Paletteful Packs · April Prompt · Posca Pen Geometric Toucan ·

Paletteful Packs · April Prompt · Posca Pen Geometric Toucan ·

G’day art adventurers. My name is Christopher. Welcome or welcome back to my channel. Today, we are going to be drawing and painting – I’m not sure which word to use – a geometric toucan. Geometric is the week three prompt word for powerful packs in April. And these Posca pens, and the wood panel, are also supplies from the April box. I’ll put a card up over there to the unboxing video where you can see all the things that I’ve received. But, these are the main goodies. I start off by just blocking out some colors. There’s some faint pencil work that I’ve placed onto the wood. I just used a graphite pencil. And then I used a kneaded eraser to lighten it. So I’m not sure if the line work shows up at all on the camera. It’s pretty faint by the time I go in with the pasta paints. This is the first time I’ve ever painted on wood, and the second time only I’ve used Posca pens to create a piece of art! I’ve got one other gold Posca pen that I’ve used to make some greeting cards, or for lettering and fun things like that. But, I’ve never made a proper serious piece of art with Posca’s until I’ve made this spaceman here, which was so fun! And also weirdly it’s the first piece of art that I made where I decided I liked it better in a different orientation. So first of all, I painted it this way and finished it and thought it was done this way. And then later on, I placed it like this, and I liked it so much better this way. So that’s a little interesting tidbit. I don’t know – have you guys ever had that happen before? Let me know in the comments below if you’ve completed a painting, and then you realize it should be the other way around! But, I digress. So, I block in colours for the toucan. Here’s the finished piece here. I block in the main colors of the toucan, and that’s really pop arty, and bold and punches out at you! Which I was going for, but I also knew from the start that I wanted a softer approach for the background. And when I did this spaceman painting and I did the planet I added in water and got some lovely kind of blooming effects and kind of spreading out of the paint. And so I wanted to try to explore that more and I saw that the YouTuber “Hullo Alice” did a similar thing in her unboxing video for Paletteful Packs. And so, I wet the wood first then I started punching down with the Poscas, just to lay down some dabs of paint to see what would happen. It worked okay, so then I just started really scribbling geometric shapes, and I added in lots of different colors. I didn’t just want straight green obviously – The background wouldn’t have a nice kind of merging effect if I did that. So I started with yellows, because I knew that would be the lightest base color, and then I added pale blues and put in some darker blue areas, and then the greens before adding more water as you can see here to mix things around a little bit. I really loved how it turned out! It’s a little bit risky though – the paint has a tendency to kind of bleed into the wood grain and even just using the Poscaa Pens directly that happened at times – particularly with the red – I’m not sure why. So I would probably recommend that you get some gesso and gesso the wood first if you haven’t already started Then leave that for 24 hours, and then begin to start. But you can sort of get by okay – Well I did anyway – by just going straight into the wood with the Posca pens. And you know, this is why Posca pens -what one of the reasons – why Posca pens are so fun and so cool is that they’re acrylic paints. They will paint on to all sorts of different surfaces – Including wood, and metal, and plastic, and all sorts of stuff! So if you’ve only ever used them on paper – like I had – I really encourage you to branch out and try them on something new because this was so much fun. I had a blast, and I’m hoping I’ll explore this sort of thing a little bit more because it’s actually pretty quick. I’ve finished the whole painting part in something like 40 minutes. So that was really fast for me. The drawing of course took longer. So maybe another half an hour for the drawing on top of that. I also – as you saw there – decided to paint the sides of the the wood panel as well. I think that’s a really cool effect to have a seamless kind of wrap around all the way. Oh, I also forgot to talk about the branch that the toucan is sitting on. I wantws darker colors for that So I used a ceramic palette to mix in blue and red to get a purple. And then added some black to darken things a little bit. There was a happy accident during the painting of the branch where you can see on the the right side – See the Paint merges down and drips into the grains of the wood, but I kind of thought it looked like mossy vines growing off from the branch, so I kind of played into it and amplified a little bit rather than trying to cover it out. And I I quite like it. I enjoy it. I didn’t know if it translates well to everyone else, but I think it leaves a cool effect, and The focal point is the bird anyway, so I don’t think it really matters that much if it just looks a little bit odd and merged with the background. I mean if the branch looks a little bit merged together with the background. So yeah, that’s pretty much it for this piece. There’s a lot of touching up to get the colors in the right place – well actually just a little bit of touching up. I shouldn’t say a lot. And then I decide to go and outline everything with both the fine black pen and the brush pen. I had quite a few challenges with the fine black pen. It’s a plastic nib and it’s quite firm and it tended like the red Posca pen to spread into the grains of the wood and also to kind of splatter out the black sometimes. So it was a little touch-and-go in some parts, and I made a couple of errors, but fortunately, I was able to cover it up with the brush. For some reason the brush worked a lot smoother for me anyway, and it didn’t tend to go into the wood grains as much. Again, all of that could have been avoided if I had added some gesso I think. So I really recommend if you’ve got the box, and you haven’t already started on your wood panel, and you own some gesso – why don’t you try that? I think you can get by without the gesso, but it really helps – or probably it should help – because I didn’t actually try it. It’s just my guess. So yeah, that’s pretty much it for this piece. Once I’ve got the blacks down I’ve finished this little toucan. He’s got a nice little pseudo geometric feel to him, and it’s kind of mixed in with a pop up feel. I hope that you’ve enjoyed watching this little art adventure! Don’t forget: Subscribe, Like, and leave me a comment down below to tell me what you think of this art piece, or this Paletteful Packs box for April. Take care. Byeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


