Palette Knife Paint Breaks for Beginner Mountains

Palette Knife Paint Breaks for Beginner Mountains

hey guys Wild4Games here for you
today I’m going to show you something that a lot of beginners have a lot of
trouble with how to get your paint to break when doing a mountain let’s get
started okay just a heads up this is a beginner’s tutorial to how to do paint
break so I’ll do an advanced one later on but this is just to get you guys to
stop treating your paint like it’s butter or jam on toast we’re going to
get away from the Smashing aspect and start working on the paint breaking so
most you guys are probably used to something just like this this is one of
my first paintings what happens is your paint doesn’t glide off so you kind of
get a little frustrated and you start pushing harder which basically just
smooches the paint into the mountain and you kind of get just these slides of
paint that don’t really look like anything but after much practice you
eventually start learning how the feel and flow goes and you start getting more
and more breaks as you go I learned a lot of things by just doing it over and
over and I want to share my secrets with you one of the first things to do is not
use this palette next it’s a great pallet knife but it’s an advanced pallet
knife what I recommend is actually picking up a pallet knife just like this
this is the smaller palette knife it’s an artist’s lost knife I’ll put it down
in the description below the difference between this one and the
other one is the bob ross knife is basically what that is a knife it’s very
sharp where the artists loft knife is actually rounded at the edge it allows
the actual tea to flow off whereas the bob ross knife you’re basically gliding
and cutting it off so pick up this knife if you can it’s about three to five
bucks at your local craft store that’s my first tip so now that we got that out
of the way let me show you how we’re going to actually cut our paint because
there are some techniques that will help you if you are a beginner let me show
you that so Mountain bricks are one of the
toughest things to do and that’s because we’re kind of told the wrong way of
approaching it if you’re already good at mountain dew you only need a thin roll
of paint but a lot of us aren’t starting there so I recommend doubling or even
tripling your amount of paint that you’re going to need what you need to do
is flatten out all your paint on your palette and go across with a nice
thick-cut this is a great starting off point for a beginner to speed up the
process I went ahead and applied magic wipe to a canvas and dropped in a basic
sky with say low blue paint I also added a mountain because we’re going to need
some kind of base make sure your mountain color is obviously darker than
any other color going to use this will help you practice now that we got our
Mountain in place let’s take our triple thick roll of paint that we were talking
about earlier and put it on our knife this will allow us to take our palette
knife and jiggle it to the top of the peak this will ensure that the paint is
actually already grabbing something once it’s grabbing just let the knife flow
down you’re going to get very strong snowy top Peaks which is some minor
bricks but this is a great starting point continue the process all the way
through your Peaks until you feel comfortable don’t really worry about the
lay of the land just yet we’ll cover that in another video just concentrate
on getting the paint to actually break across the knife and allowing it to flow
smoothly once you have all your highlights laid in practice on your
shadow side all I do is take a mixture of titanium white and phthalo blue and
leave it Marbley as I go again just concentrate on getting the flows of the
breaks don’t worry if you actually get a mountain to take shape
if any of your shadows went over across your highlights go back with some
titanium white and just touch them up it’s really easy just glide across with
a very very soft touch and the paint will grip on and form that mountain for
you once you have the mountain the way that
you like it go ahead and finish it off by tapping in the bottom of the base and
then feathering it up to create a nice little distant effect let’s do our
second one now that we understand the doubling and tripling of our roll let’s
talk about another aspect that’s going to make our highlights stick even better
and it starts with our mountain when you’re putting in your mountain you want
to make sure that you grind out all the excess colors that you’re not going to
need and when you pull down on the gradient you get it nice and smooth this
will allow the actual highlighted color to stick better because it will be able
to stick to a thinner coat of paint as opposed to a very thick globby paint
when you have globby paint your highlights just slide across
nothing grass so make sure you put in that mountain on a nice thin push coat
and let the gradient actually feather out let’s switch sides here for a second
I want to show you actually how the paint is gliding across when you take
your palette knife with whatever roll you feel comfortable with make sure you
apply just small pressure when starting take the knife up to the very peak of
the mountain and jiggle it on this will allow you to actually grab the peak of
the mountain and thus you can just allow the weight of the blade to come across
the more weight the more smooth the snow is going to look the less pressure the
more gaps you’re going to get don’t be afraid if the knife jumps off the canvas
just slowly reapply it having gaps is what creates character within that
mountain when you feel comfortable just repeat the process just keep letting the
nice glide across and let it grab what the canvas wants to grab don’t feel like
you have to let the actual highlight fill in the whole mountain some parts of
the paint will look best when you leave actual gaps so don’t be afraid to leave
gaps when you feel all good about it still in the opposite side with your
shadow color again a marbly color of phthalo blue and titanium white well
from here the next step is just practice practice practice go ahead and keep
putting in mountain try to work your way from a level 3 roll to a level 2 to a
level 1 and then switch back over to the Bob Ross knife and then start over again
working from a level 3 to level 2 to level 1 you’ll be surprised when you
master mountains how much you do with very very little paint it took me a long
time and I still struggle with it at times but it’s funded practice so I hope
this helps you guys out a lot well there you go that’s the best way I found out
how to do mountains with gaps and getting the paint’s to break it’s not
easy but these are some good tips and tricks to help you get started I’ll do
another advanced tutorial maybe later down the line but this is a good
starting off point for a lot of you you guys have any questions or concerns lay
a comment down there below if you guys want to follow me on the social media
there it is alright down there but there’s a few more videos you like
check out for me there over there to the right you guys do you like this video go
ahead and give it a nice thumbs up I’ll see you guys in the next one I love
doing all these painting ones to check you later


