Pebeo Vitrail Paint

Pebeo Vitrail Paint

(♪♪♪) Pebeo’s Vitrail
solvent-based paints were designed to mimic the look
of true stained glass, blown glass, or fused glass,
without the expense and difficulty of
working with those materials. The range of colours
are brilliant, intense, and very highly pigmented. There are 26 colours, four of which are
opaque in nature. In addition there is
a lightening medium and a glitter medium. To coincide with
those products there are seven
dimensional outliners called Cerne Relief that are used to place the
design on your glass piece. When working on
a piece of glass we recommend that
you first use a solvent to wipe off
any fingerprints. Secondly, it’s a good idea to
use a simple level to be sure that
your work area is very level, because the paints
are in fact very fluid and the paints will
run into the corner. To place the design
on your piece of glass you can place
a pattern underneath and then there are two means
to apply the design to the glass. One is by using
the actual self-adhesive lead strips that come in
a strip of actual lead. You simply cut this off, you remove
the adhesive backing, and you place it
firmly onto the glass, pressing it down to be sure
that it’s snug and secure. The second method to place
your design on the glass is by using
the Cerne Relief Outliner. You simply remove the cap
and you place your design on the surface of the glass. This will take about
10 minutes to dry before you add
the colour to the piece. Once you’ve
applied your design we will then take our colours and we will apply
the colour to the glass. Before you add the colour
it is a good idea to lighten the colour, and there are two ways
to lighten colour. The first is by adding white
to the colour that is existing from the Vitrail
solvent-based paint line. If you add white, that will increase
the opacity of the colour. Instead of adding white I have added the medium
called Lightening Medium. I’ve added approximately
50% medium to this lemon yellow colour, and as you can see
it’s still very very bright and intense in its pigment. You can apply the colour
either with an eyedropper, a brush, or a toothpick. Once I’ve applied
the colour completely I’m going to go in
with a technique that I call starburst, and a very small eyedropper. I will drop several drops of
a secondary colour in here, and with my toothpick tool
I will come in and I will drag
the colours out very simply to create what I call
a starburst effect. It’s very easy to create
marbleized effects as well by adding a bit of
white opaque colour, and that’s what I’ve done here
in these corners with a gold and a white. Once you’ve
completed your painting, you’re going to want to allow
this surface to dry for 6-8 hours before moving it,
as the paint will tend to shift. With the Vitrail
solvent-based paints you can create many
beautiful and brilliant pieces for your home. Take a look over here, we’ve created a pretty
stain glass effect lightbulb. You can simply
place this in your lamp, put a white lampshade on,
and you’ve created a stained glass effect piece
for your home. With Vitrail
solvent-based paints, the possibilities are endless
for creating beautiful, vibrant, intense pieces to place in
transparent locations in your home. Thank you much. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast


  • Arm Menon says:

    How do u shade using Pebeo Vitrail colours?Can I mix 2 colours?

  • krs krs says:

    hi I am looking for crystal effect glass paints. does Pebeo do crystal effect paints? thank you

  • M Zenaf says:

    it's not a good representation sorry :/

  • KonaSitkaRose says:

    I really like your presentation. I have made traditional stained glass which is so time intensive and leaves tiny cuts all over fingers and must be very careful to clean up any tiny pieces of broken glass. So I am loving the possibilities with your product.

  • Tina Rideout says:

    bought these……….they are thick and do not spread well……added the lightner………was very oily did not mix well…

  • Cyanoxic Rose says:

    So I have some of these paints and I am trying to tint glass. I have heard of people using these with acetone, nail polish remover, and mineral spirits. My results have come up spotty and not smooth as I would want. Does anyone have some sort of magic formula that works? I succeeded one time but there was not enough solution to coat the glass.

  • Rahul Jinralkar says:

    To the point video … thanks

  • Willie McCowan says:

    Im looking for the heavy outliners to use on projects. I will be using the Pebeo paints   Where can I find them. I live in Allentown pa 18103    Also do you have any catalogs that I can get mailed to me.   Willie D. McCowan  2880 W. Emaus ave.  Apt. 207  Allentown Pa 18103

  • G Davis says:

    very nice presentation! easy to follow..

  • Rob C says:

    Thankyou, I like it . Cheers Rob

  • Jane Vincent says:

    Very helpful as I just bought some Vitrail. XOXOJane

  • yandrsupreme says:

    AT LAST!!! Back in the 80's, you could easily purchase solvent based glass paints that simply air dried, and were completely transparent, and then for some reason, you couldn't buy them anymore.. it was all this translucent bullshit that you had to bake in the oven.

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