Sargent Colored Pencil Doodle In My Sketchbook – Drawing Out Loud

OK we’ve got ourselves a sketchbook And now we’ve got ourselves on colored pencil What should we create? I don’t work with color much, but I’ve got all these different colors here and I’m used to working with black and white on my sketchbook. So It’s good. See what we can create. Um, I don’t expecting to make anything extravagant, but let’s go ahead and uh Give this drawing a try see how it goes and uh got my orange and some lines there I’m not really quite sure what I’m making but I’m gonna make something here Kind of make this spiral from one direction to the other Add a little bit of yellow to it add some purple as some other colors, I’m gonna I want to try to make it colors that are cool colors and warm colors not just Not just red and orange and yellow and make these spiral kind of out of over there This kind of looks like a tree or maybe part of a tornado Or maybe it’s like looking into a cave But draw a line there coming up across that uh with this Purple colored pencil, let’s go back to the red and add some more lines going across kinda looks like bones now or maybe part of a Skeleton, that’s more yellow into it and look at the Blues in there Mix it blue in with the yellow making make a little bit of green okay, what colors mix now what the colors look like had some s some green here the now let’s good and go through and Maybe add some dots and make it look like has some texture in it This is a kind of a strange-looking purple. Maybe it’s a I think this is a violet Add that in there, but some blue over there Make things a bit more colorful and cheerful Don’t want too much red in this it’s gonna look all Fiery and scary it had some squiggly lines over there and some blue a little bit more yellow over here. It’s morgue Try thinking whereas in color. I want to have some lines. Um, make things look like it’s going across the paper And now okay make some more lines going across a little bit of blue And some green into that like you’ve got that set up and trying to think what I should add these empty spots Okay, dots dots will work Philip some dots stipple everywhere with my Lamy Safari fountain pen But that in there fill those empty spots in because I just don’t know what to add with a color pencil I mean I’m used to drawing with black and white. I can just doodle all over and I’m gonna worry about it But when in doubt stipple it out, and I think I think that works. I think it’s good. There we go. And so I think get the drawing done and I think it turned out pretty good. Although I don’t really know what this is but um, it’s it’s abstract in something so Thanks for watching. Have a good day

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