Reskew’s Graffiti tutorial #1 acrylics & paint brush technique

Reskew’s Graffiti tutorial #1 acrylics & paint brush technique

you’re watching this, you’re probably
wondering the same thing that i was wondering
about 10 years ago


  • Alexander Sewell says:



    you want learn graffiti writing. so have a look. this boy will upload every week or 2 weeks a new video.


    have a look.

  • #10b61Z5 NPC says:

    Reskew I your tutorial really is helping, My lines are really sloppy and I was getting tired of wasting ink so I looked your stuff up. Thanks

  • CAN Control says:

    Your dad and you sound the exact same!!!

  • Tina Marie says:

    Thank you… that was really helpful!!!!

  • whippet lad says:

    i really like it i have never opened my mind to painting with brushes i thought just spray paint

  • evan says:

    Do smooth curves and and good proportionate letters come with time/experience or is there a trick?

  • paria sinaian says:

    in graffiti u gotta squeeze letters toghter

  • David Petraz says:

    Man i like how genuine your videos feel. great help

  • BlackProductionInc says:

    Awesome, thanks a lot 🙂 It is indeed better to be loved than feared.

  • Myusernameistakenwtf says:

    wow this is AMAZING. I wanna try.

  • Jose Martinez says:

    where do u get latex paint from??

  • Miles Wickham says:

    hardware stores, like lowes or home depot. regular indoor/outdoor house paint is latex paint.

  • ian shaak says:

    what is the cheapest store to buy the stuff that you need or online

  • WAVE FRANKO says:

    you was really lost at 4:27 wtf

  • Jose Garcia says:

    Got stuff you should make a tutorial of Wildstyle graffiti

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Thanks. I do have a wildstyle tutorial with basic ideas.

  • Jose Garcia says:

    Okay fosho

  • Tex Wilson says:

    how long have u been wrighting and when did u start wrighting
    these techniques are really hepful thenks man apreciate it

  • Tarek Bassem says:

    nice man but hey …. iam not really a big fan of brushes and this faculty of arts stuff ….

  • raye Silva says:

    do you think that umm you can paint a wall with graffiti of just paint not spray paint. and if so how?

  • Miles Wickham says:

    If you dont mind answering, why not?
    I thought i didnt like brush paints when i didnt know how to use them. Once i figured out how to make good use of them, i came to like them a lot for different reasong.

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Yes. A cheap way is to use house paint. If you go to Lowes or Home Depot, they tend to have pints and gallons that were mixed to the wrong color by accident, they call it "OOPS" paint. They sell a pint for $2 and a gallon for $5, which usually costs 15-25 bucks. Stock up on some different colors and buy one or 2 brushes. Id say get a big brush and a smaller one for details. Of course it will take lots of skill and experience to make it look good, but its not different from spraypaint.

  • james Wu says:

    This tutorial helped me a lot ! could you make a tutorial on how to add 3d on a piece ?

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Great! Look through my videos, you will find one on 3D and shadowing. ITs a real simple concept.

  • Le Kon says:

    he looks like freddy krüger

  • Nesk Oner says:

    Have you ever been caught?

  • Heather Breault says:

    You know that when you do graffiti art with spray, use a lot of cardboard, metal or plastic pieces, junk to create lines, curves, etc… it is multilpy layers, stencils and using ur finger and the angle of the can. my advice… let go..use other utencils. Van Gogh used a sorts of crazy shit to paint with, including pulling out his hair and making a brush from it.

  • PIET PRADA says:

    inspiring, btw really liked the painting at the end of that radio thing

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Thank you!!

  • Miles Wickham says:


  • Nesk Oner says:

    so how it's? Did u pay these muthafuckas?

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Had to pay a small court fee for every case. The felony charge cost a bit more. Also did a lot fo community service. Usually 5-10 days. 50 days for one case.

  • Joe Gembe says:

    Can one use any kind of spray paint?

  • Nesk Oner says:

    lucky. We have to pay them 1/4 part of average salary, the 2nd time you can visit jail (if u'r 18+)

  • Miles Wickham says:

    You mean for the rest of your life?

  • desdeja brown says:

    I did that man

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Yeah, cheap paint can limit your options to executing your work, though with enough experience, you can make use of it. I just wouldnt trust cheap paint to last on an outdoor wall. I wouldnt sell any work using it either. If the paint fades, youll have an unhappy customer and poor reputation.

  • Derick Yung says:

    Question how come u only made a single letter why not the whole name??

