Paul says:

    so the already baked clay can be drawn on with this and not get damaged? i am wondering as i find paint pens easier to work with but don't want any issues with my work
    also can u use the permanent marker on it? or only paint pens?
    (new to polymer clay and looking at different techniques)
    PS Love your videos they are a great tool 🙂

  • DIYLifeForever says:

    are these water proof

  • Jae Lynn Jaasko says:

    thanks! that was very helpful.  I was wondering if you have tried any other brands of paint pens on polymer clay, more specifically the Deco Pens? and if so how was that in comparison?

  • IndwellingSpirit says:

    Just bought some of these markers with the fine tip. I am anxious to try them out! This is about the tenth product I have purchased after watching your videos. My favorite thus far are the gilders pastes, I have eight colors now! Thank you Cindy!

  • Brock Lee says:

    Where can I buy one of these paint pens?

  • DudleyMooreFan says:

    This is good to know! Can you clear varnish right over it?

  • Sandra Davis says:

    Thanks I learn a lot.

  • Honey Bunny says:

    Can i not use ordinary sharpie pens?

  • Sharona sh says:


  • Lilybox says:

    mine isn't working; -;

  • Mallori Kerr says:

    Another person was told the sharpie paint pens were junk so she never tried them. Interesting. they seemed better than expected.

  • Birdie Tam says:

    Hi! It's been three years now – how is the polymer clay holding up?

    Have you tried varnishing these? I am trying to find a paint marker that won't smudge when varnishing!

  • Nancy H says:

    I tried these pens several times and hated them!!!  The paint doesn't come out evenly!

  • YoonglezInfires says:

    Thank u lol atfirst when it came in i thought the seller sold something broken XD now ik how to use it lol

  • Emi the Dragon says:

    Very helpful,thanks!

  • claire rubejes says:

    Can i use it too on air dry clay?

  • manjeet kaur says:

    The paint will will off with rubbing alcohol

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