Painting the Boat – Stripe Coat – Part 7 of many

Painting the Boat – Stripe Coat – Part 7 of many

it’s hot out here today so the pink is a
second tote with some ice in the bottom helps it from going off a little too
quick okay for everybody coming down and bring
in your RV there’s a nice flat place for you to park the ruts are all filled in
you know who I’m talking about now that’s nice box wedding actually
it’s just dragging the chain but you know when I used to work a backhoe I
used to think I was good until I saw a guy those yeah he was good and I’ve seen
guys it could be box blade leave it that flat but but that is a great sheet joel is back with us today from Norman
Oklahoma future sailor what we’re doing is we’re cutting out our holes a little
bigger we did the math wrong on these the paint’s almost 20,000 thick right
and we got 20 thousands on both sides of the pen and a 20,000 so on both sides of
the hole Tory needs to hold be a hundred thousands bigger than this pen and then
the paint doesn’t have to get torn off while the pen goes into the holes a
little bigger is no big deal just we not take the panels tell us about what
you’re gonna do so my name is Joel our blog is sailing grace me my wife and my
two smallest children are getting ready to sail around the world in a couple of
years so we’re just working hard and saving up for a boat our goal is to buy
a boat and then go see the world live our best lives and share our story it’s
kind of our but you do writing now right yeah i write right now short stories and
I’m writing TV shows and part of what I want to do is be able to break creative
stories that incorporate the different cultures that we find and the different
ways that people live their lives and show different ways that life can be
meaningful you know a lot of times we get used to living our lives just the
way that we’re used to living it in the areas that we’re from and we lose sight
of or never realize there’s a lot of different ways to do life and one of the
things I want to do is see that and then talk about it and write about it to be
able to a lot of the people you’re not going to build a boat I’d love to build
a boat but this this timing issue and that I want to get out on the water
before too much more time has passed so although I’ve looked extensively at
buying or building a boat I can weld I love to build my own metal boat but
there’s a lot of time involved as ethical tell you and as a lot of you
already know and so I may get to that at some point in the future but first we’re
going to start our adventure by getting a useable boat and getting out on the
water with it sooner rather than later so we’re
at about three years and we’re building our story now online and at sailing race
we’re on Instagram or on YouTube we’re on Facebook and you can you can follow
along as we research different boats and prepare to go on this great adventure
with their kids how did you get that it’s important to note that people that
build boats should be people that want to build boats there it’s a lousy idea
for saving money and getting on the water okay that’s bad gonna have it by
use much smarter way that’s true well I made the mistake of wiping it off
with a rag that wasn’t lint-free boy sure see it after you shoot some paint
across it that’s a quick fix though and actually it doesn’t even cut through the
paint what your sin there is just the the zinc and the paint that’s now shined
up and if I have gone through the paint anywhere here we’ll know a few days it’s
gonna be raining you’ll get an idea about how nice it is to be able to fix
your own boat even before you finish building it cuz you’ll start breaking
things we’re building legs for the scaffolding let me drag it around on the
gravel better I should have done that like eight years ago well I’ve gotten most of the striped
coat done I see a little pinhole there so I’m gonna have to reduce some of it
and I’ve got more that I found they’re not finding these little bumps to that
I’m sanding off I don’t know if that kind of attention to detail is necessary
but it helps me figure out where I need to come to do this Drive coating so ya
see this that’s just that’s just some nasty mess we’ll get rid of that you
know I’m not sure maybe we were just being bang okay washing a boat is a lot like
washing your car you’re going to miss a spot here or there and so trick is to go
find them redo it well one of the good effects of 100
degree days is it dries really quick so you can actually see if you got it or
you need to do it again right there yeah there we go and they’re still stains left here you
can see these drip lines were painted stained but that’s because our clay and
our sand hearing is so pervasive and you know once we get out the bow for the
Mississippi I suspect we’ll see a lot of saints on this boat D bumped and D
wrinkles on the paint so it’s out here it’s ready to be painted well I know
it’s not because I still got to go back and do more striping to fill in and what
I did is when I ground all the way down through the pain I put a marker on it
let me know that definitely come back and hit that spot some paint
but once the striped coat is completed then I’m ready to spray paint yeah now
tell you what I’ll give the wolf for banking a good pump I put a lot hours on
this thing I haven’t been terribly kind to it and it has done a wonderful job
first I need to fix that check valve spring in a little ball but apparently
the seat then in there is worn or something it is not working now an assortment of o-rings is right up
there with duct tape and baling wire nature I’m wonderful to have around
oh yeah do that perfect gonna be hot today so I got the ice out
see a little tiny hole and asked what we’re after right there see I’m getting those little pinholes up
in there you can see that that’s my motivation for doing a striped coat it
also smooths these wells out a little bit this stuff is actually picking up
keeps filling it in but I really just don’t want to have any reason to rust
from a hole that didn’t get covered up so that’s today’s work I am looking
forward to spraying it’s a lot faster and easier than this not climbing up and
down the ladder 10,000 times well all the stripe code is done and I got some
paint picked up from single source and so tomorrow you start spraying again I’m
just gonna do all the filler work around braces and portals and scullers and that
kind of thing then we’ll get the big sprayer out to do the rest of it hey man
I gotta tell you you would need a book to inspire you about building a boat
Island of the Lost is a great one it’s 1863 you’re shipwrecked on an
island and you have to build a boat out of the scrap to get off you also have to
live there for two years doing that so fantastic book and best thing about it
true story


