Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass Paints

Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass Paints

(♪♪♪) Pebeo’s Vitrea 160 Paints
were developed to mimic the look of true stained glass,
fused glass, and coloured glass, without the dangers
and difficulties of working with
those materials. Instead, the Vitrea 160 Glass
from Pebeo is simply baked in
a kitchen oven for permanence. Once baked, it’s permanent,
microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and safe for use
with solvents. Let’s take a quick look
at our colour chart here. The Vitrea 160 colour range
has a total of 30 colours. Of these 30 colours there
are 20 that are transparent, that there are
10 that are frosted. The frosted colours are
applied in a gloss appearance and they dry to
a frosted appearance. In addition there are
10 dimensional outliners. The dimensional outliners are
the same paint as you have in the bottled paint, but they’re in
a thicker viscosity. You simply apply the paint
through the applicator and it remains dimensional on the surface of the piece
that you are painting. In addition
we have four mediums, we have an iridescent medium,
a gloss medium, a frosted medium,
and a thinner. All of those are used
with the colours at the appropriate times. If you choose to paint
with the Vitrea 160 Paints, we would suggest that
you paint on a clear or transparent surface, because the colours
are so brilliant and radiant, so of course
it’s a good idea to choose something like a wine glass. Here I’ve prepared
a wine glass with a bit of rice to
hold my pattern in. Very easy to do work on glass
because you’re able to place a pattern behind the glass. I’m going to use the outliner. You simply squeeze
the applicator very gently for application. So I’m following my pattern
by placing circles directly over my grapes, and I’m gently
squeezing the outliner. This is a very quick process. If I were to continue, I would complete the entire
design around the glass, and then I would simply
go in with a little bit of the liquid paint and drop the paint right in
between the painted areas. We would recommend that
you allow it to dry between the first coat and the second coat
for about 10-15 minutes. In addition to this technique
we have a very fun technique called the Coulée
or the Drip Technique. With the Drip
or Coulée Technique, I’m using one of the mediums. I have filled these bottles
with 75% pure colour, and 25% of the thinner
or the diluent. With this process
the best thing to do is start with your dark colour, start at the base
of a wine glass, daiquiri glass, martini glass, any sort of shape
that you would like, and simply squeeze
and quickly move the paint along the glass. After you’ve made it
around one time with your first colour, you want to come back in
with your lighter colour and fill in the spaces
that you have left blank. Try to fill in as many of the
transparent areas as possible, leaving just a few behind. This makes
a very beautiful effect. If we were to
complete this process, I would allow
the paint to drip. Once it completed dripping,
I would clean up the edges and I would be left with
something very similar to this, a beautiful, intensely bright
martini glass for celebrating. Once this has been painted
we will then bake it in a kitchen oven. We will bake it according
to the instructions. Once it’s been baked
you simply remove it from the oven. You want to place it
in the oven when the oven is cool, you want to remove it
when the oven is cool. With the Vitrea
160 Glass Paints there are many opportunities to make beautiful
pieces for your home, or for gifts. As you see here our examples
are showing the beauty and the transparency
of the paints by placing a candle
inside a painted object or by placing
a lightbulb behind it. In addition it’s quite
beautiful to place pieces painted with Vitrea 160
in your windows to display
for your neighbours. We hope that you would
consider using Pebeo’s Vitrea
160 Glass Paints. They’re a lot of fun. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast


  • Lyndon Brown says:

    Thanks, that was informative.

  • Gyre Brillig says:

    What's the average oven temperature for making this art permanent?

  • Blick Art Materials says:

    @Xerock The oven temp should be 325 degrees. For more information on this product, go to the Blick web page: dick blick . com / products / pebeo – vitrea -160 /.

  • Lori Mittan says:

    What was the technique used on the mason jars displayed on the back self to get the full, even coverage. I have tried to do that project but always end up with drip marks.

