Pump vs Magfed, NXL Limited Paintballs & Best Reusable Paintballs – Paintball QT

Pump vs Magfed, NXL Limited Paintballs & Best Reusable Paintballs – Paintball QT

what is up guys it’s Wednesday and that
means is Paintball Question Time this week mag fit or pump should the in
Excel switch to limited paint and the best training paintballs Allen poll asks
I’ve been playing paintball about three years I have a good electronic gun but I
want to try out pump or mag fed which would you suggest
my vote is pump I think that’s because it’s kind of just something you’re used
to whereas magazine-fed guns are way way
different we gotta think when you’re switching over to pump if you’re using
like traditional paintball gun like you kind of said you have it’s gonna be more
of a similar and like feeling you’re used to I guess really much of the
difference is just gonna be that you’re pumping it and shooting you don’t have
to worry about magazines and all that stuff like you do with mag fed guns pump
you’re still gonna have like normal trigger frame kind of tanks about the
same place all this stuff is gonna be fairly similar you’re just pumping and
shooting less whereas mag fed to me is what we’re gonna see probably the
biggest difference in all of these paintball guns right I mean you have
guns that are shaped completely different you have like stocks and like
these crazy four grips and carrying handles and barrel shrouds and gas
blocks and all this stuff and you have to worry about magazines you’re only
getting like 10 to 20 shots it’s just gonna be much more different than like
pump wood but that’s really just kind of a preference thing I mean I would
personally choose pump just cuz I don’t want to deal with magazines but if
that’s something you think you like go for it but like I said I think pumps
gonna be something a little bit more familiar to you so maybe you fall into
it and liked it a little bit more maybe you hate paintball and you’re just
looking for a change and maybe Meg fits that thing I don’t know try and both OCE
walk asks do you think the nxl should put a limit on pods 3 or 5 pods it seems
like guys are just throwing unlimited paint down fields I think it would
definitely change the strategy I do this is not like a new hot take like Brad’s
crazy theory about limited paint this has been something I have talked about
before its first what are the pros of using unlimited paint really mainly I
think two things player wise it’s just fun to shoot a lot I mean it’s just fun
to start shooting and or stop manufacturer industry wise they
get to sell you a lot of paint which I guess it’s good for paintball kind of
really those are the only two pros I see you do it it’s fun to shoot a lot and
then the industry gets to sell you more paint and then the pros for limited
paint is overall cost can be lower for tournaments the cost can definitely be
reduced at tournaments you’re just gonna shoot less right I mean we’re gonna play
the same amount of games but just reduce the amount of paint you can shoot so
overall paint costs at least four tournaments would be lower I think for
practices like it could be less or about the same because you can either run the
same amount of points and just shoot less paint or you could run more points
and shoot the same amount of paint practice you could kind of take that
either way it could be cheaper or remain the same but tournaments would
definitely be cheaper just paint bills would be less one of the main arguments
living a limited paint format is increasing movement I know in the
Millennium they did eliminate paint but I don’t know if it necessarily
facilitated more movement I think the main thing that we’ve seen in the last
couple years it is really helps facilitate movement is having that big
huge center W bunker and now the NX L is getting rid of the W I think we might
see slower games the W is just so big you could get to the W and then shoot
guys really quick on the other team and then you’d be up three bodies and then
the games would end quicker I think if we go to a smaller center bunker you’re
not gonna get as many quick kills anymore and then gains will slow down
and guys will just start shooting a bunch of paint so reducing the amount of
paint could help facilitate more movement limited paint I think also kind
of brings back more the skill aspect of this whole paintball thing it makes
running and shooting more important you gotta have a good snap shot you just
gonna be like an all around better paintball player you can’t just like sit
and shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot and like shoot nine ten pods
at a gap and hope someone runs through it it’ll get rid of bow shot so no more
bounce shots a lot of people don’t like bounce shots
I think bad shots are kind of fun and kind of bad they’re cool when you can
shoot someone with the bounce shot awful when you get shot with one one of the
things I ended talking to new players about a lot is when they see like
tournaments and they’re like Kylie just shoot and shoot and shoot and never stop
it seems so stupid and wasteful and yeah they’re right so we do think maybe that
first impression of tournament paintball might be a little bit better we might
like draw in more people just because I don’t think it’s
as dumb and just like constantly shooting so maybe that limited paint
they’d find more appealing in the short term yeah the manufacturers would sell
less paint to individual people the argument to that is you would increase
players I don’t know if that’s necessarily true but at least that’s the
argument with like people saying the paint companies would make less money so
I really have no idea what the nxl have planned and I don’t think think at this
point they know but I do think with in Excel Europe they’ll definitely stick
with that limited paint format and you’re a paint ball tends to be a little
bit more expensive and I think unlimited paint is a little bit prohibitive to
some of those players so having that limited paint format I don’t know works
better in Europe at least it has so far died Jimmy asked what are your thoughts
on training paint balls what do you think are the best and most consistent
rubber training paint balls ah definitely the real reball stuff so
right now let’s say the most popular reusable paint balls are gonna be the
Gen X Z ball there’s like a laser ball there’s reball and then there’s that new
Atom 6 stuff so when I’ve used that Z ball or the laser ball stuff I found
that it was kind of inconsistent and wasn’t weighted that well it wasn’t
really close to like the true weight of a paint ball so the velocity was kind of
erratic and you get a lot of them they would like like zing off and shoot all
crazy and when I’ve used the real reball which some of it I have it just shoots
pretty straight and the velocity is more like true and consistent like a regular
paintball is so I would definitely say out of the like realistic stuff ah
definitely reball there’s also that new Atom 6 stuff I got some of that recently
but I don’t really see like why a regular paintball or real paintball
player would want to use it it doesn’t shoot far at all mainly just because the
velocity is so low like you put it in a gun that shooting 300 with regular paint
and then you put this Adam 6 Stefan is going like 130 and it’s not accurate
like when I was trying to shoot a target it was like 20 feet away it took me like
five or six shots that actually hit the thing so the velocity is so low and it’s
not accurate so I feel like pretending and like snap shooting with the stuff
inside well yeah you could work on your form or whatever but it’s not really
that usable for like accuracy or target shooting so I am definitely going to say
the best stuff for indoor training or reusable paintballs is definitely gonna
be the branded reball paintball question time is over to have your question read
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  • Peyton Doyle says:

