Raspberry & Mint Macarons // Real Time Oil Painting Tutorial

Raspberry & Mint Macarons // Real Time Oil Painting Tutorial

hi there Lindsay here the frugal
crafter today we’re gonna paint some macaroons or macaroons I guess it’s
macarons and raspberries and it’s just so pretty and pink and oh it looks so
yummy even though I don’t eat that sort of thing but still I can I can paint it
right uh-huh it’s calorie-free if we do that so I’m
gonna start off by sketching with a oil pastel here and these are just
inexpensive Pentel ones you can find all the supplies I’m using today from our
sponsor Jerry’s adorama.com and I will have everything linked up
below along with a reference photo so you can see exactly what I am painting
from so I’m putting in two kind of squashed ovals for a couple macaroons
they’re macarons actually make a little bigger
I lost him a little bit bigger so we can get in a little more detail and then I
want one in the distance a little bit further back so we want to make them a
little bit so this one can be a little bit smaller back here okay and let’s
make sure it’s there substantial enough now I’m gonna grab a red and I’m gonna
put in some raspberries and there we’ll have over here kind of like gumdrop
shapes are kinda like rounded triangles and actually I do want that Mac around a
little bit bigger I think lost my pastel there we go yeah gotta make that a
little bit bigger it is a little bit closer so don’t worry these I will turn
into the pigment here from these oil pastels are going to turn into I’ll turn
into paint one more up here okay so that’s pretty much the composition maybe
make these a little bit bigger and I’m not gonna put the leaves in yet because
I I don’t need that detail yet it would just be kind of smudgy and I’m gonna
start by putting in kind of like a little line for its like I like what a
counter meets the back of the backsplash all night on it counter
I know it’s right in the middle generally you’d want it a little higher
or lower but I’m gonna go with this I think this is gonna work it is lower in
my reference photo but I’m changing it up a little bit because I wanted that
macaron a little bit higher so so that’s I’m gonna do you can do whatever you
like and now I’m going to mix up some colors and I’m using the Lukas 1862 oils
and the colors I have are titanium white alizarin crimson I’ve got cobalt blue
yellow permanent yellow light I have a Viridian hue actually it might be
Rhydian doesn’t say hue um I can check real quick for ya if that is the real
deal or no it’s it’s a hue it’s not the real deal and I’ve got burnt sienna so
I’m also going to use to start off with this brush I’ve got a bunch of different
brushes that I’m using I am planning on painting this kind of all at once so I
don’t really need to add any mediums I may need add a little bit of a solvent
to this I’m gonna start off by making it grey with my cobalt blue or you could
use ultramarine if that’s what you have and my burnt sienna and I’m gonna add
some white to that and this will be my shadow color and I’m going to throw some
of that want a little more blue I’m gonna cool that down a little bit and
I’m gonna throw in some shadows around the objects and I’m just using this is a
wooden sword a Newton brush um I actually just started using the mimic
hog brushes which I really like it’s just they have long handles so I I am
going to be a little sparing with those because I think they might it might look
like I am kind of like poking you in the eye otherwise so I’m just trying to fill
in the space it kind of almost looks like a cement II kind of texture so
that’s what I’m trying to throw in there and I think a little bit of solvent in
there I’m just gonna use the Lucas kind that came in the kit this is the kit
that had the had the easel with it I’ll link to that it’s kind of a nice little
kid I typically prefer to paint from and like standing an easel but it’s just a
lot easier to be able to film and you get it keep everything in frame when I
use when I work here at the table so there we go
that’s helping it glide and also when you add a thinner a solvent versus a
versus an oil it’s going to help it dry quicker but the Lucas 1862 paints do dry
to the touch overnight I haven’t used an oil paint that dries out quickly even a
water mix the ball seems to take longer than that via the thinner that comes in the kit
that was a little stinky so if you prefer to something that smells less you
could get gamsol and I’m just gonna block in this color you can go around
and paint to the edges but since I am working flat on my table I don’t wanna
have a bunch of oil on my table I am NOT gonna paint the edges not until the end
I mean maybe maybe when I go to a to put it on my easel to dry I might hit the
edges at that point the more blue in there to make it a little cleaner
looking just fill it in the background don’t worry if you’ve lost most of your
shadows at this point because we can bring them back we’re actually going to
bring highlights back because because it’s pretty dark right now okay now I want to make some interesting
