Picking Paint Colors for our Pole Barn! – Mountain View

Picking Paint Colors for our Pole Barn! – Mountain View

All right, which color you like? Bring it over here and drop that first chicken in the garage that way you do this little jacket Basically don’t blame the other don’t try to get too much a watch I’ll just roll that out Light just dip it again. You know what they call it. You know what Peter they call when you miss a spot What holiday it’s a holiday if I put it on the holiday when we did that one? They spread it out There you go now. What color is this one-man? Tiki hot Now what is this color for let’s for the trend? How many colors? There’s your mother tested so far too many We just did kind of a family meeting here at the barn and we are trying to pick out colors to paint the barn once the exterior is finished we have eight colors up on our pallet and the boys, and I have narrowed it down to Three so we’re gonna I’m going to show you the colors and then you guys can kind of see where we’re going with the colors of our barn So the four colors that we have here on them on this wall are colors that we just recently picked out we have Tavern taupe a or taupe Portobello Tiki Hut Craftsman Brown and then this is our trim color which is a hunter green which Matches our doors And also some other accent colors on the barn follow me over here. We have or more coat. We have Liberty pewter HomesTead Brown Pewter Tankard aftershave, there’s our green again, so the boys and I have decided on three colors between pewter Tankard Tavern Tote for the Portobello so those are our three colors that we’re going to narrow it down to We are going to keep some of these colors on our walls We’ll show it to you, and we’ll get back to with what we decide to pick no holidays no holidays That’s a professional trick using the end of the roller see this right here to the shops out of the barn the whole thing Well, you don’t use a little use a little head on what you do is you spray it Yeah, we do each have one that goes four times. That’s if You’re working by the hour


  • Guy Lopes says:

    I like the green trim color, and I also like Tiki Hut. I'm not sure they go together well though. Anxious to see what you decide! Fun times…

  • A Pospical says:


  • Bob Fox says:

    I would choose the color that closest deflects the sun's rays during the summer.

  • wyattoneable says:

    So your down to paint colors. That's an exciting place to be in a build. It's a big structure so step way back and take a look from a distance before deciding. But regardless of paint, that's an awesome space!

  • justlooking2222 says:

    Which ever color makes it blend into the environment.

  • patriots1needed says:

    Exciting times. Looking great.

  • Carlson says:

    Portabello won't show the dirt. The barn is looking great!


  • George Clipner says:

    Is that painted on naked wood ? Will you be using some type of primer ? For example, if you use a primer that is white your color will be lighter in shade and maybe brighter. I think the two grey will give it a nice weathered patina look. Looking forward to the outcome.

  • Cool Hand Luke aka Sgt. Billy says:

    Blend, Blend, Blend. You want to make it part of the surroundings.
    I grew up with a big red barn and still like it for a farm or working ranch.
    Your choices are good. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
    Camp Cookie Bill K6WPL

  • Shortcoat studentFMF says:

    I just found your channel this morning and I haven't stopped watching. Great amateur radio vids! I wish I had time to call CQ these days. Great work, sir.

  • USNERDOC says:

    Picking Barn Paint Colors for Mountain View Ranch Pole Barn is not an easy task! Very exciting to finally be selecting paint colors!.
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