Painting With All The Colours!  · The Final Few Paintings in the Limited Palette Challenge

Painting With All The Colours! · The Final Few Paintings in the Limited Palette Challenge

Hello my loves and welcome back to what I
think will be the very last of these limited palette painting videos as we come to our
last few colour schemes. As with the last couple of videos in this
series, this one is sponsored by Squarespace, so huge thanks to them, if you’re looking
to build a website, Squarespace is the all-in-one platform to deliver that. Now, I’d been looking forward to this last
leg of the journey, because we’re getting to the earthier, less saturated colours, which
I’m really loving at the moment, browns and greys and dirty greens. This first palette was probably the most mixed
in different hues, but still had some good harmony with all the colours being quite muted,
and all in all, I thought they went really well together. These colours instantly shouted out to me
as an autumnal woodland scene. I had no idea how I’d do that in a simplistic
way, and in hindsight, I wish I had approached it a little differently, probably by starting
from the back and working my way forward, rather than what I’m doing here and starting
with the foreground. I think that overcomplicated things a bit
and I had trouble getting good variation between the lighter and darker values. I imagined the painting getting lighter and
mistier as the trees receded back into the distance, but because I started with my darkest
and most opaque colours… I don’t know, I think I just got it the
wrong way round. I think it would have been easier to start
lighter and work my way in to darker colours. Also, and I think I mentioned this in one
of the previous videos- the last one actually with the swamp- I’m still tending to go
in a little too thick instead of relying on layering, and that gives me a blotchy and
streaky finish that I don’t love. Despite all that, this one was really enjoyable
process-wise, I’ve had so much fun throughout this whole experimental colour journey, just
relaxing and trying whatever I want to try without worrying too much about how it’ll
turn out. One thing I loved about these particular colours
in the Holbein watercolour range, is just how opaque they can get, especially that chalky
green and the ‘Mars Voilet’ which kind of reminds me of earth or clay. Next up, these colours again just instantly
dictated what they wanted to be. As soon as I saw them, I thought of a canyon,
a rocky kind of desert scene like you’d see in Road Runner. I actually can’t get over how much I love
all the of the colours in these last set of paintings. Thanks again to Oto Kano for sending me these
paint samples, it’s really helped me make my mind up about which ones I’ll be investing
in in the future! Which ones I’ll get the most use out of. So, I was a bit more considered with this
one, a common theme in these videos has been my increasing confidence from one painting
to another. I wanted to emulate some of the feeling of
my glacier painting earlier on in the series, with those geometric shapes and that almost
splintering of the rocks, but for some reason, I just couldn’t get that technique back
as successfully this time, like I forgot how to do it until near the end of this painting. By the way, thanks so much for the feedback
on my last video, I was so thrilled to see just how appreciative people were to discover
new channels and new resources. I’m thinking I might have to make that a
regular thing, because I’m constantly stumbling upon new artists and art information that
I want to share, so maybe I’ll add a kind of spotlight segment to the end of one or
two videos each month. I’d make it a dedicated video each month
but then I think I’d feel too much pressure to find things to love, and that’s not quite
as fun. Now this was a nice and quick one, I think
it took about ten minutes altogether. These colours made me think of a bleak moorland. Like those grey, foggy damp expanses of british
countryside. They’re not always grey and gloomy obviously,
they’re quite rich with nature and wildlife, but in these colours, I saw something more
muted… like what you’d see in those old books and films like Jane Eyre or Great Expectations. Bleak and unforgiving. I actually think this one turned out more
lively than I wanted it to, if I were to do it again, I’d have things wash into each
other a bit more. I was kind of going for a Turner-like style
for this one with blurred lines and just a wet look to it all, but I think somewhere
along the way, my controlling nature kicked in and I started trying to achieve crisp lines
and balanced shapes. I do like the finished result, its just not
what I’d imagined! And finally, I used these greys and browns
to paint a mountain scene with really simplistic shapes of trees. I wouldn’t say that I was running out of
ideas at this point, but looking back, I do wish I’d done something a bit more original,
I think this composition is something you see quite often. Other than that though, it was another peaceful
and enjoyable process, thanks in large part to all your music suggestions from last time,
and a satisfactory end to what has been a nice little personal project. I don’t mind that these paintings don’t
fit neatly into my body of work, they’re just colour and style experiments after all. And I’m working to not push so hard to define
my artistic style, and just let it happen organically, as I always preach on this channel
anyway. I did toy with the idea of selling these as
a set of prints or postcards, just because aesthetically they are nice and satisfying
to look at all lined up as you’ll see later, but I think if I was meant to sell them, I
wouldn’t have such a hard time figuring out that I wanted to sell them, if that makes
sense. Not everything has to be a product after all,
and I only want to add things to my shop that I really love and that I’m really proud
of. It was so much fun doing these paintings and
I’m so grateful to have a following that not only allow me to experiment and mess about
with my art, but are actually genuinely interested in that side of things as well, so thanks
for joining me for these videos. I’ve compiled them all into a playlist so
you can see the full journey and maybe even try something similar yourselves. Massive thanks again to Squarespace for sponsoring
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for 10% off your first website. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see
you soon for the next video. Bye!


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