Robert Simmons Brushes

Robert Simmons Brushes

(♪♪♪) Daler-Rowney
has been manufacturing fine art materials
for over 225 years, and Robert Simmons Brushes is no exception
to that fine tradition. Daler-Rowney knows that
high quality brushes are the most important tool
in an artist’s trade. The design and manufacturing
of professional grade Robert Simmons Brushes
demands precision, patience and skill. Since Daler-Rowney owns
its own brush factory. We have complete control over
the manufacturing process. We offer a wide range of
types and sizes and shapes. We have a long, proud history
of brush making that is passed on from
generation to generation. Expert knowledge is used
in the selection of the finest raw materials, from the selection
of the hair also known as the filament, to the handle which is generally
made out of wood or plastic, to the ferrule, which connects
the handle to the filament. All of our brushes are almost
exclusively handmade and pass through the hands
of at least 10 craftsmen during the
manufacturing process. We are so confident in the quality of
our craftsmanship that we offer
a lifetime guarantee against defects
in the materials or workmanship
of every brush we make. There are six series in
the Robert Simmons line. The first in
the Robert Simmons line is the Sapphire line. The Sapphire is a natural
red sable and synthetic blend. The natural red sable allows
for spring and colour holding capacity while the synthetic hair
will bring durability and affordability
to the brush. It is perfect for
all types of paint. The next line is
the Expressions line. The Expressions line is
a synthetic blend combining different
thicknesses of hair to produce a controlled
spring and fine point. There are a wide range of
shapes and sizes in this line, and it’s great for
all types of paint. The next in this line
is the White Sable. This is the White Sable brush. It’s the original
synthetic brush which was pioneered
by Robert Simmons. It was a new type of
durable brush which combines the use
of synthetic diameters and lengths that
perform as a Red Sable. It duplicated the spring
and the fine point and created a clean
working edge at a fraction of
the cost of Red Sable. The Sienna Line is
a top quality, state of the art
synthetic brush that will hold
a sharp point every time. The ferrules are
22 carat gold, and this brush
is perfect for acrylic and
watercolour painting. The Titanium Brush is
a synthetic imitation of hog bristle hair,
and has a very stiff feel. It is ideal for
heavy body paints because it will hold
the brush strokes. The last in the line
is the Signet. Signet is made of
the finest grade pure Chungking hog bristle. It’s made with the traditional Japanese interlocking
construction and retains its shape
and is perfect for oils. Robert Simmons offers
quality price and value, and has something for
everyone in this line. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast


  • Rich_Recluse says:

    @ChadSmith1452 No, I believe you! They are flawless! I love the all the Robert Simmons brushes!

  • Rich_Recluse says:

    just wish I knew why they call the filament "Sable" when they are Synthetic?

  • TruthSeekingElf says:

    Stunning! I do wish I could buy them all! I also noticed instructions with them which is an excellent idea. As an artist of only a few months, it's such a waste of money to buy different types when you don't yet know what you're doing. I bought a set of brushes just a few weeks ago & it showed the effects of each brush which in itself sold them to me. Best of luck with these stunning brushes, I wish you every success!

  • ThisIsProbablyCaoimhe says:

    im not sure what paints i should be using with my brushes coupd someone tell me? ok the first brsh is an oval wash graduate brush daler rowney and the second is a flat wash graduate daler rowney brush any help??

  • christopher watford says:

    well if its a wash then im guessing its a large soft brush with a lot of give in the bend. so i would use a loose paint like water color or fluid acrylic (something thin) because its a wash brush which is used in watercolor to add a thin coat of color.

  • Michael S. Vieira says:

    I love Robert Simmons Brushes!

  • Pilar Pep says:

    Hello Blick Art, 

    I would buy the 43 series 05259 004 Egbert model but can not find Barcelona (where I live). 

    Could you help me? 

    thank you very much.

  • angela maxwell says:

    Do you have Simply Simmons bright#10 extra firm filament 255341010 available?

  • angela maxwell says:

    Thank you for your response but do you know about when you will get it?

  • angela maxwell says:

    Is this not the company for this brush?

  • brannon McClure says:

    Thank you! I've used them since day one.

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