textures I want to lighten things up with some interesting temperatures so
what I’m going to do is I’m gonna grab a fan brush here I will grab the UH the
mimic hog fan I’m going to grab some white and with the tips of the bristles
on both sides here and I am just gonna drag down some texture I’m going to do
these um kind of Criss crossing strokes it’s gonna give me a little bit of
interesting almost like a fabric II like a woven texture and the more you the
more you play with the fan brush the more it’ll actually blend versus giving
you a a texture so kind of keep that mind you can tap some in there too and
then I’m just kind of drag out any of the Halfmoon looking shapes bring back our tabletop here maybe go in
with let’s try a little filbert here grab white just on its own bring back
that edge of the table and if I grab a little bit more white paint because I’ve
pretty much used up all of that it’s always a good idea when you’re painting
grab an extra tube of white especially if you’re coming from watercolor where
you don’t use white you’ll you’ll be surprised at how useful of a color it is
when you’re working with an opaque media or a layering media like this this is a
doing the background first like this is a great way to kind of get used to the
paint before you’ve you’ve got anything to worry about you don’t have spent any
time on the foreground yes you don’t have to worry about messing anything up
you can drag right over the macarons I would try not to get too much paint on
them but it’s not gonna it’s not gonna hurt anything you can always wipe it off
– with a they rag with some brush cleaner or some solvent covenant oh great so that’s fine for that for now
and the next thing I’d like to do is mix up a color for the macaroons and/or
macarons I’m gonna call both things so I’ll be
right half the time this hat sound I’m gonna grab some white and some crimson
here just a little bit that crimson is really really strong and that makes a
beautiful raspberry color and I’m just gonna go ahead and paint the top cookie
portion of this one I’ve never had a macaron I wonder if
they make vegan macarons I guess macaroons are those little
coconut ball things and underneath here well look at the bottom part of that
cookie is it a cookie I don’t know I think it’s got like a cookie isn’t it and a little more white on there I can
tell you already I’m gonna be going after more white I have another macaron
rainbow macaron painting if you really like the macarons okay I’m gonna grab
another brush I’m gonna grab white on its own I usually make a couple puddles
of white – while I’m working just because I go through it and and they
contaminate it sometimes you need to go back and you know get some fresh to mix
in so I’m gonna paint a streak of just the light on its own the white on it so
in the middle it’s okay if it if it picks up some you know residual color
from the background or anything that’s fine okay now I’m going to take that
same brush I’m gonna stipple it into the pink
I don’t want it super super mixed so it’s kind of like that and I am just
going to stamp on the foot of the cookie each part my friend Kathy is a baker she
told me that’s what’s called so that’s Euler reason and with that this little
little crumbly parts called a look out the foot pick up a little white stamp
some of that on there get that texture okay I went to the same thing for the
macaron underneath might pull into some of that little gray I may use some of
that gray from background to shadow but not yet I want to get the pure color in
first I should have used some poster putty to tack this down to my table my
table excuse me because that would have that would have mean a little easier it
wouldn’t have skit it around so much on me just blocking in that color I think
my raspberries need to be bigger because they’re bigger in the photo in relation
to the macarons like that I can adjust that when I get to the raspberry portion grab some white on its own highlight and now grab into some of that blue and
gray that I made and get a shadow on this macaroon and a little bit under here too we will
go in with white in the center actually you know what we can’t really see the
white in the center on that one because they’re too smushed together so I’m just
gonna dab that and like that and over here I’m just gonna go ahead
and base in this light pink color and maybe make it a little extend a little
bit lower okay so quick tip I’m grabbing some
poster putty and I’m gonna put some on my canvas to stick it to the table so
that it won’t wiggle all over painting I should have done this earlier so I’m
just gonna put some there yet supposed to do this at the beginning of your
painting session that way you won’t have to get your fingers all dainty there now
that’s gonna stay put so wait my fingers off on a rag and the next thing I’m
going to do is grab a a small round brush and we’re gonna grab some of the
crimson on its own and we are going to dab in our raspberry shapes don’t be too
fussy with this we might go back in with like a q-tip like a cotton swab in a
minute and like highlight and honestly sometimes I think less is more when