  • Blick Art Materials says:

    @lorimittan For questions regarding techniques, it is best to contact our Blick product information team. They can be contacted by email at; info @ dickblick . com or toll free by phone 1-800-933-2542.

  • scribe712 says:

    Great ideas! Can't wait to try this!


    Nothing to do with the paint…but you have beautiful hair.

  • Me says:

    Hallo, is there any possibility to freeze the process of painting ( sledding moment), i don't want to let the color to go till the edge but also to not use less color.
    PS: i love your works , you have a great talent.

  • Deedee6828 says:

    is their a paint to crackle glass? I would like to crackle some champagne glasses.

  • Tootsie Sunshine says:

    can I use this technique on a bathroom sink? Please advise. I loved your video!

  • biryanikebab says:


  • Hanisha Patel says:

    dick blick told me that I can let the paint air dry instead of baking it. I'm applying the 160 paint very thinly and overly diluted to lightly tint some plexiglas. I'm scared to put the plexiglas in the oven. 

    can I let it air dry? 

  • Marianna Galea Xuereb says:

    Are these paints available by mail order to people in Europe, please?

  • Terry Harper says:

    Hi I wondered if you could re-bake these paints. Have you ever tried this? I have done my design, baked it for 40 mins and now want to add a bit more colour to part of it, so I would need to bake this on to the surface. Would the already baked section burn or change in any way?

  • fancynancyjw says:

    The dark gray background doesn't help see the martini glass or some of the items on the shelves.

  • Brian says:

    All I need to do is paint an eyebrow on my stained glass panel and it will be complete D:

  • Cathryn Choate says:

    By reading some of these comments i have learned that this paint does not have to be baked. I was wondering if anyone has tried using these on CD's? And how weather resistant would this paint be. Heat and Cold? Wind and Rain?

  • richa tandon says:

    plz dont bake it guys. I had done the same mistake and ruined my whole vase. It turned every colour into brown. i dont understand why they mentione it if its not suitable for baking. suck

  • Emily L. Phelps says:

    How do you best paint inside a mason jar with pebeo paints without it being streaky?

  • geetanjali sachdeva says:

    Which thinner have you used to mix in with the colour. Could you please tell.

  • Dudy Mosta says:

    hello, I want to color a candle holder. which version do you recommend, the frosted, or the gloss one?

  • Eaglesnest Woodandpottery says:

    We want to put a mask on a glass and laser an image into the mask to paint with this paint. Is there a recommended mask for use with the pebeo 160 paint?

  • clarence gaming says:

    From the comments below, Pebeo Vitrea 160 seem able air-dried.
    So how long does it takes to:-
    1) dry-to-touch
    2) and cures.

    3a) Can oil-based solvent paint be handbrushed over it?
    b) What about airbrush over it?

    4) Do u have video/images/paintings on Pebeo Vitrea 160 with Iridescent Medium added?

    5) Can Pebeo Fantasy Moon or Prisme used on Vitrea 160 or it has to be just Vitrail.

  • Sonali Shah says:

    what is the difference between pebeo transparent glass outliner vs pebeo cerne relief?
    I want to use it on wine glasses, which one should I buy? Thanks!

  • simplethingsbykathy1 says:

    Can Pebeo 160 just air dry for a few weeks or does it HAVE to bake in order for the paint to adhere. Baking 3000 martini's isn't something that I'm willing to do, but Liquitex Glossies have now been discontued and I"m not finding many other options.
    . Thanks in advance.

  • Willie Simpson says:

    great presentations, organized and professional- I'm going to try them. (your're a professional actress aren't you.. anyway great job

  • Bettyann Lemist says:

    I have the mother of all commissions, actually have been trying to talk him out of this but he is adamant that he wants me to do this…..shower doors…inside doesnt matter, but the outside is what he wishes painted with a large mural…this is a very large shower two pieces of glass, one moves one is stationary..I was thinking that stained glass paint was the way to go….?

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