[Photoshop] – Can’t Paint With Colours [Fix]

Greetings and welcome to my Youtube channel,
it’s Elias Wick here today! Today I am going to show you how to fix the
issue in Photoshop where you can not paint in colours. So how do you fix that? So if I go here into the colour option here
and sort of want to paint with a green colour. Let’s select that, there we go and let’s click
OK. Now when I paint there is just this really
subtle gray colour in the background. Let’s show you something else. Let’s got to
some purple still nothing happens. and the way to fix this is very simple as
well. What you need to do is simply to go into options menu here, or to the top tabs
here. and you want to go to image, mode and you
want to change the mode from Grayscale to RGB Colour. It is going to enable your colours.
You can also do this by making a new image and you can then go to your colour mode right
here and change this to RGB colour. Now it should work! Thank you for watching the video, and if you
enjoyed it make sure to give the video a Thumbs Up and Subscribe for more content like this.
Have a good day.

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