Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Markers

(♪♪♪) Pebeo’s Porcelaine
150 Markers were developed to complement the range of
Pabeo’s Porcelaine 150 Paints. This is the range of paints
that are baked in an oven to become permanent, then they are permanent,
microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and safe for use with solvents. The range of
Pebeo’s Porcelaine Markers are water based, non toxic,
they are perfect for writing and for drawing on
serving pieces, china pieces, something that is made of
terracotta, tile, glass, and even metal. The range of
Porcelaine 150 Markers comes in two different tips,
tip sizes. The first is
the Bullet sized tip, and this is a felt tip that
you may be accustomed to. This tip is terrific because
it’s perfect for use with children, somebody who’s not
comfortable with a paintbrush, or anybody who wants
to try something new. So, you simply take this,
and you paint directly or write directly
on the surface, once the surface
has been cleaned with either rubbing alcohol
or a window cleaner to be sure that
any fingerprints have removed. You simply write directly
on the surface. You pump
the marker periodically to get the paint to flow. It flows very nicely. One is able to colour
in large areas or to write very easily
in smaller areas. The Bullet tip marker applies
the colour very very smooth and evenly, so the colours lay very nicely
on the porcelain surface or china surface. After I’ve completed use
with my Bullet tip marker, I’m going to pull out
the Fine Tip felt tip marker. Here is the marker, and this tip is
actually a plastic tip. If you look very closely here,
it allows the paint to flow in a very very fine line. So, this marker allows someone
to come in and add very tiny details to
a piece that you’re painting. The great thing about
the Fine Tip marker is that it enables someone
to write very tiny as well as add
very small details. If you look over here
at this fun mug, this is a great gift
for a teacher or a coach, you can see that we’ve used
the Fine Tip marker for the kids to sign
the marker for their coach. Over here the marker was used
to have a nice little poem around the perimeter of
a plate that would be great
for grandmother. Also here, a little gift
for your grandma. My favorite use of
the Fine Tip marker is for the wedding platter. The wedding platter is
a gift you can give the bride and groom, you simply leave a marker
at the wedding entrance. Everybody can
write a greeting, something nice to say. Once this platter
has been baked, it can then be presented to
the bride and groom as a nice remembrance of
their special day. With the Porcelaine
150 Paint Markers you are able to create
very exciting, personalized gifts
to give to your friends and family. Have fun painting. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

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