Seattle Graphic Designer and Acrylic Painting Instructor (job title) Sari Luna Artist Interview

Seattle Graphic Designer and Acrylic Painting Instructor (job title) Sari Luna Artist Interview

I spent two years of my adult life unable
to produce any artwork. But I fixed it. I was a tomboy, I grew up outside in the Pacific
Northwest forest, I love the woods! And painting brings me peace and joy and,
and it’s… cathartic. It’s an emotional outlet. I don’t remember a time [while growing
up] in which I wasn’t drawing portraits of my friends, drawing eyeballs on everything or dragons
and faeries in my notebooks at school. Some stuff happened to me, and it was very
traumatic… and I wasn’t able to produce anything. I was trying and trying and trying and trying,
I would just stare at blank canvases for quite some time. [In the midst of that] I started teaching
for Paint Nite. They assigned me paintings, I learned new
techniques, I figured out my teaching style. People would always come to me and tell me
that they did so much more than they thought they could and that my instruction was really,
really good. And so that motivated me a lot. When I was a little kid I wanted to be an
art teacher, and I thought it was just…you know, a pipe dream or whatever. But, it turned out to actually be legitimate. I’m actually good at it, and so that was really
encouraging to me. I developed my artistic style, I did bright
colors, I’m very influenced by impressionism, surrealism and visionary artists. I just see myself doing this for life, this
is what I love. I don’t enjoy doing much else, other than
being in the woods, music and painting. It’s my life, it’s my love. It’s everything. Again, my name is Sari Luna. I am a local Seattle artist and painting instructor. I would like to invite you to go to,
the link is below, and subscribe to my newsletter so that you can get updates on my tips and
tricks, whenever I post videos or art news. I like to share art with people. I like to interact with you, so please, I
invite you to come on over and hang out with me. Bob Ross [is] my hero.

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  • Community Breakout says:

    Sick video! We really love your stuff ! πŸ”₯πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ”₯

    What inspired you to start making videos? 🧐

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