Painting with Fire: The Art of Chris DeRubeis

Painting with Fire: The Art of Chris DeRubeis

I’ve been basically painting my whole
life, since I was a child. I had an interest for it since the third grade, actually, and basically fell in love with it from there and then everything just escalated, you know, over time into what I do today. The only thing that art school really
taught me was it was stuff that’s already been done and and things that were already being taught and other things that other people were doing. What I was really trying to achieve was to create something just out of this world different than anyone has visually seen before. I just like playing with fire and chemicals and I thought it would be something cool so I started mixing different cocktails. There was nothing, nothing that I did that was taught in any art school or basically bending the
rules of what people thought art was I think I took it to that next limit the
next level of creating something just straight out of my head and experimenting with things that people normally don’t do or use to create art. I prefer metal because it’s the foundation of my art that creates a sculpture and an art form like no other. It actually comes to life. When people look at my images on metal it looks as if it’s moving from different directions, from side to side and creates
the depth that I couldn’t get from painting on canvas . I use different power tools, grinders, sandpapers to use different abrasions to apply to the metal to get different effects. You’ll see throughout
my pieces they’ll look a lot different from piece to piece depending on, you know,
what technique I’m using and what power tool or hand tool I’m using as the
abrasive to apply to the metal. Once I’m finished applying my first stages of paint, then I apply the fire which everyone’s intrigued about. I love lighting it on fire—it gives such a texture and a different element to the
piece that you can’t do without lighting it on fire. Once the fire is done and finished, you’ll see the texture, it looks like stone or marble effects to the paintings that you’ll see in my abstracts and backgrounds of other visual pieces of mine. After that point, I’ll start to apply more layers of paint
in different variations and colors and layering and as I build those paints up,
the color intensifies and gets deeper and brighter which you’ll see in
my images. When I first started painting like this, I was trying to come up with a name that fit. I finally realized I just had the perfect name and I titled my artwork Abstract Sensualism®.


  • Ali Malik says:

    next week

  • ضباب رجل says:

    واااو مبدع بحق👍

  • Lida Sandera says:

    fantastic! I do have 2 painings by Mr. Chris DeRubeis and I love them !!!
    Lida Sandera

  • Bev Healey says:

    That's incredible. Would love to see it in person.

  • john hunter says:

    I had the pleasure of having dinner with Chris last year having just bought a few of his pieces in Carlsbad.
    Not only is he obviously a very talented guy he is genuine, down-to-earth & interesting to chat with. I really enjoyed hearing his story & sharing in his journey.

  • Theresa Doris says:

    I have 3 paintings and still love to look at them every day…. Amazing artist and person

  • Randy Roosekrans says:

    We just purchased 4 DeRbeis pieces from Park West last week. Cannot WAIT for them to arrive and brighten up the spots that we have picked out for them!

  • Natasha Roosekrans says:

    We just purchased a few pieces of his. Can't wait to get them. We love his work.

  • Zachary Fairthorne says:

    First time I saw his artwork I was a major fan. The way the painting has its own life is amazing. Also to see others on here saying he is grounded is even more awesome. Chris your work is intense. Love it all.

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