Painting Trees in Oil for Beginners – Pine Trees

Need help painting any type of pine or
needle tree in this video right here I’m gonna show you how to tackle trees in
oil every time coming at your right now Hey all Wild4Games coming at you
from my creative control playlist where I try to bring in the best tips, tricks,
and even continued education just like this right here we’re continuing from
our first lesson where we went over the basic shapes and all the fundamentals
about trees and we’re continuing this and lesson number two if you haven’t
seen lesson number one take a look up in that right hand corner I’ll put a link
there for you so that way you can see what’s going on or look on one of my
past playlists we’re gonna take everything that we learn from the basics
there and we’re gonna apply it into this video right here this one’s all about
taking those actions and putting them on the canvas and making a tree that you’re
gonna be happy with so we’re gonna go over how to apply all what we learned
from lesson one into here which means we’re gonna make a nicely shaped tree
we’re going over the colors that you’re gonna be happy with we’re gonna
introduce trunks but just on a small scale and more importantly how to get a
tree to pop out with highlights and that’s what’s gonna make you a very
happy tree so let’s go over to our tutorial right now on the canvas and
let’s get started when we start making a happy little tree we need to concern
yourself with what colors would work best a lot of us just go straight for
SAP green because we think green and trees go together but a lot of times
when you’re making a tree you actually need to introduce a lot of different
colors into green to get a nice dark bold green so that way you can build on
top of it so a lot of these colors like a lizard crimson phthalo blue and Van
Dyke Brown being introduced into green will get us a nice dark color so we want
to make sure we take all of these colors and introduce it into our SAP green to
get all these paints mix I just scraped it off my brush there and I’m just gonna
use my little Spade blade here my spatula blade here and just take all
this color and just start mixing it right here on this paper plate so that
we get a nice start color for my brush to run into the next
we want to concern yourself with is how we actually apply paint to the
paintbrush a lot of us just kind of go like this and think that’s enough well
it’s gonna be kind of sparse and we give gonna get what looks kind of like a
fishbone on your canvas what you want to do is make sure you apply it thoroughly
so that way all the bristles are covered you want to make sure you don’t have any
big blobs like that because that’s gonna leave blobs out on your canvas what
happens on your palate is almost as important what happens on your canvas
when you have thorough application and you make sure you have both sides
covered here make sure you wiggle your paint through on both ends this way you
get a nice chiseled edge that’s fully coated and what this allows us to do is
when we come up here and start pushing down it allows the paint to easily come
off in that nice way so let’s load that up and let’s go up to our canvas and
paint a happy little tree here so what we learn last time it’s just throwing a
basic trunk idea here just gonna throw something right there to give me a
generalization of where I want to put something and then I’m gonna come up
here and I like to go nice and slow and this helps a lot with how my tree is
gonna take a formation so just start tap then on the left tap right and just work
my way down and what I’m allowing to happen is I’m letting those bristles
actually Bend as I come down and out and I go down and out and if I want to fill
in the center more I just zigzag left and right and then I come down and out
down and out and then maybe Zig zagged add a little more body come down and out
and I start working my way out way from the center of my tree to give it a
little more girth and fullness and when you get really close to the bottom you
see all those different colors start coming out you can see some of the
lizard and crimson the Van Dyck Brown we’ve got this beautiful beautiful dark
color if you run out of color feel free to flip over but I’m still happy with
what I have and I’m just allowing these bristles to bend down and out as I work
my way over around this tree and there we’ve got one
happy tree see how easy that was just come back up here and load it again
wiggle that brush through make sure you get it nice and coated there we go don’t
be afraid to push down on those bristles let’s put one more over here I’m gonna
put in a little slanted because they’re gonna be connecting let’s just say so
I’m gonna give him a nice little slant this has to be visual enough for me come
up here and turn just I’ll get it in our basics and small a little tap small
little tap a little more pressure and just keep tapping down and out the angle
of attack is gonna what form your tree so it’s completely up to you and how you
want this tree to look maybe just comes right in front of there
and goes a little wider out now if you didn’t get a good chance to see what was
happening there I’m gonna put just an extra tree here and what I’m gonna show
you with the camera is just how the bristles are bending these bristles are
coming in dramatically from my right-hand side and I bend my bristles
down or my brush down and as I first start tapping there’s not much of a bend
and then as I work my way down I start allowing these bristles in the brush to
actually Bend so I’m gonna over exaggerate here and Bend and Bend and
Bend and as you understand the control you can start bending them to your will
so you just bend the bristles Bend the bristles and that’s what helps keep
shape a lot of us will come flat and go like that and this is how we get big ole
blobs coming down here and we don’t want necessarily that we want to have these
