Photomontage for painting

well hello there again I just I wanted
to share something with you you know sometimes you take a photograph and it’s
just not what you really want it’s just not enough and so sometimes you’ll have
to take several photographs and well then what I found is it’s awesome to put
them together now like this painting behind me the top part is Independence
Pass it’s that it’s just awesome it’s
beautiful down there and this was one of those firsts snows so it was just
beautiful to see the snow on the top and then this part is it steamboat and their
River along the bend I mean it was just beautiful so what I did is I had this
separate one for the mountain but then this one I put three different
photographs together and then I just simply painted from that and you can see
that I added some orange back there kind of reddish orange because it was gonna
go on my pumpkin wall and I wanted to have those colors in there so you can do
some neat things with photographs now I got to show you this one because this is
a one we just finished this one again this is three different pictures three
different little four by sixes and I taped them together because it just
wasn’t the right thing with my one photograph so I taped them all together
you see I’ve got eye stopper her over here eye stopper over her here with a tree on each
side you know you want to try to think what if you have eye Stoppers on each
side it makes you go in to your painting so this is what we have been painting in
a class and we’re just about done but I want to show you something that is
really neat to do and this will just I’ve got to work on those trees you have
got to work on some water down here you can use your little watercolor pencil
and to make them make the little water fluffing up just use watercolor pencil
and just roll it like that it’s amazing how it will bring it’s so simple to put
that up there and you know then I want to show you if you look down here you
can see there’s peach well in this mountain in this sky there was a tiny
bit of peach so you wet that with water and while it’s wet you take some of your
little bit of puppy little bit of your orange and make it really really watery
put just a streak across and then use your brush and just blend it and then I
need some more highlight on the top of these little clouds so I’m gonna go like
this and all I have to do is wet Pat and look how it brings the highlight on top
of those clouds maybe I want a little bit of highlight down here it’s awesome
what you can do with just touching up those watercolor with the watercolor
pencil and then then you can see I need to do some light over here on this tree
so I’m going to take my watercolor pencil just to kind of roll it around
and make it sharper how about that I think I’m about done with that – there’s
some dry brush stuff now I’ll set it up and you can bet as I said it up I’m
gonna find something else I wanted to change but I want to show you today what
I have chosen because I like doing things from a bunch of photographs this
is the one I’ve chosen but I like this little bit of red bush that’s in here so
I’m gonna add that right over here I’m gonna add some of that red and then this
has some awesome cloud I’m going to add some more cloud in there now look how
this has an eye stopper has to tree on the left it has this tree on the right
I’m going to change some of the color to make it a little bit brighter
I love the clouds that are in this thing in Colorado we have wonderful
wonderful clouds depending on what the days like but it’s beautiful against
that royal blue sky so what I did to get ready to do that I took my watercolor
paper and I wet it real good and then I stapled it on here and then I have let
it sit for 24 hours making sure it’s totally totally dry and then I’m gonna
come in here now you can see I have got a messy palette but that doesn’t matter
where I’m gonna I’m gonna put some sky up here one of the look at that I’m just
gonna make it blue you know what I’m gonna lay it down and you can watch me
and we’ll see what we can we’ll see what we can do here we’ll just get us a sky
guard one of the things about doing the sky and those eye stoppers on the side
those are so dark that it doesn’t matter at all you can just go right over the
top of that and it won’t matter a bit and so now I’m gonna take some cerulean some cerulean blue I’m gonna put it right at the top and I’m just gonna flip
that on there just really slop it on it’s good and wet and then I’m gonna
just let it run down so then I’m gonna pull my paper up and let it run okay and
then what I want to do is I want to put some clouds in there you know what I’m
gonna I’m gonna darken that up at the top I want that darker at the top so now
I’m gonna put in some ultramarine blue right at the top so that it runs down I
want that to run down good I want that to run down good now if I had mountains
here I would have been very very careful and I do have some distant mountains but
they’re far enough away this isn’t going to affect them all so now I’m gonna take
