Painting with Watercolor : How to Add Extra Color to a Watercolor Painting

Painting with Watercolor : How to Add Extra Color to a Watercolor Painting

Hi! I’m John Junger. I do the paintings
that we’re going to be talking about, the watercolors. I’m here representing
I’m laying in a little heavier more___ colors to give you a little more feeling of contrast
between what’s in the foreground and the background. As you can see, the brush strokes
are not spreading out. They’re still spreading out, but they’re not spreading out like
they were earlier. This would be like an under painting, as far as the detail in it. Again,
I’m getting a little more contrast in my brush strokes and what I’m laying down.
If you’ve been out in the fields and seen that the fields are not one color. There is
a variety of colors in everything. Little violets, little things happening in the field
where you need a little more shade. There are little more textured. Sometimes, they’ve
gotten to the point where they’re turning brown, where part of it is still green. So,
a monotonic kind of painting, with just one color value, is very boring. If you look at
the fields, look at the trees, and look at face, you see many colors. You have to use
your imagination a little bit. Mother nature is really wonderful that way. There’s not
one flesh color; there’s not one tree color, and that’s kind of object to companies putting
a paint called flesh tone. Well, it is a flesh tone, but it’s only one of them. I think
it gives the novice the idea of they can just put that down, and they won’t have to mix
up a flesh tone, which is very difficult. I think I would leave that go right now for
my washes on this. I would want to work dry into dry.

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  • rwehrhart says:

    Watercolors may not be for you… all the secrets of the aquarelle universe may not be revealed in one YouTube video, unless you want some really rough paintings… I guess for you and those of your ilk this is pearls (of wisdom) before swine…

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