  • Miles Wickham says:

    nothing more was necessary to share the ideas in this video.

  • Nothing Nice 2 Say says:

    the bob ross of graffiti!

  • Miles Wickham says:

    I do not know….

  • edgar castillo says:

    do you have any tips on sharp/ wildstyle graffiti?

  • Miles Wickham says:

    I have a wildstyle tutorial ( #7) which can give you an idea of an approach. Ultimately it will just take tons of practice for you, so you can develop skills, techniques, and understndings so you can explore your self-expression with your own process. When practicing this or any style, have the intention to execute that style or look, but be open to it coming out any way you want. If you do that, youll see why it is helpful in time. If youre attached to an outcome youll end up miserable

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Correction: be open to it coming out any way it happens to naturally; let each moment affect your decisions, rather than being too stuck on the idea you had before you started the sketch.

  • qinza khan says:

    Can u please make more videos?

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Haha yes! I have a new "motivational talk" ready to load.

  • Andrew says:

    great advice at the end thumbs up

  • NookForBooks LovesBooks says:

    alright can you please make a video of spraypainting? im a girl and i really love the art of graffiti but i dont know how to spray paint :/ my parents are letting me spray paint on my room but im scared i might mess up!! please help

  • Miles Wickham says:

    I have some spraying videos. click my name to see all the videos.
    I will tell you though that if you dont know how to spraypaint youre not going to be able to do anything masterful on your first try. The spraycan itself takes a lot of practice getting used to. Also, it is HIGHLY TOXIC, spraying indoors is the most dangerous. I suggest you dont do it at all. Practice with spraypaint outdoors, wearing a respirator, and paint your room with acrylic paints. I have tutorials for that as well!

  • Kerwin Teh says:

    I really love your arts. I hope I can get more advices from you. You speak clearly and you do it step-by-step. Awesome men! Need to learn from you.

  • Kerwin Teh says:

    Where can I buy caps? I don't know where to buy.

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Awesome, i am glad this helps! Check out all my videos, subscribe for new ones, and feel free to ask questions any time!

  • Σαββίδης Σπάρτακος says:

    Music please? XD

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Its in the video description.

  • Saki Akane says:

    Great help video… I am wondering do you have some budget brand acrylic paint and brush good use to suggest?

  • Miles Wickham says:

    THanks! Usually the art-store brands are the best price. I get the BLick, Utrecht and Pearl brands. Sometimes they have better deals when ordering from their websites. just count in the shipping cost.

  • DarkINsides06 says:

    You given me so much insight, thanks, you're better teacher then most on youtube when comes to street art/graffiti, no b.s. just sharing knowledge.

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Hey. Thats normal. I have gone through it. Explore more! Push on through the unpleasant experiences. Dont expect it to take you on an exciting roller coaster journey. Things can only bring you rewards when you bring YOURSELF to them fully. Commitment. Try different styles and different mediums. Be prepared to do a lot of work, in which you may feel lost, bored, angry, frustrated. It is your journey that will bring you to fulfillment. Have you watched my new video where i am just speaking?

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Stop expecting. Trust. Nobody can have a constant high, unless they take a drug constantly, which will kill them fast. Usually these experiences are the gateway to a breakthrough. but how long it will take and how it will happen, we cannot know. ITs unique for everyone. Just dont give up. Who knows, you might find a different form of creative expression you prefer. Dont look for it, just allow it to come through you. I now love abstract painting, and i love acting.

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Glad to hear it, man!! Thanks!

  • Miles Wickham says:

    no, and nobody should tell you what to do. Im saying do it for the process, cus you never know what will interest you next. If you like graffiti, dedicate yourself to it now. I still enjoy graffiti, a lot, though i feel more fulfilled doing abstract paintings for the most part. Thats MY journey

  • madrecka says:

    You did awsome

  • hardhead208 says:

    I like your outlook on graff…SOLID!

  • Christian Putter says:

    Hi when i try and paint it looks very streaky and you can see the white canvas, i do add layers but it still no where near as smooth as like in the video. Do i add more water??

  • Miles Wickham says:

    The paint is transparent? If youre using yellow, red, or some other colors, the lower quality brands will come out transparent. Are you using a synthetic bristle brush or natural? Natural is brownish and rough, synthetic has perfectly smooth bristles. U want to use synthetic for acrylic.

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Tell me what brand and what colors youre using, and about what ratio of water:paint you are using.

  • Miles Wickham says:

    thanks dude

  • joedylan2020 says:

    You helped me free my mind of all misconceived notions i had about this art form. Its not about getting things right the first time. its about going with the flow! Thanks.