a little Kleenex and I’m gonna just roll it up just like this and I’m just gonna
take this and I’m gonna just pull this out we’re
gonna make some clouds up there just take that out and then we’ll know
probably come back in and we’ll add some more color but to make them shine and
then like I showed you in that other one we’ll put some bright bright bright
stuff right above it now I think I’ll just let that dry now while this is
drying I’m gonna come down here and work and you can see this this photograph
this is awesome how this thing has a road it’s a real good composition
because this road goes up here and it leads you right into the painting but
because this is wet up there you know what I’m gonna do you know
something that I love to use and I know this is this is something else but I
really like and you know I these are the cheap Joe watercolor paints out of my
tubes but today I’m gonna use some of his watercolor sticks one thing I like
about these they’re very very strong pigment now if you use the watercolor
stick and you use it when it’s dry it’ll make hard lines and they’re hard to get
out but if you use the watercolor stick with it being wet it’s amazing how you
can take that thing and just blend it all around so I’m gonna look at my
picture and I’m gonna use this and I’m gonna just slop some of this in there
don’t even have to be particular about it okay and then I’m gonna take my brush
and see I’ve got some of that blue on there it doesn’t even matter I’m gonna
just bling that out that road and those shadows are gonna lead us right into
that painting and I I’m gonna pick some other color in
here we’re gonna get some more we’re gonna get some more shadows oh my this
is this such fun I love doing this now I want you to see what I’m gonna do
with with this tree over here we got we got to start this tree you know I’m
gonna have to work on this well you’re not here and I don’t like to do that
because I would like to have you see the whole thing but eventually you’ll see
the whole thing so right now I’m using some ultramarine blue and I’m using some
Brown over here this is a burnt sienna I’m just getting an awesome awesome
color I want to have it brownish but with a touch of blue I like
I’ll tell you what the color that I use the most on my palette is cobalt blue I
use lots of cobalt blue because it just goes with lots of things it’s a good
channel now see this tree this tree is an awesome tree big big big thing and
see how it makes a canopy across the whole thing so it leads your eye right
into the middle that’s awesome so now I’m going to take this thing and
I’m gonna just I’m gonna kind of do an undercoat I’ll show you that because
then I’m going to come right on top of it with the brown right while it’s wet
we’re just gonna smear that thing on there and it will just look beautiful oh
my I wonder how old that tree is when we see those things oh my what grandma and
grandpa drove by this tree what farm was by this tree and watch the sunsets come
in the evening and go away and then morning another one would come and
they’d start a new day well many many years this this tree has been traveling
through our lifetime now I’m gonna know you’re gonna
use some of these sticks I want to give some texture in here so I’m gonna use
some of these sticks and just blend that and then I’m gonna come back in here and
I may end up using some of my my watercolor pencils to do that you know
almost anything you paint I want you to start looking at the the truck the
trunks the of the trees I want you to start looking and see how many colors
are in there there are so many colors in in a tree you just be amazed I’m gonna
use a little bit of gold here and I think what I’m gonna need to do is to
let that dry before I come in that then look we’ve got oh my this this this
shadow across here comes right across here and it’s so dark
oh my that big tree is making a big shadow across this road as it goes up
across the road well I’ll tell you what I think I need to work on some of this
and I want to show you next time what we’ve done because you’ll like it now I
want to tell you one of the things that I did that it’s it’s good you know you
have your I really like this Factis eraser because I drew that with I used
my pencil to draw that on there and then you’re you’re a eraser gets dirty do you
know the one of the best ways you can clean your eraser because you want to
keep your eraser clean if you can use a little fingernail file thing just a
little and to scrub it and you’d be amazed how you can get the bad stuff off
of there so that you can make a nice erase on your paper so that you feel
like your eraser is clean enough well I hope this will be a good thing for you
to remember for drawing your next landscape there’s so much out there to
drawing right beautiful beautiful colors to do it so
you see what you can find that you want to put on paper thank you for watching
bye bye if you enjoyed the video give me a like and I’d appreciate you
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