Police Assault ► Payday Paintball | Scenario Paintball | Milsim | Adrena Fernão Dias

welcome back guys today’s game is the same mission from last week but my team is now the police the other team is inside for 5 minutes trying to fint the objective I’ve put the details of this mission on a pdf file that is on the description of you want to download like, comment and subscribe! If you would help me grow my channel, please tell a friend about it. helps me a lot! And… that’s it for now. Let’s go! watch the windows Quick note: Just happened this last sunday This huge event called The Division. With over 140 players. It was huge! and i’ve recorded all for you guys I’ll do my very best to put this game out for you guys next week! watcht out for this window cover Sanches cover me while I change my mag don’t get up he’s gonna shoot me! wan’t to go forward? lets go I think they are going to advance over there It’s crowded contact… 12 o’clock I think I got him Hit! that’s it for this week guys They were not able to complete the mission on the time limit for this mission See you guys next week!

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