Sharpie Coloring Secrets: Part 7 – Paint with Sharpies

Sharpie Coloring Secrets: Part 7 – Paint with Sharpies

hi everyone this is jennifer stay with coloring pages bliss and this is part 7 of my Sharpie coloring secrets and this is my final part of this series and I’m really excited to get started so let’s get going as you can tell by the title we are going to do a little painting with our sharpies now recently i was watching one of my favorite YouTube artists and her name is Bailey Jay now i’m going to put a link to her video in the description of this video so that you can go watch the video i saw where she was using this idea and they got me so excited because I knew that we could transfer this idea into our coloring pages ok there’s lots of ways that we’re going to be able to apply this painting technique but we’re going to start out here now I have a little plate so what we are going to need is a non-porous surface and that’s what this little ceramic plate is giving me but you don’t have to use a plate you can use ceramic tile you can use a piece of plastic or glass something that is non-porous and that you don’t care too much if it’s going to get stained now I haven’t had anything gets stained yet but who knows so don’t use moms best China or something for this part of the project now i also have a couple little containers here that I just hold some rubbing alcohol now this is just some ordinary rubbing alcohol that I picked up at the store you can pick it up at the dollar store or at your pharmacy anywhere you’re at it doesn’t need to be expensive it doesn’t have to be the 91 % rubbing alcohol it can be the seventy percent it doesn’t really matter so don’t be too concerned use whatever you have on hand so I’m just using a tiny little bit in each of these containers so I have some rubbing alcohol ready to go and I also have a paintbrush now this is a very inexpensive paintbrush that i’m using it’s a number four craft smart that I picked up at Michaels on a coupon and I picked a very small bristled paintbrush this has a rounded edge on the bristles so that I have a lot of control over ink as i’m applying it what we’re going to do here is I want to add some shading to give this some more depth because right now the color is pretty flat and so I’m going to use a deeper purple this is the purple I used right here to color in that petal so I want to use maybe this darker purple here to add some shading so on my non-porous surface i’m going to take the ink and lay some down just like that and then i’m going to dip my brush which still has a little blue in it from the last time so funny that it stays in there so good and I just dip it in and get a tiny bit on there and then wipe the excess up on the edge of the of the cup because it doesn’t take a lot to reactivate the ink look at it go now what happens is it becomes a liquid ink again and it’s pretty much like painting watercolor and it looks just like it and it acts a lot like it here on the page and what is neat about it is that it dries a lot faster than watercolor would and so it’s not going to damage our paper like watercolor would and we should be able to use in our coloring books in places that we wouldn’t be able to use standard watercolor which is really exciting isn’t that cool now I’m feeling like that’s not quite dark enough so how about we try maybe a dark blue now and see if we can get a darker shade in there. get a touch in there tiny bit of alcohol help activate that link and it turns into paint and you can just relax and play with it and it’s so easy to do so easy on my hand I have chronic pain and so this is going to be a way i could do some color application without causing extra pain to my hands so fun let’s try another color combination here with this yellow that I have I’m going to clean off my brush a little bit and dip into this clean alcohol this time I’ve got the orange here this is an ultrafine point so i can still use that i’ll just have to scribble a little bit more here on my plate so fun. you don’t have to lay down a base layer you can just go straight onto the white and this one’s got quite a lot of alcohol that was on the brush already so it’s spreading a lot farther and then grab some more ink, a little bit of alcohol so we can deepen it up and get darker tones down at the bottom lighter tones at the top really cool it dries really fast and when you drag your finger across it was just a little bit of warping like you would imagine with a wet media but the texture of the paper isn’t affected like it would be if we were using water no pilling of the paper or ruining that surface of the paper really cool now let me show you something else cool let’s say we had a pink that we were working with well that’s just let’s see what this was the only pink we had but we were feeling like wow that’s just way too light it’s not going to show up the way we wanted to you could grab a red I hope this red has ink in it, oh good it does and you can actually mix your own new colors so you’re not limited by what colors of sharpies you have anymore you can mix you could do a blue and a green together and come up with a new bluish-green color you aren’t limited anymore this will make the sharpies that you do have go a lot farther because it doesn’t take very much ink and we are covering an entire petal on this flower now something else we discovered during my life event we were first demonstrating this was we use a black sharpie we were being brave and trying something I wouldn’t ordinarily try which is black and we discovered something really pretty but it turned into a really pretty grey, let me show you so pretty so I think with this new technique we are just starting to figure out some ways that we can apply it and so I’m really excited to see what everyone does with painting with sharpies i also wanted to mention how easily the non-porous surface cleans up all i do is with my tissue and a little bit of the rubbing alcohol your surface will come clean without any trouble there you so I’d love to have you come and visit me at my facebook page and share with me what you discover as you start painting with your sharpies as you start mixing colors and using it in different ways please share with me what you learn and the art and the coloring that you do I have all kinds of free coloring pages on my website that you can come and download and practice these methods with so please visit my website i also have all kinds of other tutorials here on my youtube channel and you can come and learn a lot of different kinds of coloring techniques with other media not just sharpies color pencils pastels all kinds of media I really appreciate you spending some time with me this has been a lot of fun to share all these sharpie techniques there are a lot more things we can learn about sharpies and this is just the beginning if you found this video useful and you enjoyed it please hit like and share it with a friend and i hope you have a wonderful time learning and practicing these Sharpie techniques thanks for watching the series with me and I hope you have a wonderful colorful and the Sharpie filled day bye!


  • Creative Jo says:

    i watch baylee jae. too, baylee does liveon twitch every tuesday night, tthis sharpie paint tech is also used on your nails as nail too.haven't tried yet stilllearn nail art stamping

  • Creative Jo says:

    oh yeah insteadof using a dish to pick upthe sharpie paint use a zip-lock bag, that way you don't need toworry about messesor stainsyou can throw the bag away when you can't use it anymore

  • Jamie Francisco says:

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    I've sooo loved this series. Thank you. This has given me the idea of adding the alcohol into an aquash brush. (I can't use small paintbrushes, like you they hurt 😔). I thought I had heard you say in one of the past sharpie videos you would show how to store all your markers? I'm just trying to organise all my markers and pens and pencils and love to see what other people do. Thanks again for the series. ❤🇦🇺
    **love BayJay too**

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