Peaks of Otter Painting by Award Winning Artist Kendall F. Kessler

Hello, I am Kendall Kessler and I’m an
award-winning professional artist. Here’s my latest work and my special
promotion. This is Paris joy, another one of my skyline Beauty paintings. I have been to
Paris twice and it truly is a joyful City. I captured that beauty and
energy with the brushwork and the strong vibrant color. My family and I recently
got back from a Peaks of Otter trip and so now I really I’m into some good ideas
I got from that trip. This is Sharp Top Glow a view of Sharp Top
from across the lake. I am real pleased with how this is turning out. This is probably
the last layer. I’m not positive. I’m going to slowly move over here. I am real
pleased with the sales of my husband’s book Fiddling at Midnight Farmhouse. This
is the cover illustration. A lot of patrons have contacted me to tell me how
much they like the book. And this is my best-selling Peaks of Otter painting,
Clouds Swirl over the Peaks of Otter. Right now at Fine Art America you can
get a large canvas print of this painting at 40% off with a 30-day
money-back guarantee that includes the shipping fee. Thank you for watching. The links to the artwork
are in the description.

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