Post-Processing 3D Printed PLA Print by Hand Painting

Post-Processing 3D Printed PLA Print by Hand Painting

Welcome to another episode of Tinkerine Experiments! We’ve been asked a lot to hand paint some
PLA models so for today’s experiment we will be post-processing our corgi by hand
painting it. The corgi is printed with Tinkerine 1.75mm
white PLA filament. The corgi was already post-processed before
hand. We sprayed a coat of primer and then sanded
it down. Once it was fully smooth, we sprayed painted
a two coats of white paint on it and this leads us to where we are now. Before we move onto hand painting. I am going to use a pencil to draw out a rough
outline on how I want my corgi to look like. We’ll draw the eyes, the fur, and the nose. So we’ll start off with the fur outline
on the head. Then the nose. Sorry I have to move this out of the camera
to get a better look at it. Back to the body outline for the fur. Last of all the eyes on corgi. Once we have done that, we can open up our
paint and start the painting process. I have enamel paint right here and a couple
skewers. I can’t find my paint brush so this will
be what we are using. We’ll first paint the fur on the corgi. Remember to shake and mix your paint well
or it will be a bit patchy like what I have done here. Okay, I finally found my paint brush and we’ll
finish off the fur on the corgi. This is so much easier for large surface areas
with a paint brush. Since the corgi was patchy, I’ll completely
repaint the whole area. Once we are done with the fur, we’ll have
to wait for it to dry. Then we can fill out the nose and the eyes
with black paint. This time, I’ll be using the skewer for
the finer details. Then use some pink paint to paint the underside
of the feet to show the paws. Then we can let it dry again. Here are the results, you can definitely post-process
your designs with hand painting. It does take a bit of patience this way, each
part will have to dry before you can move on. It also does take a bit of practice to perfect
it but I would say the corgi came out pretty nice. Well, there we have it, hand painted our corgi
and it turned out pretty nice. It takes a bit of practice and patience before
the final product but the final product looks great! Before I end, I just want to remind everyone
about Tinkerine U.That platform has a lot of teaching resources like; 3D printing courses,
STEAM challenges, and CAD tools. So be sure to check it out! That’s the end of our experiment. If you liked our video please give a thumbs
up and if you did not then a thumbs down below. Remember to subscribe and comment on what
experiments you would like to see in the future. Thank you for watching. Tinker Out!


  • MrMr1137 says:

    Hi what kind of paint color you use

  • TiDiPi Things says:

    I Love your tests and trials, man. Would you do a sort of recap with overall scores of all the methods you tried on PLA ? (labor intensive / difficulty / results / … )

  • Orseeny Pi says:

    how did you post-process is ? i checked your videos and there was tumble thingy and it doesnt look like working like your corgi :))

  • Deliloy deliloy yardane says:

    Would acrylic work as good with a lacquer finish on top?

  • TrickGaming says:

    ive been using acrylic paint markers and they layer down better then paint and a brush

  • Curt Pangracs says:

    First of all, you are NOT "post-processing", you are "finishing". You are literally applying a finish. You primed and sanded the piece. THAT was "post-processing". Second, you are using the single worst paint brand available. Testors is a terrible paint, even for enamel. Acrylics are much better for finishing and can be better layered, mixed, and applied to achieve better results. Applying base colors, followed by a coat or two of varnish, then allows enamels or oils to be used for blending, weathering, etc. without affecting the base coat. Finally, acrylics dry faster and allow for faster finishing.

  • Lance Anthony says:

    No offense but it looks bad lol

  • Rory Dowling says:

    What kind of printer are using? Your model is so smooth! Very nice

  • John doe says:

    2:19 I don't know why but I am getting a strong urge to open PornHub on another tab…

  • Mark Benson says:

    If you're going to show people how to hand paint items at least START with a brush, painting with a skewer, really? I get it some people use tooth picks for eyes. Your paint job is also very amateurish, try some highlights and dry brushing.

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