Painting with Acrylics : Blocking Color In Acrylic Painting

Painting with Acrylics : Blocking Color In Acrylic Painting

So now we’re going to get to the fun part
and we are going to start mixing the colors. I’ve taken my colors and as you can see I
laid them out on the plate here and now I’m going to dip a medium size brush and start
mixing. I’m going to look at my grapefruit here and see sort of what color I want the
main color to be, that is probably going to be the most paint that I’m going to mix. So
I’m getting sort of a nice light peach color here as you can see and then it has some sort
of pink in there as well. I’m going to mix up a little bit of that color so I can have
a little variation and then for my shadows I’m probably going to use some blue. I like
to use I remember one of my teachers said that shadows are never black so I like to
use blue or purple, something like that. I’m just going to go ahead and mix my shadows.


  • Gabriel says:

    OK, BABE!

  • Buuuuuutch says:

    Thanks for teaching nothing about painting an egg! You're missing the chips (fries) as well darlin!!

    Still, you are a hot MILF, so EVERYTHING is forgiven!

  • gigaspud says:

    Im sorry were you saying something…………..

  • naylofer says:

    Ton œuf est vraiment très mal peint, ton discoure aussi !

  • naylofer says:

    Experts idiots village …

  • naylofer says:

    Your egg is very poorly painted, your speech too!

  • woodburnrentals says:

    Totally disagree – I've always followed the theory of 'Paint to the Light' which means start dark and build lighter on top. The reason this is beeter is because your darker eras are in the deep cracks and your lightest are on the very top – so you should paint from the back forward not from the front back. She is trying to paint the back first and then the front – doesn't work well.

  • muskndusk says:

    @woodburnrentals Also, acrylics are opaque, so unless using them really thinned down, the method is usually the same as oils: dark to light; because the white will cover the darks (for example, if I paint whiskers on a cat I can leave them till last; but with watercolour, I have to use masking fluid).

  • woodburnrentals says:

    Hi, I agree that the method is usually dark to light – but YOUR video says 'light to dark' I think you got it backwards in your video. Like you say in your message the method is usually dark to light for acrylics but your video says the opposite.

  • 11carlie says:

    @Buuuuuutch She is painting a grape fruit…. not an egg 🙂

  • rofflemows2 says:

    dear expertvillage teacher: don't you want to see the portrait i painted of your beautiful face? get in touch with me soon so i can give it to its rightful owner 😀

    ps nice paintings 😉

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