    I’m switching from magfed to a etha 2

  • Cass says:

    Found your channel a week ago it is so useful thank you

  • jc jc says:

    Hey brad I used to play pump with an empire sniper, I have an xls which I’m selling, and I want to try something new. Any ideas? Looking around $500

  • BlackRiderPB says:

    I love magfed it’s what got me into paintball

  • Anthony Rios says:

    Hey Brad i would say pump as well

  • BlackRiderPB says:

    Getting rid of the W is gonna make watching paintball more boring now 🙁

  • KarlEller says:

    IMO the biggest thing for pump vs MagFed what is more popular at your local fields. If your local fields have a big magfed community but no pump players, you'd have more fun with magfed, and visa versa.

  • MisterAxeMan says:

    That Denim jacket looks great on you Brad! Also thanks for another great video!

  • Kyle van Oudheusden says:


    Buy a Hammer 7, it mixes pump and magfed into a great combo.

  • rickyricky says:

    Question for the next paintball QT, if you were to design a hopper what would it look like ? Profile, size , shape and internals.

  • птичий guy11 says:

    #pbqt do you recomend the sp shocker xls or an empire axe 2.0

  • Steven Mortensen says:

    That myspace reference though…. hahahaha

  • Ashraven PB says:

    Why not get a tacamo vortex with a pump kit. Magfed or hopperfed, pump or semi, and it can shoot FSR

  • Bandi says:

    I'm getting an Axe 2.0 but if I had to choose, I'd play pump. I was interested in magfed for a while, but it seems like way too much equipment to be lugging around all the time. I prefer to be light and compact.

  • Holt 0216 says:

    Ive played paintball a few times but the biggest thing that gets me is the cost. I can fork over a few hundred for a gun but the paint is relatively expensive. I want a pump but i cant choose between the KP3, Empire sniper, or another reputable brand. Any suggestions? Ive watched his videos but im still undecided

  • nick cortez says:

    You can only play with one. Automag or autococker?

  • Chris Finkbohner says:

    I always thought they should have limited paint….get them strats and skills up.

  • T R says:

    New NXL format. One in the chamber

  • ProthoPectore says:

    limited paint would make things more equal during the weekends at the field. i can not afford a case of paint, but i can afford 1 – 2 bags. the weekends seem to always have the local teams having practice and then you have the church groups / birthday party groups. by noon the team practice players would "own" the speedball field while the renters / party people would "own" the woods fields.
    there's that division.
    limited paint would make things a little bit more fun.

    i understand teams needing to practice.
    but mowing over a buncha kids at their bday party doesnt help attract new players.

