Pros & Cons of Tippmann Model 98 Gun | Paintball

Pros & Cons of Tippmann Model 98 Gun | Paintball

My name is Mike Peverill. I’m here at Pev’s Paintball Park in Aldie,
Virginia. I’ve been playing paintball nearly 30 years. I’ve played professional paintball with numerous
pro teams all over the world. This facility here was built from the ground
up for paintball, kind of like a paintball Disney Land. Our website is Hopefully you can come out and visit us sometime. Tippmann Model ninety-eight, workhorse of
the paintball industry. Tippmann’s been around for over twenty-five
years. They’re one of the founders in the semi-auto
paintball gun, They’re originators. They make a good quality product. The reason why they’ve been around so long
is because of the quality product they make. We use these at our paintball park. We have close to five hundred of these paintball
guns we use. We use them because of durability, reliability,
and they keep on working. I mean you throw them in the trunk of a car
and, you know, take it out and six months from now it will play again, and it’s still
gonna work. A paintball field, you drop it on the ground
a million times, it’s gonna keep on working. And when you’re running a thousand people
a day through your paintball park, you need a paintball gun that’s gonna be reliable and
durable. So it’s a great little gun
for fun. At the same time, you know when I’m playing
with the guys with electronic guns, it’s tough because the rate of fire that’s one of the
downsides is gunning. You know, you’re shooting less than ten balls
a second with this as opposed to shooting, you know, fifteen balls with one of these
electronic paintball guns. So there’s a big difference in what you get
with what you run it up against, but again, workhorse of the paintball, a great little
gun, has all the little features, semi-auto. You know you pull the trigger, fire, good
to go, simple, has a safety. It let’s you change the barrel to different
size barrels that you want. I recommend a slightly longer barrel than
a shorter barrel. It’s easy to use and it’s reliable. It’s ready to go, every time.


  • Caleb Kelly says:

    @hasooon666 FUCK U

  • SlugSwaggaObi says:


  • Vincent Esteves says:

    This gun sucks, get an azodin Kaos, case closed. Good Day

  • BansheePaintball1 says:

    I have the same air tank!

  • HolyShitAccess says:

    @Tonyrema So do Fucking I. Want a Fucking Cookie?

  • UnityKnowHow says:

    This should be called advertisement for pevs tippman pros and one con.

  • Brandon Giordano says:

    Ive just got my new tippman A-5 im thinking of installing a double trigger

  • Veith51 says:

    i love my 98's

  • reddeada7x56 says:

    when i hold it it performs good but to me its a bulky guna and i dont care for bulky guns

  • Veith51 says:

    i play alot of woods ball and i got a 22" rifled barrel and a flatline.. so its a comfortable gun to play back and flank

  • reddeada7x56 says:

    when i rented a gun they gave me a 98 tippy and mine the weight felt un even but it performed good and i was frontman so i mean the performamance is great but to me uncomfortable

  • Damezca says:

    Sounds like a great marker. But the first and only time i played paintball, i was kinda dissapointed of the marker's accuracy. The paintballs were going straight for 10-15 foots, then after 25 foots : 1/10 chance to hit you desired target. I'm used to shoot accuratly over 100 foots with my airsoft gun. So this experience kinda disapointed me. But i don't say i won't return to a paintball field! It was really a fun activity. 🙂

  • jstyledipset says:

    That's usually the rental gun, and you can probably pay an extra 5 dollars to get the upgraded rental which is better.

  • Brycen Charlebois says:

    i have the 98 custom pro platnum series and im trying to make it in to a sniper i have the apex barrel what should i put on besides the scope anyone?

  • iDirtrider says:

    a lazer sight would be indeed nice as well

  • Kevin T says:

    @gagewg12 He knows what he is doing. A thirty year paintball player knows safety.

  • SemblanceMusic says:

    Okay so I'm pretty new to all of this but when i buy my marker/feeder setup i want to have the best i can get for my money so there's a few questions i have for anyone that is knowledgeable. 1, Will an electric feeder increase the rate of fire on a standard non electric marker like the tippmann 98 or are they just purely for putting a ball in the barrel quicker ? 2, if an electric hopper is just for feeding the barrel faster what are some good not too expensive electric marker brands/models ?

  • OffPls says:

    Electric hoppers raise the speed of the ball entering the chamber after the ball in the chamber has left. It will not in any way change the ROF of your gun. A good gun to start off with is an Invert Mini, or and Empire Axe. They have good resell value, are easy to take apart and put back together, and are well rounded electric guns. Take in mind, electric guns are more used for speedball, and not rec ball.

  • SemblanceMusic says:

    Thank you very much for clearing that up for me, going to look into both the mini and axe now so thank you for the suggestions! 🙂

  • OffPls says:

    You can't really make a gun a "sniper" in paintball. Every gun is going to shoot the same distance, unless you use first strike rounds. If you're looking for military simulation style, the 98 isn't really a gun that's gonna give you the desired look.

  • jammerjamjam1 says:

    i agree

  • Derek Serelo says:

    stock bipod laser sight

  • gp680 says:

    I thought legal speed is 15 balls per sec correct me if im wrong and with my e-grip on my tippman im shooting real fast

  • TheChelas69 says:

    Some tournaments restrict the rate of fire to 15 BPS, still many tippmanns with e grips can shoot 20 BPS in full auto and many other speedball markers can shoot over 30 BPS. Law restrictions may vary from one state to an other.