you’re doing something like this too if you can just kind of indicate what
you’re going for often times it looks better than if you like put a lot of
time and effort into it so I’m just dabbing in so I get that raspberry
texture and I decided I needed them to be bigger than what I originally
sketched on so this one’s gonna be come around like this go and there’s a little
bit of a texture being built up from this so I just want to let you know that
and you do want to overlap the background a little bit because you
don’t want to have like like a white halo around the raspberries or it’s
gonna be difficult and you need to go back in and fill it in with like your
background color which it’s it’s kind of tricky to go in there with a mixed color
afterwards and have it look normal macarons aren’t very big either so it’s
alright for these raspberries to be pretty large and I’m just going in with
the pure color because I know I’ll want to go in with other colors later to
highlight I should have done poster pony on 100 each quarter because it wants to
wobble on me a little bit but down in the foreground a little bit
more okay so I’ve got the UM raspberries blocked in pretty well and I am going to
grab you tip and kind of the not so fluffy ones they’re from like the dollar
stores they’re usually the plastic plastic kind of sticks in the middle and
those are nice because they don’t seem to have as much fluff on them they’re
not very great for cleaning your ears but they’re wonderful for this technique
so what I’m gonna do here is we’re about my biggest highlight I’m gonna start in
there I’m going to go and just kind of make almost like little a C’s I guess
would be the best way to describe it so you end up painting these great like
round like um sections I’m just going to slide this up a little bit so I feel
like there we got a little off centered there and it gives you almost like a
shadow highlight and everything just in one go which I really like so up here I
want to get kind of around around the the top rim where it would be more
highlighted because that’s where the stem would be we’re gonna go in with a
shadow there in a minute but I just want to kind of get those highlights put in
actually a pretty quick painting to do really you do have to keep reapplying
the the paint because it gets mixed up with the red underneath but that also
keeps you from getting like it makes your highlights and details varied a
little bit and that variety it looks more natural yeah look gonna do this guy over here you can actually kind of wipe away some
of that color too and get back to the the color underneath so this is pretty
saturated and I can see some fluff kind of coming up some of the switch to the
other side you could go to a whole new q-tip if you want to but weights not
whatnot I say and I’m gonna start back here and I’m not gonna reapply too much
because I want these to be kind of a little more fuzzy cuz it’s further away
then go right over to this one to keep it really really light I’m gonna wipe
off the extra paint on that q-tip dip back into my white and now for this one
I will go a little bit more stronger with my highlights by picking up a little bit more color that way it appears to kind of be in
front so another thing we can do is grab another q-tip and we can actually make a
shadow color and I’m gonna grab a little of that cobalt blue and grab some of
that crimson here so it’s almost gonna make like a blackberry color really
really dark purple and this is gonna be a really nice shadow color because it’s
gonna give us a shadow without looking muddy because if I was to mix like green
in here for a shadow cuz it’s an opposite of red it would give me a
darker color but it would give me a muddy color this is gonna give me a nice
bright transparent dark color so that’s what I’m going for here especially up
here in the center of this and if I if it won’t let me lay down enough color I
think it is but see if it didn’t like it was just if you were just kept picking
up color and you’re not getting the more color because it wouldn’t want to scrape
it up and want to just release it onto the canvas that would be the path of
least resistance for that paint and that’s where it would go I think the
acute the key tip is working pretty well for this so I’m just putting in shadows
anytime anyplace I think it would be a little darker just go in there any of
those darker spots there we go okay so now I am going to look at the macarons
again and I think I want to take my filbert here and I want to grab a little
bit of highlight and just kind of define some light edges a little bit and I’m just going doing kind of a pat
pat-pat-pat I want this kind of like highlight I
want to be very soft and cakey feeling so I don’t want it really shiny I just
kind of a pat on that that brighter color and then I’m going to go in a
little flat brush I’m gonna pick up some crimson on its own maybe a little of
that purple that I mixed earlier and I’m just going to give it a little sliver of
that color here on the side to show that you know it’s kind of tipped to the side