  • Jimmymag909 says:

    Hell yea pump

  • Shaymin says:

    do you think they should go back to pump tournaments more often

  • Obtuse Ocelot says:

    Agreed, if you're used to using a traditional marker try pump. Magfed is way different, mainly because of the magazine. If you wish to try magfed, try getting the TIPX or even the TMC. They are reliable, scary air efficient, and the mags are cheap. You'll also need to look into a vest with mag holders, a remote line if you wish to run with one, and a dump pouch. I haven't tried pump myself, but going from my old cheap spider speedball marker to magfed was a big jump. I'm still changing gear and equipment today.

  • RiotControled PB says:

    #pbqt what is the difference between stainless steal and aluminum inserts?

  • Michael Nugent says:

    My small Iowa team has just started in the 3-man tournament scene, and by the time this question is (if) answered we will have played our first at O'Hare Indoor Paintball. What tips and tricks would you recommend for 3-man in particular?

  • Asjad naqvi says:

    What u think of used markers..scored a geo 3.5 for £400 and have seen it for 800 online. only thing wrong with it is the eyes are intermitent so they need to be changed if i want to shoot eyes on…. and it didnt come with the hex key set

  • Eric Agnew says:

    Watching Millenium with limited paint is BORING when they start to run low on paint. Hardly any shooting going on. I love the constant shooting, makes the game more intense and from a spectator view gives you something to watch.

  • AZ says:

    I like the idea of having a limited paint format. It really brings out the best in the player rather than just bunkering players.

  • Rich Szmal says:

    When i started playing paintball many years ago and didn't have much cash for paint my group of friends played what we called 10 ball. You only had 10 balls. You had to use your shooting and strategy skills a lot more.

  • DragoGaming says:

    What is your favorite kind of breakout???

  • D1V 1K says:

    That’s the main reason I don’t like to watch pro league and honestly think it’s stupid because all they do is spam paint down a certain line. There’s definitely more skill without the excessive paint.

  • Bailey says:

    Bro My mom and my family really isn't the Richest and i was wondering if we could talk and maybe i can buy soke stuff from u like for beginners like a proto ryze or empire mini pls like this so he can see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Langenbach says:

    I am looking to upgrade my barrel (valken code), what should I be looking for to improve performance in the hot Arizona desert?

  • Johnny Isaacs says:

    How do you feel about a experienced paintball player that has never played a tournament jumping straight to D5 or D4 for that persons first tournament?

  • Brandon Miner says:

    What are your top recommendations to bring with you for a day of paint balling outside of guns and gear?

  • Jazleen Agpalza says:

    What is the lowest price for the empire mini gs

  • 1006181928 says:

    Hi Brad, I'm getting into paintball right now… Played at my own birthday party for the first time and really loved it. What do you think is a good way to get your parents behind you to possibly buy you some equipment and take you to the field? I'm 14 so I don't have that much money, and was looking into pump to save some money, most of the people at my local field are renters, and paint is super expensive(to me). I was looking at KP3 pump… What do you think?

  • MathewsPB says:

    I'm thinking about upgrading my gun, is it worth it to get the axe pro or should I just get the axe 2.0?

  • Gianni Valoze says:

    Hey, I’m thinking about buying a remote line for my hpa tank, what are your thoughts on remote lines? Are they worth it and what kind is best?

  • Timothy Kelly says:

    i had a mechanical for a couple of months and thinking of getting a electric gun what should i get for just under 450$

  • machine9un kill says:

    Hey Brad can you make a tcr review?

  • Tommy Tuomaala says:

    With electro you can be lazy and adjust your stream but with pump you must build up a mucle memory of each and every trajectorie since each ball needs to be recalibrated alloveragain. Magfed vs electro has more similarities, as long as you use stock or the bottle as shoulder support. You can keep the same trajectory in between trigger puls. Pistol game is on a completely new ballpark all together. By doing pump you increase the motivation to hit a dime with the first shot compared with e-gun or mag fed.

  • Louis Farias says:

    I've never had a speedfeed but which one would you reccomend?

  • badt2238 says:

    Emek mg100.

  • Michael Placzek says:

    I'm actually an advocate for 1 pod or maybe 2 in competitive games

  • Doug Walker says:

    Pump baby!

  • A Crue For Boredom says:

    I have never been paint balling but I just bought a blitze 3 hopper and tank. What should I get next.

  • Kevin Miller says:

    Here’s my take on limited paint. Let’s put this idea into a standard 5 man X ball point. So I think it would be fun if teams had a certain amount of pods for the whole team. So let’s say 15 pods per point. And the team can decide if they want like 2 guys to carry like 4 or 5 pods(maybe back players) and the other guys get like 2 or even 1 pod. Or whatever combination they can think of. Feels like it opens up a whole new element of strategy.

  • Craven says:

    And that right there is one of the major draws that people like about magfed

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