POSCA VS Feutres acryliques ACTION! Dupe de Posca?

POSCA VS Feutres acryliques ACTION! Dupe de Posca?

Hello everyone so today we find ourselves in this video to make a small comparative felts from posca and felts from action. So posca these are markers Acrylic and the felts of action is the same thing they are felts of acrylic paints so I was really very curious to see what happens if it’s really like posca or not I did the same for the pros vs marker those at home so the alcohol felts of action and this video had enormously pleased. In fact the difference like that in any case is blatant in price since level of pau this case it depends a little shops but it costs between 3 euros 50 and up to 11 euros 50, 12 euros the felt so by contains a lot of felt size but so we still see that the price category is still wide enough is still quite expensive even for the finest felt and on the action side at the moment, so I do not know how it’s going to be in two, three, four, five, ten months three years at the moment during the video there are eight pens. It’s a pack of 8 and it sells to almost 4 euros and so 50 cents finally a felt which is really nothing at all. So for the number of colors so there for the moment, there are some 55. So there is still a wide range. For the size of felts, here we have a lot of different sizes there is really brush, beveled, there really is really a lot here for the moment again at action there is only the size medium which is called the size medium so it equates more or less to those at posca who are the three 3M I find more or less so now we will go to the test a bit. I will really try to test on black paper as on white paper and to compare the colors a little even if my colors are not the same same, I’m going to test the ones that are the most similar so to start I’ll take both blacks that’s what we use really the most. At posca the color really very very opaque we really see nothing at all in and at action so I have not used it yet so we will shake very hard and then pump the tip we’re going to pump so just like this until the paint comes out, that’s the ink is coming out So here I am really pleasantly surprised. For me there I do not even know compare for me it’s the same two ink here is downright in any case for the black, it’s incredible so I’m going to the yellow of posca is great and for Action amazing, except that this is not the same color, so that I can not judge. The color is really very opaque frankly there’s nothing to say it’s nice that it’s not the same color at least it makes me a color more that I did not have. I think it’s going to be the same for all colors. Frankly Blue is by the way very similar and again nothing to say so after I’m going to talk more in depth markers so stay up late because there ok they are good but then there are other things still to test. Once again it is really great so there now what I’m going to do because the colors that remain to me unfortunately I have them not from the sides of Posca so I simply test the action side so that you still see the other colors there are. I think I have a little worry with the red here because I’m trying to pump it and the mine stays inside here There I do not know either my red it is fucking or it takes time for it to come. It seems to be coming But I do not have to go to the end otherwise it gets stuck, that’s where the red came, I did not have easy but finally it was I think. And that’s what it gives, so I had a little difficulty with the red but finally it went very well it’s just a problem to pump Quite frankly I do not even see the difference at all, I do not even see the difference. I’m going to do the same thing on black paper so as to have already white that really intrigues me because white is often what works the least well and then see if the colors also remain pigmented on black because it’s still important to be able to also make drawings on black and therefore for the white I am really very impatient ok I have nothing to say, but there is really a lot that comes out, I do not know if it’s normal. So I still a little clarified that I think that the side of the posca he may be a little bit at the end of his life, slightly and again I’m not even sure I even have the impression that the one at home is better, frankly it impresses me anyway little much. And so here’s what it gives for black paper, so apart from my red that is a problem it does not work as well, other than that I think frankly it’s very good, so we see some traces of paper tear it’s just me who uses a bad paper here it’s not top top paper to do that but it does it on both sides so we can see that it’s not a problem of action or posca so but there is still something to consider it is that maybe I do not know the price the price would be lower in action because there is maybe 6 to 10 times less of products in that’s quite possible it would be necessary to see in the long term tell me if you have had a long time that you have them and how it ages. Maybe I would use them a dozen times and then it’s over like the fluos I had in action, so I do not know. One thing that interests me a lot is knowing what’s in the water because when I’m doing drawing for example black and then after I want to use watercolor to make the interior well it’s cool because with posca it does not drool. I’ll test at action if it’s the same thing. I made traits and I’m just going So test first on posca. No worries. And for action, it works too That’s it and yet I put a lot of water. Ok, here you go so it works perfectly on both. It’s good to make all the little dots but after I do not think we draw with dots and so I wanted to try to really do, I’m not going to say “a drawing” because I did really anything but small tests at posca and at home and here I see some differences so when really we test truly we can see the difference so here it is at posca, here in action then except that in action it is less well designed than in posca simply because at posca I have finer markers, at action I do not have them. We see that in action my abyss is quite horrible, it’s because the felt is huge and so I could not but otherwise in any case the red home equity at home it is really not top top he actually did little pieces of felt, I do not know, the paint has settled down, it’s a little thing that does not belong at all to posca that’s when I noticed something it is that at posca it is much more pleasant to use than at action, at action it is a little harder the tip crumbles I feel. It’s a lot softer, it’s a lot more aggressive and less less pleasant to use than at posca where we feel that it slips in fact it’s really different at action it rubs more and so it damages the leaf a little more, do not overemphasize but otherwise I do not know if you really see big differences, we can very well pass also in action of for example yellow and then put black, there is no problem it does not mix. At this level I think that’s fine so here’s this little test this is just my opinion of which you can have quite a different opinion of mine me for the moment what I tested it gives this I’m really very satisfied after there is currently not many colors so we are still limited. The action tips are very big it is not at all the sizes that I usually use. I usually use these are the 1MR and I think it’s the finest size and I find them very very well so here I am will continue to buy I think posca pens already if I want other colors and especially because they sell for now no again something that may happen, it is very possible. If it’s like alcohol felts at home it will happen so maybe I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway, do not hesitate to give me your opinion if you have tested or not I advise you especially already if you start, it will already make you big savings and then even if you do not start it always makes you full of colorful owl to use. After tested on other surfaces than the paper maybe it will be different so I hope in any case if you have enjoyed please do not hesitate to see my instagram my shop my previous videos and even facebook if you want and I’ll see you soon in an upcoming video, Bye!


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    super video! Perso, Actio c'est l'un de mes magasins pref, car ya pas mal de truc a dessin. Apres c'est pas de LA QUALUTE DE DINGUE WOW MAGNIFAIQUE mais franchement c'est cool !!!!!

    Petite question:

    EST-IL POSSIBLE DE FAIRE DES VIDEOS AVEC SON APPAREIL PHOTO (performant en video) ET DE METTRE LES VIDEOS SUR SA TABLETTE SANS PASSER PAR LE PC ? Car je n'ai qu'une tablette samsung pour filmer et je n'ai pas de pc. Je voudrais acheter une camera/appreil photo.

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    Ce genre de test comparatif, j'adore, tu peut en faire autant que tu veut, ça m'intéresse beaucoup.
    Ces marqueurs acryliques n'existe malheureusement pas dans mon Action.

    Pour les pointes grosses chez Action, il existe des pointe de remplacement pour les Posca (de large a fine), peut être seront elles compatible avec ceux de Action vu que c'est la même technologie? A vérifier peut être.
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    François Habran

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