beautiful angled shapes so that’s all I’m doing is you want to make sure you
let those bristles Bend to create that shape so Bend Bend now I know it’s
leaving those blobs here but when you do it in small successions
that’s how you get all those beautiful shapes you’ll make sure you left those
bristles Bend all the way through and that’s how you get beautiful texture on
these trees now you probably notice I have two colors up here for our
highlights we’ve got magic white and cadmium yellow if you mix these two
together you’re gonna get a beautiful little highlight that goes on the side
but if you wanted to do just snow you could just use the magic white that’s
over here I’m gonna clean off my brush really quick so that way it’s all nice
and clean so I can mix these two together so before we put our highlights
on there I’m just gonna show you really quick what a trunk would look like I’m
gonna cover this in my next painting tutorial that we do for trees but
essentially you can mix whatever colors you really want but best-suited is
generally Van Dyck Brown with a little bit of white all you do is just mix it
right up here on the can so you’re sorry on your palate here just
to get whatever color that you like it’s a little hard my favorite plate here
because I just want to show you but all you do is just a general cut just right
across that and you just lay in wherever the paint will grip off and touch your
canvas is where your trunks gonna be so don’t get too worried about it just like
that and there you’ve got a nice little chunk
coming through sometimes I even like to take the what is on the palate and just
do a sideways cut that’s very light and you can even come up here like I did our
last tutorial and cut straight up and it’ll add a little bit of that brown
streak right in there so you get a nice one too that’s if you want to have a
nice little barren Brown top that comes off that’s a cool little bro tip for you
guys so let’s just say we were mixing up our colors here let’s take a little bit
of this yellow on both sides take a look without white mix it over in here mixing
is key because we need to get a consistency that is thinner than what we
made down here so I’m gonna get a nice creamy color up in here for both sides
of my bristles and it’s the same technique just pull it on down now you
don’t need a lot because if you have too much you can get blobs at the top here
so make sure you just run it through and push and get all that you need on there
maybe a little too much in that little corner down there there we go
ready Cohen you’re gonna do every other branch and go very slowly because this
is all about making highlights because this is what’s gonna pull the tree
forward on a three-dimensional plane so come up here come side turn down and
just tap where your highlights should be just ever so slightly just give it a
nice little tap tap and make sure to cover up that trunk if you were putting
them in there and as you get to the bottom of the
trunk or sorry of the tree it’s not as much light shining through so I don’t
push as hard and then I like to come up like we did in our first tutorial and
just clean up some spots and maybe push in some harder spots because when you
mix these tones together you almost get an extra color on here giving it more
shape I’ll flip my brush over here let’s do this little guy a little light there
come down a little harder there gittle more light this guy’s on the exposed
side so maybe he gets a little more sunlight than the other guy come on
peering and flip my brush gets a little sharper edge on there side and just tap
in a little smoothness on some sports and that’s pretty much it let’s just say
that was this was a foot hit hill right here just a little bit of light coming
down across just a little bit just for fun why not but you want to make sure
you don’t do any of the boldness that is like that that’s how people get too much
of a highlight on here and it’s an over-exaggeration because then you get
all your muddy colors one make sure you keep it nice and light nice and lights
and you get a real effective tree in there if you wanted to clean off your
brush you can even come up here and add a little more highlight if you want of
just a little bit more white and these are just like little spots that kind of
had a little bit of a zinger in on that kind of caught the sunlight there so I’m
just gonna come up in here wiggle my brush thrill push in a little
bit so that way I get a little bit of paint on there a little much i was gonna
wipe it off there and let’s just say even though i did every other branch i’m
gonna do even less this time because it’s just a little bit little there
little there maybe it caught sun right there it’s all these little extra
details that’s what pulls out of painting here
you might not be able to see them but when you paint them and you get up close
to your painting people will notice these and it’s not a stark white for me maybe the grass just hits right there
maybe a little bit back we got a beautiful little Foothill right
there too that just came out of nowhere so you guys can easily see with just a
few little strokes some small dabbing and working your way down and using
these instructions and tips you can easily make a very normal happy tree now
this is lesson number two I plan on doing a lesson number three and maybe
even beyond because long people ask questions about well what about
different styles of trees or birch or different ways to lay in branches or
highlights and stuff like that but I thought the speeds just a general way
this is a way to get you guys on a level playing field because trust me it goes a
lot more in-depth normally I do trees I don’t try to be like Bob I actually go
very slowly and tap them in on my own leisure because each tree is kind of
individual and I want to have a certain feel and look and maybe even some
different colors from layer to layer so hopefully this guy’s this really helped
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