you can see that dimension of the of the cookie there and I think that’s all I’m
really gonna do to that one I might you might grab a little bit of shudder down
here but again just Pat Pat gently integrate it because everything is still
wet this is painted all at once tomorrow it’ll feel fairly dry to the touch and
if you decided you wanted to go in and do anything to it at that point you
could because it would be pretty much dry and I’m gonna do the same over here
I can tell that over like here I’m definitely need some more shadows where
those two are meeting and I want to see if I can get away with doing it just
with this purple mix it’s a cobalt blue and the crimson and the reason is
because I don’t want mud I just kind of get that in there in the bottom of this
is also gonna have some of that on there and also we have some shot of Wonder
here and we could have a little bit of shadow stippled up in there too and some down here around this cakey bit okay so I also think I want to soften
that a little bit so I what I do is actually go through and I just kind of
feel the bristles that I have and I want an identity you kind of get the hint and
get the hang of this the more you paint I want like a medium stiff bristle I
want it to be able to smooth out my paint but not be so rough that it
scrapes it up but I’ll be too soft that it doesn’t affect it at all alright and
now I’m going to go back in here with my highlight brush and kind of hit the
highlight areas I’m just kind of Pat it in integrate it
in and I think I need a smaller brush to
kind of tip in some of those highlights this ones are really kind of loose
typically one I think I can do some stuff with the cake they’re pretty well and it might even be able to pull them a
little bit of highway with that one there okay so now what I put some leaves
in and I wanted to show you really quick my Maya cleaning jar we’re gonna fun to
do with it right here I have a piece of Lulu’s screening in there and thinner
and then I just plopped my brushes in there and it can wait but it’s a screen
to clean them and then I let all the gunk settle down to the bottom so that
it’s underneath the screen and I can keep using the cleaner over and over and
over again so I don’t waste it or have to throw it away that conserves that
sort of that kind of material okay so I am gonna start with a flat brush and I’m
gonna mix some green I’ve got this um they’re calling a birdie and honestly it
feels more like a phthalo green to me but the pigment pigment green for I’m
not exactly sure that’s like and not what I see in watercolor so I’m not
exactly sure about that pigment but it’s a nice bright green but I’m adding some
permanent yellow light to it to brighten it up and I am going to get some leaf
shapes in here and I’m just blocking it at this point get another little leaf
shape here we’ve got when they’re gonna wipe off my brush
because I got a lot of red in that mix and we’ve got one coming up over here so
these are mint leaves I’m just gonna put that there and let’s get a couple up
here you’ll do one in the front here there
okay so I didn’t go too crazy with detail or anything I just basically
wanted to get those colors in and now I think I want to add in some more shadows
around the ground area so I’m gonna grab a clean brush so it hallee to have a
bunch of different brushes when you’re working because with oils because
honestly you might want to stop and clean them well between uses
so just rinsing them in the thinner you can have a really soggy brush you might
just want to have a fresh brush to go to and then just wash them all at once
why’d you keep quite a yeah quite a stash on hand I’m not gonna add any
thinner to this because I don’t want it to like lift up the stuff I have
underneath but I’m gonna go in this kind of purply mix I’m sorry this blue it’s
blue and brown kind of like a grey mix and add some shadows so the light is
kind of above but slightly over here so you shadows are below and kind of
scooching over to the right and that’s what I want to represent there still
feel like I want that a little cooler I’ve got a little too Brown to me still
need some more blue that blue gets gobbled up cool ball I find is like a
weaker blue than ultramarine so you only get so much if you’re using ultramarine
as your blue but they’re both they’re both kind of red based blues so either
one’s gonna work fine for this don’t worry if you’re not getting a like the
blend that you want in yet because you can go in with another brush and blend
it out after we just want to kind of get those shadows back because a lot of them
just kind of disappeared and our background that we first put down this
is gonna have a longer shadow because we got a taller object there a little bit right underneath our fruit
over here okay and then if you want some on the
back wall kind of just above with a wall and the counter or table meet shelf
whatever you want to call it put that right in there and you can just kind of
drag it up and it will blend in with the wet paint so if you try to do this part
