R&F Pigment Paint Sticks

R&F Pigment Paint Sticks


  • therealrauch says:

    As this video loads, I am preparing to drool.

  • Michael Baca says:

    I love the idea, but they are expensive. Appox. $10-$19 per small stick and up to $80 for large sticks. Sounds and looks great on the video, but after seeing the price – I don't think I will be trying these out anytime soon.

  • Blick Art Materials says:

    Keep in mind these pigment sticks are made with high quality pigments and binders so they offer great coverage and go far!

  • Blick Art Materials says:

    Yes, the pigment sticks dry in a similar time frame as regular tube oil. And as with tube oils, certain colors (pigments) naturally take longer than others.

  • Jeremy Secora says:

    So its a big oil paint crayon?


  • Blick Art Materials says:

    @Movieview90 Yes- the R+F pigment sticks work with liquin, Galkyd and all other oil painting mediums.

  • sofie villa says:

    Does this work well on a painted wall?

  • JackANDJude says:

    What is the difference between this and oil pastels?

  • Blick Art Materials says:

    @Movieview90 The pigment sticks are like an oil paint in a stick form. They can be used in conjunction with all oil paint mediums.

  • Blick Art Materials says:

    @JackANDJude There are many different types of oil pastels so it would be difficult to compare the R+F pigment sticks in this way. The pigment sticks are a high quality oil paint in a stick form (as are some oil pastels) but they are much bigger than most oil pastels so you can work in a large format. Their consistency is unique and very smooth and their high pigment load lets you thin or extend with oil mediums while maintaining vibrant color.

  • threeby8887 says:

    The biggest difference between oil pastels and oil sticks is that oil pastels are made with a non-drying oil, whereas oil sticks are made with the same drying oils as oil paints, so they do dry.

  • Jason Sentuf says:

    Nice demons….Thank for share it with us…

  • boscorner says:

    @JackANDJude mainly the wax. Plus this stuff is easier to use with brushes and more waterproof

  • gavin chai says:


  • bmayer00 says:

    My Indian yellow has been wet for a year. Can't get it to dry, put it in a room with a humidifier, used a hair dryer, nothing works. Co has no idea how to get it to dry.

  • Nelle Kirk says:

    She made me laugh in he beginning and end. XD. But those look really cool, I need to try them out.

  • Johandry Colmenares says:

    she looks so concerned lmao

  • Yves Frémin says:

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  • Freepalestine One says:

    I want them

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