Scion FRS – All In The Details Brushes | Chemical Guys

Scion FRS – All In The Details Brushes | Chemical Guys

What’s up guys? Today in the Detail Garage we have this Scion
FR-S. Now, this is a car that a lot of you guys have and you want to make your car look
its best so we are going to show you the in-depth tools you need to make your car look brand
new. Now, over here, it has this large Scion logo
and, even though this car is detailed routinely, you can still see this is an area where dirt
and grime builds up because 1. it’s in the front of the car where a lot of road debris
and grime will sit there and embed because it’s hard to get a wash mitt or a towel in
there without scratching it or missing the little crevices. So, today we are introducing our 3 brand new
brushes. This is the line of “All in the Details” brushes
for the exterior and it’s color coordinated because the exterior is usually pretty grimy so we
have a black just so it doesn’t show all that grime and impurities, but it will still look
pretty fresh all the time. It comes in three different sizes: so you
have this large one for big areas obviously such as like the grille here. A medium sized one which we are going to use
on the badges today. And then a smaller, more intricate one for,
say, lug nuts, or any other things that are hard to reach. So, let’s get started. So, over there, this is the badge that gets
a lot of that grime and debris stuck in the small areas as well as the lettering. Just using some car wash foam, we are going
to gently massage and work at any of the debris that is stuck in there. I’m only using a brushing motion and this
will work out any of the hard to reach areas to make this look factory fresh and it’s also
a great way to get your car completely detailed. And now, we will just take a clean microfiber
towel and wipe off the excess. So, now that we are done cleaning off the
badges, we can actually move on to the wheels. As you can see, the car is relatively clean
because it gets detailed on a regular basis. So, we gave it a quick wipe-down and now we’re
going to move onto the dirtiest area, which is the wheels on this vehicle. It kicks up a lot of brake dust, road grime,
and any kind of dressing that’s on the tire and now it has this brown, matte finish, but
it’s actually supposed to be really glossy and high shine. So, we’ll start by rinsing it off. Now, we can move on to the actual detailing
of the wheel. Since we have those three nifty brushes, today
we are going to do this pretty fast. Using a green flagged tip brush, this will
take care of the majority of the wheel. These FR-S’ have pretty exposed rims, so it’s
not very intricate and it doesn’t take a whole lot of brushes to keep it entirely clean. So this brush cleans the face nicely. Get a little more foam on there. And now, even though it looks clean, there
are still some small areas, like the base of the crevices and also the lug nuts. That’s why we have our small set of brushes
today. This is easily going to cut through any of
the abrasive particles of brake dust, or anything else that’s on the surface. We’ll start with the small brush here. This will get between those hard to reach
areas. Grab some foam on here, which is adding lubrication
and some cleaning power. We’ll just gently work it out just like we
were using any regular kind of brush to make the wheel look perfectly clean. Now, these brushes also come in handy for
cleaning delicate surfaces, such as your caliper, if you have painted calipers. This has standard OEM calipers, but road grime
and brake dust will still cake up on there, so this is a great way to make it look factory
fresh without using some kind of large brush that could scratch the wheel or anything else
that is hard to maneuver. So, now you can see that this trio of brushes
has done an amazing job of removing the brake dust and abrasive particles and anything else
that was on the wheel from those small and hard to reach areas. But, there’s one last step and that’s cleaning
off the tire, which has road grime, it has previous dressings, and anything else that’s
on the surface that gives it that brown look. So, I’m going to use some Signature Series
Wheel Cleaner. I’ll spray it right on the tire and the foaming
action is penetrating the rubber and this is removing the grease, the grime, and anything
else that is on the surface. And now we are going to use a stiff bristle
brush to help agitate and remove anything else that is on there. As you can see, it’s already turning this
brown look, that’s it’s job: pulling off most of that debris. Now, we’ll work our way around the wheel and
then we got three more to go. Alrighty guys, that’s it for today, but now
this is a great way to keep your car looking its best. By using the right tools, you’re able to remove
grime that’s hard to reach or in other cases, just hard to get at at all. So, I’m going to finish up the rest of this
car and in the mean time, you guys can head over to our website to check
out these products for yourself. If you like this car, be sure to give it thumbs
up and we will see you next time right here in the Detail Garage.


  • Asad Ur Rehman says:

    1st one

  • matty BROWN says:

    need a Jen plus snow foam plus R32 GT-R. then i think you will break the internet

  • abdullah Chohan says:

    The only notification I wait for every day is * Chemical Guys just uploaded a new video * OP stuff , love your videos . Can't wait to see y'all at next years Master class <3 Lots of love

  • Mo AV says:

    When detailing badges, do you have to add lubrication?

  • Markus Bend says:

    brushes <3

  • Costigan TX says:

    Cool brushes. The Fletch music at the end of the video was a nice change too.

  • Jeremy Moseley says:

    You just scratched the car wiping off the emblems..

  • TheRequiemist says:

    Love those brushes. 👍👍👍👍

  • Colin M says:

    what would be the best for cleaning a motorhome many thanks spray foam van is 3 meter high

  • Josh TechGamer says:

    sound like song I know from a movie from Fletch lol I know my 80s ps I have you tube channel I like to make vlogs videos on your stuff already have some stuff

  • Abraham Plata says:

    You could be doing a lot of products that would just sell… I mean accesories…original circular Emblem Detailing bags, mini buckets for interior , bucket organizers, keychains, wallets, belts, simple logo t shirts, sticker variety, or even skateboard wheels for dollys… Even hair shampoos or household chemicals since youre chemical guys! You re missing it and we are wanting it. Just check on the quality in your accesories keep your nice colorful designs along with the original black and white logo, Pd. Please ship to México..

  • kiivarinen says:

    Thank you, no annoying music during cleaning..

  • Stephen Bailin says:

    These are awesome videos. You seem to have real great products. How many of these similar products can you find at Walmart or AutoZone hahahah!

    Also, would you do a video correcting spray wax overspray on black trim? Obviously I messed up hahaha

  • JPN850R says:

    I need CG's help. I had to leave my TL at a friend's place while I visited Japan. When I left her, I left the nose mask on. Not sure about the chemistry, but it seemed to have rained while I was gone, and now there are residues UNDERNEATH the clear coat. I'm heart-broken.

    I assume this requires repaint at $$$, but if CG comes up with a product that can restore this type of paint damage, I'll be your lifetime customer……….

  • Eric Pena says:

    Good morning Chemical Guys,
    I have emailed your company regarding information on your detailing school and I have not received a timely response as the company guarantees. I do apologize if this is inconvenient to reach out this way. However, I am curious about the pricing and what is all involved with the courses offered.

  • Anthony Jackson Jr says:

    Great job Nick.

  • Raymond perez says:

    How do you maintain the brushes after using them to clean, just to make sure they don't lose their softness?…

  • Nelli Torres says:

    are they supposed to be stiff ? i ordered mine and are stiff scratched some parts of my car 😭

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