tomorrow after it kind of set up it might be a little challenging you might
need to add a little bit of linseed oil to it to help it kind of glaze so you
get kind of like a thin veil of color and if you want you can save some of
that mix and you can do your edges after you’ve kind of set it somewhere to dry
for the night maybe set it on a piece of newspaper or something if you don’t have
an easel to set it on cuz it is nice to have it painted all the way around the
edge away if you feel like you don’t want to uh if you feel like you don’t
want to frame it you can hang it up and it still has a little bit of a finished
look now I am going in here because I’ve got this nice gray I’m gonna go ahead
and do a little bit of shading on this Matt at the bottom is macaron with the
two are meeting there that’s up to you if you if you don’t want to mess with it
you don’t have to shading pastel things can be really difficult especially when
you’re pretty much just using a color plus white okay so I’m gonna let this
sit for a minute I’m gonna refresh it up my green paints and then we’re gonna
come back in detail the leaves okay on my palette I have put some of the green
some of my yellow and some of my blue and that’s gonna give me a nice range of
colors to paint my leaves now I’ve switched to brushes that are synthetic
and these are nice and soft and the reason why I’m going to softer brushes
as I carry on further on this a la prima painting remember a la prima just means
paint it all at once I’m switching to these softer brushes because they are
not gonna scrape up the paint that I have underneath they’re gonna allow me
to paint to gently lay down another layer of paint without disturbing much
of what I’ve already done so I’m gonna start with this filbert and filbert is
like a flat but it’s rounded at the end and I’m gonna make some shadow colors so
I’m gonna take my green I’m gonna take my blue
and since I’ve used that blue elsewhere in the painting I know what’s gonna
match it’s gonna look good it’s gonna be harmonious I could add red to darken
that green but as I mentioned before when we were painting the raspberries if
I go in with red on on green it’s gonna make mud it’s gonna make it more Brown
so that’s not what I want if I end up picking up a little bit of red from its
neighbor next door there it’s not going to be a huge deal but I really don’t
want to don’t want to put too much in there so I’m just going in with this
Bluegreen mix to add shadows anywhere I feel like I would have shadows on these
mint leaves can also go in and redefine we sculpt it if I feel like my brush has
gotten dirty I can just kind of wipe off and wipe it off until I get back to
green and I’m just using a regular old glass plate and then I’ll clean it at
the end of my painting session so by using this nice soft brush I can lay
down color without it lifting too much stuff up from underneath I want another
leaf in there too you can add that in right now and so I’m just pretty much
putting in my shadows and you do a little bit thicker of a shadow back here
where I want it to be kind of under lapping there okay and let me just take another look
up here make sure that that looks all right if you do need to wipe out some
paint underneath you can like if you had too much red there too much white you
can you can wipe it out with a q-tip let me show you here like if I said mm-hmm I
wish that that leaf went up a little bit more I could wipe out the color
underneath basically just want to get back to the canvas if I can and then I
could go in and I could put in that green another leaf if I wanted to okay
so just kind of keep that in mind it’s another tool in your arsenal when you’re
painting so now I’m going to go in with my highlights and I think I’m gonna
start off with this this is a fusion it’s a number six I think
number six round synthetic I’m gonna grab yellow I’m gonna grab a little bit
of green that green is super strong I’m gonna see what that looks like on its
own but I think I’m probably gonna need to add a little bit of white to it maybe
not we’ll see I’m just gonna go in and throw in these
little mid values here that beautiful minty it’s it’s the color of mint but
not like when you think of mint green you think of like a pastel color
remember wipe off your brush if you feel like you’ve gotten into some red
actually I might go ahead and wipe out that a little bit because I feel like I
had a lot of red underneath don’t be afraid to don’t be afraid to do that
either you know don’t be like oh I’m stuck here
to put that down no you can oh it’s your undo button that q-tip is your undo
button don’t worry about it highlight there and I’ll give this a little
highlight in there that one’s getting a little muddy but I’m gonna see if I can
just keep working with it okay now I’m going to go in with this
smaller brush it’s smaller even still and I’m gonna add a little weight to it
white is a really powerful color it’s very strong it’s very a piece of fiying
so it will it will really kind of jump out at you and here I’m just gonna kind
of tap it in there on these highlight areas I’m just kind of here and there
