Part 5: Glazing and make the painting more vivid – Oil Painting Multilayer method

Part 5: Glazing and make the painting more vivid – Oil Painting Multilayer method

Note: this part is only available when the lower layer is completely dry First, I apply Sap Green a thin layer. If you look at the white lilies, you will notice that there are some parts that are green. Those are the parts that need to be green cover up all the parts that you think reflects green ( the vase ) You should use a soft bristle brush After you’re done with the sap green, use white to correct the highlights, …and add more details I used Terre Vert Green color to paint on the dark areas of the leaves to add details Here I used Sienna and orange for the light and dark parts of the stamens. After adding all the necessary details, I used Transparent Orange to cover the flowers in the dark When I finished glazing, I have very beautiful lilies, petals are not opaque. Although not too many details, but the overall of the oil painting look very real. So for a five-part video series, I introduced you to the multi-layered oil painting process. This is how we create beautiful, high quality pictures. If you have any questions, please leave a message. See you in the next series. Please follow my youtube channel to catch up. Thank you! You


  • Burak says:

    Nice! I usually work alla prima but you really inspired and couraged me to try glazing method again. Will you make another glazing tutorial like that?

  • Ольга Хайлина says:

    Спасибо! Лилии просто шикарные, а уроки очень подробные и очень полезные, у нас мало информации по многослойной живописи, Вы очень щедрый человек, если делитесь своим опытом и знанием бесплатно, еще раз – огромное спасибо!

  • лидия diaveLiHer says:

    Огромное спасибо ! Красвые цветы !

  • ncaoai47 says:

    Very good technical Oil Painting. Thank You !

  • Art House says:

    Amazing! I cant wait what you will do next 🙂

  • Neal Art Studio says:

    Excellent work 👍👌👌💕

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