Photoshop Textures : Photoshop: Adding Wood Texture

Now let’s look at our settings for our fibers
filter that we’ve applied to this. As we can see here, we have our settings set up. And
we have a couple of things here. We have “Variance and Strength.” Now, you can hit “Randomize,”
and it will just, you know, run through here, and randomize the pattern just a little bit
more for you. So, you can always choose what it is that you like better. I think there
was actually one back there I liked a little bit better, but, as we keep going, let’s choose
this one. This one will be fine for me. Now what I want to do is, I want to set my variance
at sixteen. My strength, let’s set it up just a little bit more. Set it up not that high.
Let’s go around-let’s go around fourteen. There we go. Because the higher you go, the
more lines it’s really going to put in there. And it’s like, it depends on how grainy you
want your wood, depending on what kind of wood you’re emulating. Like, if you want to
get real high for some really close cut hard wood, then you can do that. Let’s-I’m going
to bring it down to about here. This looks good for me. Sixteen and sixteen. We hit “Ok.”
And there we go. As you can see, we have a lot of texture going on here in our fibers
filter that we just applied. So, let’s go up here, and you know what we’re going to
do? We’re going to pause right here for right now, and we’ll pick it up in the next part.

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