wherever you think you want a little bit of a highlight so pretty it made it make
such a difference and you can have this more green than yellow if you want to I
do like that yellow but if you prefer more green go right ahead it will get
more green depending on what you have underneath if it’s mixing in with your
colors underneath no it’s really getting into the red there I think that’s
alright you can go back in with a little bit of green if you feel like you just
can’t get back to that green color just wipe it out with a q-tip and then carry
on its wiping off your brush in between colors really helps and it gets good a little bit more of
that in there the UH the leaves up on that one we’re kind of um they almost
look like they had gone by a little bit oh right so if you want to go back in
and add any more of the more green colors you can if you want to add any
veins you really don’t see that kind of detail too much in the reference photo
but hey it’s your picture you can put in whatever you want I’m gonna try to keep
it a little bit more impressionistic looking because I am trying to keep this
video from being too long and we’re not painting in layers we’re doing this all
at once so you know there’s gonna be a limit to how many how much detail we can
get so if you want to go in and add more details to the to the rest of the
picture itself then you can go ahead and mix up some dark I’ve got a purple that
I mixed out at the touch of Brent Sienna and a little more blue than the purple
normally would require and I’m gonna try to put on my deepest shadows here which
are it would be where these two macarons are touching and I can add I can go in
with a small synthetic brush I can add more defined shadows and that can give
me more contrast between like a really light leaf or the raspberry in the table
so remember the the softer the brush the less you’re gonna kick up the paint
underneath so you can go in and make these little adjustments and you can use
whatever oil paints you have I will link to the ones that I am using from our
sponsor Jerry’s art or amacom but you know they’re it’s pretty much the same
for matter what kind you’re using and if you prefer to use water mixable oils
that’s a great option and it’s pretty much the same idea except for instead of
like a paint thinner then you would use water so it’s even a little bit simpler
I’ve used the the berlin’s I’ve used the Windsor Newton I’ve used just a few
different kinds and time to say I like them all I like
traditional oils a little bit better I just feel like they’re a little bit more
like opaque and buttery but I think that the I think the difference isn’t that
big anymore they’ve gotten a lot better and and certainly not having to deal
with solvents is a huge bonus so I can go in here and I can add little shadows
very very subtle things and highlights just just stick with your stick with
your softer brushes and you’re gonna be fine
grab some white just on its own on this this soft brush and go in and add a
little bit of a highlight there you’re gonna get to the point where it’s not
gonna let you add too much because it’s just the paint is really wet and that
will be your point to stop because it can be very addicting to keep playing in
the paint because it’s a lot of fun it’s a lot of fun to play in the paint I
think I would grab some just white on its own tap it off on my on my palette
there I’m just brightening up a few spots on the worthy like counter and the
backsplash or whatever meet bring in any sort of points of light that I want and
blend anything out synthetics are fine to use with oils you just want to make
sure that you clean them properly so that means you clean your brushes with
some solvent for the before you know the stuff you’re using so if it’s if you are
using water miscible oils you’d be using you know water for yourself and then you
wash it with soap and water I really like the generals brush soap
it’s like in a I feel like I lost that little bit in there of the background I
really like the generals brush soap it’s very long-lasting and effective and I
have rescued brushes that have pretty much dried out on me with paint in them
and I use that for watercolor I’m not watercolor well I guess you
could but I use them for my oil and acrylic brushes and it works
really well and it’s in there like a link to that too actually I really
really enjoy that product and I get the medium size cake I don’t get the huge
one and I don’t get the tiny one because I find that that that’s perfect I think
if I kept one along around too much longer than that it would just kind of
get gross so that I can use that up enough Oh in about six months or so
depending on how much I paint but that’s my favorite I’m sure there are other
good ones too but as far as brush cleaning out so I like to like to use
and then I feel like I want that a little bit smoother there so I’m just
gonna go in with a another soft brush and just very gently tap it and smooth
out those brush strokes and that’s up to you I mean you can keep as many strokes
in there that you as you want smooth out a little bit too it’s almost like you’re