  • gp680 says:

    ok thanks

  • Garribean2341 says:

    Law restrictions? lol It's just tournament rules.

  • TheChelas69 says:

    There are tournament rules but there are also law in each state that regulate paintball markers. Specifications of markers as safety requirements such as materials and pressure are regulated in some places by law. Tournament regulations restrict BPS for sportsmanship related issues while law may have restrictions for other reasons such as vandalism, safety, etc.

  • Garribean2341 says:

    That makes no sense. Please show me said law. Materials and Pressure? They just don't want people being overshot a million times. If it was laws then they would make US boards and international boards. And the US boards would have a limit of 15BPS max instead being able to shoot 25+ stock. I believe early Macdev boards were capped at 15BPS because of AU laws, plus they already have strict gun laws.

  • Justin Goodridge says:

    i bought a 98 custom from dicks and when i comapred it to the gryphon the 98 custom is super inaccurate everytime i shoot the balls either go left or right never straight i dont know if its this way out of the box with no mods

  • james tg says:

    Can we shoot the tippmann model 98 inside a water

  • james tg says:

    Like an underwater paintball battle

  • iamcondescending says:

    balls probably wouldn't go too far… might break inside the gun as the air causes pressure behind the ball and the water resists in front.

  • Brendan Barton says:

    can you please do a pros and cons video on the tippmann us army carver one?

  • RoniiNN says:

    whats the best barrel 20 or 16?

  • OPERATOR8696 says:

    14' IMO


    lol "it has a safety" wtf I hope it does!

  • Kuson2 says:

    What he didn't mention is that you can pull back the spring lever and it can burst fire about 5-6 paintballs with one trigger pull. Its handy for emergency close quarter scenarios (With-in legal proximity of course)

  • jason clarke says:

    14 inch is the best size barrel you can get.

  • IntoTheFray says:

    Bam 14 inch cp

  • Mikey Clumsywaffle says:

    I learned how to tips

  • Kenny Vu says:

    I used that paintball gun today.

  • D S says:

    I was at Pev's! great place but you can only use their paint

  • calibomber209 says:

    Sweet gun just a response trigger and 12 inch , maybe lightened bolt too and reg. will last 10years plus

  • RagingBuildsINC says:

    do you have to pull back each shot

  • Dre All day 15 says:

    I met your brother but not you and he's really nice but also is there a response trigger for the tippman Cronus

  • Mr.Nihili says:

    I would like to say the 98 custom is a good start in paintball mostly for players interested in a fun time and a controlled fire, what makes it different from the guns that a lot of pros have been using (not sure what type of gun it is)is well it's custom almost to the max you can change the barrel, feeder, stock, rail accessories, and add yourself a remote line to your gun and your good to go.

    What this gun boils down to is mostly play style like myself I don't play speedball I'm more a woodsballer(or just old fashioned paintball player) a lot of people presume that the faster the fire rate the better the gun but when you play woodsball it's kinda a different story to the extent where you shoot like a forest area you might not hit your target so a precise shot will matter compared to speedball where you can easily see where the guy is and well light that motha fuka up! (Some courses are set differently so I'm not sure how speedball courses are set in other states so this might be inaccurate)

  • Rajarathinam G says:

    Hi I need assistance. I run a paint ball target shooting in Chennai India. I use tippmann 98 custom . can we connect these gun directly to larger co2 tank using valve and gauges? Will damage my guns?

  • Captain J The BK says:

    What barrel is that?

  • Usman Ali says:

    What is the price of this gun? and which gun is best in lower price for a paintball shooting club.

  • Flaxo says:

    lol my cousin gave me a 98 Custom and he hadn't used it in about 3 years. Got some air, loaded it, worked 100% fine.

  • SirBucklesworth69 says:

    U are constantly taking a chew

  • Alex baseballdude says:

    Ok so I'm really torn between this and the Cronus… Is it worth the extra money you pay for the 98? I know that the 98 is more moddable which is nice, but is it really worth the extra money?

  • MisterAxeMan says:

    Tippman 98 cons: Horrible rate of fire, horrible barrel, horrible asa, no regulator, no last eyes, horrible trigger, horribly inaccurate, horrible feedneck, heavy and the list goes on…Tippman 98 pros: Cheap and durable… That's literally it.

  • SNI says:

    Main reason they have them: They're Cheap

  • Tommy Jenkinson says:

    Hi Mike,

    Do you have to coug the marker first, reson for asking mine is blowing out gas in front before i coug the marker?

  • Samuel North says:

    What speedball guns do you recommend?

  • Luke Dorsey says:

    Democrat or republican

  • adolf hitler says:

    umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm

  • Fusi says:

    Hey guys i have a big question!

    Does the Flatline Barrel works on a Tippmann 98 Rental? Because its called Custom Pro Platinum or only Tippmann 98 then its called for ALL Tippmann 98 and then 1 said no it doesnt fit.

    Can i put the Flatline Barrel on my 98 Rental?

  • Taz Maniac says:

    Just restarted playing paintball and bought this bad boy. I like a challenge, playing better against people with guns 3 times more expensife than mine :p

  • marco150sx says:

    If you mod a 98 it can keep up with just about anything

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