  • aartadventure says:

    Have you ever painted on wood, or used Posca Pens? I had so much fun with this Paletteful Packs box!

  • bwcummins says:

    The way those background colors blended with water – Amazing!

  • April Rains Fine Art says:

    I love this piece, especially the distinction between the toucan and that lovely soft background. It works really well together.
    I don't think I've ever re-oriented a piece before… But I'm the kind of person who might be bothered by it not being the 'right' way up since it wasn't my original intent. I'm not sure. I'm not particular about pretty much anything except random little things like that. (Probably because something has to be in order to offset the rest of the chaos lol) I like the new orientation of your astronaut though!

  • Arts by Jojo says:

    I love how this piece of art came out! I never used this pop-art style but maybe I‘m going to try it at some point of time. I soon graduate from school and then make a gap year and I want to concentrate on art and youtube! I bought some wooden panels some time ago but haven‘t come around to use it yet.

  • David Soekana says:

    Great presentation and tutorial! Love to watch this video👍👏👌

  • Michele Sharp says:

    A beautiful piece. I like how the branch bled into the background. It's amazing how well the Posca pens blend with water. Loved the effect on the globe previously. Almost at 500😀🎉💕

  • Dehi's Craft says:

    So beautiful friend 🤝🔔👍…can u plz….

  • Ononto Drawing Academy says:

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    Wonderful! Great use of your color palette. 🙂

  • Tracy Knits says:

    Your toucan is wonderful Christopher! I really like the soft background and the technique 🙂

  • Ella Pesonen Art says:

    Love the toucan! I have been meaning to paint one for ages haha.

  • Diane Thoroughman says:

    I really like your toucan. I painted on the black panel with my posca pens. However, I am not going to use them on my wood panel. I ordered some transparent watercolor ground so that the grain of the wood will show through when I use my watercolor paints on them. I am not sure what I am going to paint yet, but I have a few ideas. I might end up going with something totally different though, lol. I might buy some gesso and more wood panels to try and use the posca pens on one of them. I loved your video.

  • Katie’s Art says:

    Amazing drawing! You’re so talented 💕

  • hanover fist says:

    I DO like the branch and that you outlined everything…you did a really neat job!

  • hanover fist says:

    I am excited to see what is in the box even before it gets here… 😀

  • CY art says:

    Good video ^^ my friend !

  • Artemystik says:

    I love how your toucan turned out!! This looks awesome! I've used acrylic paint on wood, but I've never tried a posca pen..i love how bold and bright it is, and really like the effect of lining it too. Awesome piece!!! 👍👍💜

  • Draw with Jonny says:

    I enjoy watercolour on birch plywood my friend, you did a fantastic job thanks for sharing this 😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    Wonderful painting. Great job with the new medium. Just found you and now I have to subscribe.

  • Jeremiah T says:

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    Supported,Big like👍👍
    Thanks for sharing this amazing video. Checked ur some of the videos and I can say u r doing really well.
    Hope you check my channel once.
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    Love the mixture of styles. Mind blown.

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