putting on makeup you’re just very lightly dusting and some of these
brushes will feel kind of like makeup brushes because they’re so soft I would
let this dry before I attempted to sign my name but you can do whatever you want
to do I will link to the reference photo in the video description so you can look
at what I was looking at when I painted this of course tomorrow if you look at
this and you’re like mmm I want to adjust this and adjust that you totally
can you might realize like this spot in here where you’re looking on the inside
of the the raspberry that should be a little bit darker that’s a great time to
adjust these things you might decide you want more shadows over here perfect
once the glare goes off which usually takes 24 to 48 hours with these Lucas
paints you can really determine where you need to have extra highlights or
shadows sometimes when you’re looking at it and your eyes haven’t had a break and
you’re seeing glare from your overhead lights it’s really tough to figure out
what you need for shadows and highlights so this is where I’m stopping now and
I’ll probably take a look at this tomorrow and we’ll catch up then and see
if we need any additional highlights highlights or shadows okay it’s the next
day and I wanted to show you something so this is my jar of cleaner which I
showed you in the previous clip yesterday I have cleaned my brushes and
that I in this jar and then I went wash them with soap and water and then I let
all the sludge settle looks I realize I really needed to decant off the good
cleaner and kind of throw away the sludge so once everything settles out
you can pour the the kind of clear cleaner out which is going to be
perfectly clear excited stuffs I’m standing in it but look at all of the
sludge that is left behind it’s like probably three-quarters of an inch of
sludge there so then I can clean that and I can I can go back to like I can
use this for a while maybe put a little more cleaner in here and then I’ve got
sludge free cleaner so it just reduces how much chemicals you need and keeps
your brushes easier it helps clean your brushes more easily now this is actually
dried up pretty well it’s a still some of the white paint still a little tacky
but the Lucas 1862 does dry overnight pretty well especially like in thinner
coats so if I wanted to go and add more on top which I’m going to do a little
bit I either want to use the paint straight on its own or I want to add a
little oil to it I don’t want to add thinner to it because that’s gonna make
a paint film that’s gonna dry a little bit slower and that could actually crack
if the paint film underneath is still wet and it’s still shifting and like
off-gassing so I’m gonna put a few drops of oil on my palette I don’t think I’ll
really need any but just in case it’ll be right there and I’m also going to use
more of my softer brushes and my smaller brushes just to you know add little bits
of highlight and shadow and just kind of some of those some of those details now
if I want to do like a really soft highlight what I can do is I can take
some of the oil and I can add some of the white paint to it and this is what’s
called the glaze so it’s kind of a transparent a transparent color and I
could go in and I can give really kind of gentle not super super bright
highlights but I can give like it kind of like that little bit of a warm glow
just a soft glow I should say not even warm just soft now some of the paint is
still wet so it will you will see a little bit of like staining on my brush
of the pink but that’s fine I know that if this is laying on top of anything
that’s already started to dry it’s not going to affect it
now you it’s this coat I’m putting on now is
going to take longer to dry the one I have underneath and then I’m not going
to have any issues with cracking or getting that crackly effect that
sometimes you see that on oil paintings that kind of crazing effect so any place
that feel like I want a little bit more highlight this just kind of really soft
and we need oil and white mix and I’m using a small filbert brush a synthetic
filbert it’s it’s very soft so it’s not going to be even if the paint is wet
underneath it’s not going to mess up the paint it’s not going to really move it
around all that much okay if I want to do any any like shadows like maybe I
want to get a little bit darker in there I really don’t need to but if I do I
could also do the same thing and go in with some of the red go with some of the
blue mix myself up a nice dark I can even add a little bit of brown to that
if I wanted to and because I have the oil that’s sorry to pertussis remember
it’s making it transparent so it’s not going to be too crazy of a you know of a
shadow it’s not going to be way too contrasty but it’s also going to keep it
transparent and keep it from drying too quickly so that I’m not gonna have any
cracking so it does two jobs two very important jobs that make our paintings
look a little bit better now I’m gonna take that same color a little more oil
and the the shadow underneath here I couldn’t get a good shadow yesterday