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Great realization! Yeah man

  • tidycat4 says:

    at the art stores they sell high-pigment ink in colors. 'FW' is the brand i use. it's a similar consistency to india ink, but comes in blue, red, yellow etc.
    i find that using this stuff instead of water to thin out acrylic paint helps retain the color saturation while working with brushes and paint markers.

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Ever make mistakes in life? Lets make them birds. Yeah, theyre birds now.

  • Miles Wickham says:

    Thats great, thanks for the tip. I guess i wouldnt have thought of that because i almost always paint really large. One bottle would barely cover 5 strokes in my paintings haha

  • Cintia Kolozsvari says:

    what paint do you use?

  • FXTK x says:

    Hi, i've currently sketched out a large piece on my wall and i'm also in the making of a mural. I'm probably not going to use spray cans as my can control has never been tested before, can you recommend any other methods?

  • donta smith says:

    Your art good teach me

  • donta smith says:

    Your art good teach me

  • DiAna Crawford says:

    Straight Motivation!!! Your work is dope. I love the small doses of inspiration you spoke in between direction. I totally screwed up a piece because I was trying to get to the outcome, forgetting the experience. I've subbed and will be checking out all your vids! Signed, I'm new to this =)

  • TyRu_ says:

    You don't need a brush ..just diffrent size caps

  • Mister G says:

    Yea Yea Helpful Tips!!

  • TANK's Ego says:

    This. Is literally the first useful video I've found on YouTube about getting started. Thank you bro lol.

  • Yan Sozonov says:

    hey ive been doing graffiti for roughly 2 years. Ive gotten good at throwies and stuff like that, but im having alot of trouble with wildstyle, getting angry when i see other peoples art then thinking mine is crap! If you could give me some tips on wildstyle?

  • Ramona Gutierrez says:

    just starting  my first wall thanks for tips ….close to 60 and my kids think mom  has lost her marbles….. emancipate yourself from mental slavery…..imagine


    Hi Reskew. I dig your videos, and am grateful for your sharing these. This video is the reason why I decided to pick up acrylics when devising my Urban Science style, a few years ago. My Urban Science series is urban art inspired by the visual style of cold war propaganda art – and acrylics are great at conveying the crisp clear colors of the two styles combined (vs. the smooth fades of spray paint). Thank you very much!

  • RUB BRG says:

    dude , any line you draw can lead you to something or to somewhere , keep doing it !

  • Steve Zack says:

    Ace video many thanks

  • Chaddyfynn Perkins says:

    Really helpful, thx!

  • Boomer One says:

    Hey, thank you so much for this! I've been thinking of developing my own style, and this really helped on getting to know how to use paints instead of spraypaint. New, stupid, and no mentor, but at least this gave me a start!

  • Hyrum Moriyama says:

    This is AWESOME! Just found you, my grade 12 art students are about to start graffiti, so stoked to show them this.

  • Jeneva Patterson says:

    middle aged mom trying to get her 13 year old motivated – he wants to try… this is REALLY HELPFUL, thanks –

  • Jennie Avis says:

    I’m a Mom that is trying to paint Graffiti on her sons bedroom wall for his YouTube channel. Here’s what I got so far. Scared to finish. Any suggestions? IMG_8283.HEIC

  • Matthew Keyes says:

    Thank you for making these videos. Very helpful and articulate. I battel perfectionism, this helped me loosen up and be more creative.

  • efdeu licera says:

    Thanks mate

  • NotYour AverageZombie says:

    hahaha, nice video broooo ..tnx
    ..and good thoughts too, agreed wit everything u've said

  • Angelica Salazar says:

    Your work is great, thank you for explaining it the way you do and for telling about yourself and how you deal with mistakes. You are an awesome artist.

  • Bea Agle says:

    Breath taking. I don't know why graffiti isn't used all over the world to inspire our day or night. I wish I could do this, I've tried, but I can't reach that point of freedom but I am so glad others can. Thank you. Gloriously elevating every mind that sees it.

  • Alma Martinez says:

    What kind of acrylic paint do you use? Student grade paint and paint markers say they’ll discolor in the sun… I’m not a graffitti artist but I’m an illustrator, so bold colors and lines are also up my alley.

  • E boy Esp says:

    I hope your better now cuz this is just terrible bro

  • Rob Bosselman says:

    Please don’t. Graff starts on the streets with tags guy. Learn the basics you hippie moron

  • Kat's Witches and Brew says:


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