  • Jamie Xavier says:

    You know you can sign up to be a Ross instructer on line

  • dave schmit says:

    cool, man

  • John Nelson says:

    Finally! I found an excellent video on using the palette knife; the same kind of palette knife I use. You have no idea how long it took to find this one. Thank you so much. I do have the Bob Ross palette knife; I'll have to try out the one you suggested first.

  • MrKrenath says:

    Wild, you can get an even better break if you don't put your finger down on the blade. Give it a try. (Red). 🙂

  • stephen deese says:

    This was SUPER helpful. Thank you so much for making this great video. PLEASE MAKE THE ADVANCED ONE YOU MENTIONED!!!!

  • zofoblues says:

    Hi Wild. Ty for sharing your skills.

  • mds525700 says:

    This might sound crazy but when doing a mountain on a black canvas liquid white looks spectacular on a mointain.

  • Eustace says:

    I tried to make my own palette knife using some plastic pieces it works great also…

  • B Man says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I was struggling until I used the smaller knife and I'm now a happy painter.

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    Thank You mate! So helpful makes everything clear, i'm glad! You have one more follower.

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    Thank you! The practice paid off! Mountains are now one of my favorite subjects to paint!!!😊😊🎨🎨

  • John Wyatt says:

    So, I was pretty much doing everything wrong except not using the Bob Ross palette knife. I would probably HAVE the Bob Ross knife if they sold it in my area but they don't lol. Anyway, I think my biggest mistake is using too much paint for the actual peaks. Gonna practice later, thank you. This was very helpful.

  • Brent Nicol says:

    Hi there. Just subscribed to your channel after watching this. That type of pallet knives is not available in Cape Town. Only the plastic type. Still searching to find one. Thank you for the tips. Love it.

  • Absolute Genius says:

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  • Nick says:

    I'm very new to painting and I can't express how glad I am to have seen your videos. They are always well constructed and to the point, and offer a lot of information that you simply can't get from watching a Bob Ross television special.
    I rarely sign into YouTube but I thought you should know you're doing a great job. Thanks again.

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    Can you make a canvas vs canvas board/panel video and or how to paint on a canvas panel 🙂

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  • jeroen jeffrey says:

    Nice video. Do you have a link where i can buy the knife on the internet? I can not find it in the shops.

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    Very helpful video!

  • 420jdank says:

    Another great tip is, you must have very dry paint in order to get it to "break" you can dry you paint by letting it sit on a piece of card board for 20 minutes or so. The cardboard will soak up the excess oil and the paint will be dry. It also helps to put you card board pallet in the freezer for a few minutes also with the paint on it. I promise if you have dry paint to start with, it will be a lot easier to get it to "break". Of course using the tips in the video will help tremendously as well, but if your still having trouble, try what I mentioned.

  • S. Liston says:

    Thanks' for the tips, I've just started painting and I'm confident painting sky, tree's, and water, but mountains are a problem, I'll use your tips next time around.

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    Thanks a lot man! You don't know how much I was frustrated by trying to break the paint and getting butter in return. God blesses you! 🙏

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    Yet another awesome tutorial, but I have a question from it: ON this video it looked to me as though your Titanium White was much thinner than the one I use. I have the Bob Ross Titanium White and it is very "Dry" right from the tube. I was wondering if you use a different brand, or thin yours maybe with liquid white? Is it ever helpful to thin it? The tube I am using is almost used up, I will be opening another one that is also Bob Ross brand, perhaps I will find my first tube was defective. What do you say? Thanks for all you are doing.

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