because everything just kept mixing in so I’m gonna redefine that and try to
redefine the top of that cookie there let’s see if I can’t do anything to make
that look a little bit more shadowed because I’d lost a lot of that I’m gonna
blend that out but before I do that while still this is my brush I’m gonna
go in and get that shadow within that part of the cookie as well and I’m just
gonna skip around any place I feel like I want a little bit more shadow I can do
it now cuz when you have something that’s really pastel a lot of
white in it it’s very difficult to get that that contrast because that white
pain is going to overpower pretty much everything else and again refer to the
reference photo while you’re painting because that will show you a lot more
detail than what you’ll see on a video camera our player got a little too dark
in there but I’m not gonna worry about that now I can go in with a softer brush
and without anything on it I’m just gonna see what I can do for spreading
that out if it doesn’t want to spread out you can add a little oil to it I kind of wish I still some I may have to
go in there with some background color because I feel like I over painted that
area I’ll try a little bit of the oil there just to spread it a little bit now
sometimes when you’re going in with oil like this and you’re just doing some
areas you will end up with a little bit of shine here and there so that’s where
you’d want to do like a varnish at the end and that would you would get
everything back to where it needs to be so kind of keep that in mind if when
it’s fully dried a couple months down the road you can go over and apply a
varnish make to me that looks a little too bright so I’m just going in a little
more red so that’s how you kind of counteract that if you do end up with
that sort of situation and I feel like I should have some shadow underneath these
leaves up here again I want some oil in there just a little just a little bit of a
darkness to the right side and I think that’s pretty good it’s stipple in some there too if you
want so if you want more of a gray like if I want that icing in the middle to a
little bit of a shadow on it I’m going to do the blue and the brown and a
little bit of white and that will let me get some of that shadowing for the icing
because that’s way too stark and it might be able to actually use that to
get in there in the background too but let me just focus on that little shadow
first a little bit over here I’m just gonna grab the oil and just try to pull
it out a little bit and I think I’m gonna grab a clean brush just so I can
kind of blend it I do like the idea of going into that
area and kind of getting back some of that some of that background cuz I
really feel like I overdid it there I overdid it with macaroons that’s the
nice thing about oils it’s very easy to go back in same with acrylics really go
back in and fix an area that went a little off just try to keep that read
out of that mix basically and we’re just gonna do a little bit of finessing on
the on the the leaves and pretty much call it call it done I think there we go
I felt like just like I needed to get that buy that part back and you know and
I can always look at it a few days and decide if I need to change anything else
so for the leaves I am just again small brush she’s gonna do some highlighting
pretty much grab some white and some yellow and some oil a little green in
there a little more white and I might need to go with a finer
brush let’s see what I can tap in with this one here yeah I’m gonna go with a
finer one synthetics work really well for this if you do have a clean one
handy just make sure you have it lighter than what you had before so it will show
up and I’m just going to give it some edges here and there you don’t need to
paint every little bit because your brain will fill in the will fill them
the will fill in the gaps I’m gonna get this a leaf up here you
might need to redraw things a little bit if they if things got a little funky
yesterday when you were painting and I think I’m gonna call that done I
hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you give it a try it does not have to be
perfect you don’t need to have to make a big deal out of it just have fun and
paint something because that’s how you’re gonna learn please be with this
video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and if you’re looking for any of the
supplies that I used there are links in the video description to our sponsor
Jerry’s our diorama there get the best prices on the 1862 oils from Lucas I
love that they dry to the touch overnight and I can go on with another
layer the next day most oils do not do that or they dry unevenly I do find
there’s a fairly even drying time between all the colors in this line so
give it a try if you’ve been having issues with oils you already have if not
use what you have I mean there’s oils or oils that use what you have use acrylics
if that’s what you prefer thank you so much for watching until next time happy


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