Quick Mixed Media Doodle Inspiration – Kim Dellow Floral June

Quick Mixed Media Doodle Inspiration – Kim Dellow Floral June

I wasn’t really taking a lot of notice
of this piece of paper, it was actually my test piece for color combos whilst
I was working on some brown paper abstracts and that flower project that I
shared with you in my art video on Wednesday if you saw that. And all I was
doing on this one was just trying out paints, seeing how they work together, see
how they worked on the brown paper itself then at the end of the session I
looked at this tester piece, this experimental piece and instantly fell in
love with it! [MUSIC] And I’m sure you’ve had times like that too?! When the thing you weren’t paying attention to that was just a tool for the projects you were
actually working on turned out to be interesting in eye catching in its own
right. I don’t know there’s something about the shape and the colors that just
really worked for me on this and I thought it would make a great addition
to my June floral theme and I thought that that shape and size of a color
pattern here would make a really great leaf which definitely fits in with the
theme that I’m working on this month both here on youtube and also on Patreon too
– oh and a quick shout out to my Art Explorers and Process Addicts over on
Patreon! Did you have fun with the first floral exercise? I hope you’ve been
enjoying it! Your next one is going to be up tomorrow so that will be this week’s
creative exercise to play with so keep your eye out for that! And if you aren’t a
patron you want to join up then I do have links to my page in the description
and also in the cards as well so do pop on over and you know feel free to ask me
any questions you want! [MUSIC] So I already had the idea of the leaf
shape for this piece it kind of dictated the shape to me already
but I just wanted to add some more details and interest to those splotches
of color and I doodled some random bits and pieces here quite organic try not to
think about it too hard and just trying to do! Then even after I’d put in that
leaf shape I felt that it needed some more doodling as well just to sort of
give it a little bit more interest and then I thickened out the line a little
bit later but as I only have the thinnest version of this black paint pen
it did take a few lines to get this thick as I wanted! I always sort of homed
in on the thinner pens and forget about the big ones I’m not a great fan of the
big ones I maybe should try a bit harder with them! It’s always the thin line that
I’m looking for [MUSIC] So as well as doing my floral theme for
June and you know focusing, concentrating in on on a particular thing. I thought
I’d also try to post a video twice a week, every week this month I’m gonna do
my best so keep your eyes open and peeled for my twice weekly videos.
Because I know that sometimes you might miss, I’ve had a few comments saying that
they’ve missed some of my videos or why have I not posted a video for a while. No! I
post every week, I’m here every week posting, it’s probably because you’re not
getting the notifications from YouTube so you might want to hit that
notification bell near the subscribe button so you don’t miss them. I thought
I’d post this one today just to give you a little bit inspiration show you that
sometimes the simplest ideas are best and also just to remind you to have a
look at your throw away pieces you know the ones where you just splodge a little
bit of color on to see how combinations will work or how it will work on that
surface sometimes they could be worth working up into a finished piece! I have
some more mixed media art inspiration for you so what’s these videos next and
I’ll see you over there!


  • C. S. Johnson says:

    Like what you're working on in this video, but still waiting for you to commit yourself to a formal piece. You know where you use a £2 piece of paper, and the best media that you have. Think that it would be good for you to do, and a wonderful learning tool for subs.

  • KissMyCreative says:

    Love this!

  • Mags Nash says:

    Kim, that’s just stunning I really love 💕 this….you do make some amazing and fantastic art work. Love 💕 it xxx Mags

  • verafi lindeng says:

    Love how this turned out Kim! Maybe we don´t have the pressure of creating something wonderful and that´s why a lot of these test pieces turn out gorgeous? Yours certainly did 🙂 Tfs, hugs, Fia

  • Covered in Paint says:

    I also don't usually go for the thicker pens. The largest I have are Posca PC-3M, I usually prefer finer lines, but I've found that if I hold the pen upright, I can get fairly fine lines using the tips with those pens.
    Funny you should mention the serendipity of finding you love a piece that wasn't meant for anything, I had that yesterday. I'd been doing some gel printing on an icad card, and wanted clean colours, so used a piece of paper for clean up prints, just going over the top of each layer. When I'd finished, I noticed that the clean up paper looked like there was a landscape on part of it, and it was the same size as an index card! So I cut it out and stuck it to an index card, and left it just as it was, no need for anything else added, as I loved it just like that! Easiest piece of art I've done!

    I have problems with my notifications. I get some notifications, even for channels I've unsubscribed from! Yet, there are a lot that I don't get, despite having the bell icon clicked. Yours is one I don't get notifications for, but I'm also subscribed to your blog, so luckily I get notified when you post about the videos on there.
    I love this piece. Leaf shapes are a good shape to use as a focal element.

    Julia. x

  • Karen Atkinson says:

    So pretty. You have a way with doodling. It always looks so good.

  • Sue Falls says:


  • Samantha Jarrad says:

    Really beautiful!! 😁💜👍🏻

  • Kim Dellow says:

    Check my last Floral June video here: https://youtu.be/vWFUKQhhpjw

  • Scrapitydoodah says:

    Looks cool xx

  • Lisa says:

    I’m making sure I start a video I don’t really care for before I end my YouTube session this morning—so I don’t accidentally “lower” your popularity any! Youtube is weird like that. 😂

  • Lisa says:

    You make every scrap you touch look like fine art. 🎨

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