  • rasterops1083 says:

    👍👍 Great progress Doug and everybody that helps. Thanks 🙂

  • Welder Sandblaster says:

    Hi Doug. It is great to see you stripe painting. That definitely adds more quality to the coating quality. While you show people what you are doing, you don't tell people the WHY you're doing. If you don't mind, for the people that want to know what stripe coating is and what is its purpose, I have a PDF that explains it pretty well. If you think this pdf has value, maybe you can pin it to the top so everyone that reads your comments can see it.
    Keep up the good work. You're the man I admire. Chris

  • Diggnuts says:

    Once this series is done, we will finally have a definitive answer to the question : "Who much is many anyway?".. FOR SCIENCE!!!

  • Oh no It Isnt says:

    It looks so good. Battleship grey? When do we see the cannons and miniguns? You live in america right? 😛

  • Duncan Mac says:

    Thanks for the video.

  • Barton Robinson says:

    "Almost" makes me wanna build a Boat, okay that's silly, maybe a quick float in my Kayak, yeah that's it, go float my Mini boat…Don't need Painting and no stinking permits needed for it in Oklahomers!!

  • oetken007 says:

    I can't wait to see this beauty on the water and I hope Dough can show us some interesting expedition fotage in the future! What a great project!

  • Home Studio Adventures For Dummies says:

    It looks like launching day is pretty close. Oklahoma is beautiful but I can't wait to see you in your admiral uniform sailing down the Mississippi.

  • Scarface 39 says:

    Can’t believe it’s already time to paint!!! WooooHooooo!!!!

  • DC Allan says:

    Ah lifes a beach.❤

  • CaptRon817 says:

    Holy cow!! To describe this undertaking as great is, well very lacking in description!! Outstanding and I anticipate greatly your upcoming videos!! Boy oh boy!!

  • Jack Patteeuw says:

    My gut says you will do a thrid coat of paint before it hits the Gulf !

  • Jon Bell says:

    Will your pressure washer push that paint He He he.

  • RomanMarcusOrion says:

    Holy Ice Buckets, Batman! That's a great idea for super hot days and applying expensive marine coatings.

  • Andes Blum says:

    it is so nice to see you enjoying yourself with the paint details and cleaning, the yard is the most clean shipyard i have ever seen

  • Yorkazuna says:

    Take it from a pro, using those cheap chip brushes will never proving a quality job. You simply can't achieve a smooth, uniform appearance without massive sanding after each coat.

  • SteeleFarm says:

    I love the outfit. It reminded me of Gilligan working on Skippers boat.

  • Edward Lincoln says:

    I hope he paints it the same color as the house, makes it easy to find on google earth

  • Gabe Whisen says:

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    are we done yet ? that boat needs to hit the water… looks great .. keep up the good work and good vids.

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    It’s great to see the progress each week! I’m always amazed by the scope of the project! I’m sure some weeks of work without any obvious signs of progress have to be frustrating. But these last couple weeks, WOW! What a difference! Looking forward to more! Best wishes for this giant project!

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    I read that book Island Of The Lost. Fantastic story.

  • Simon Hantler says:

    whats that big tube rail off the side of the boat for? watching from NZ

  • Gravertrain Graveytrain says:

    Never commented before. Auto body 20+ yrs. Stop "anal" "izing" and just get paint on. I've watched from beginning and know of some of your "corner cutting". JUST PUT THE PAINT ON!"

  • Matthew S says:

    Are you serious about that TV thing?? I have a van I occasionally live in and it would be really a lifesaver for a lot of people.

  • Gravertrain Graveytrain says:

    Think you'll ever scrape some rocks? JUST PUT THE PAINT ON!

  • Building SY Mistress says:

    Great work sir!
    In a reply to a question on a recent video of mine I said, 'Good discretion/being detailed, I believe, is the good guide.' which CLEARLY you have the eye/mind/principles for, GREAT to see!
    Thanks as always! 🙂👌

  • WATER-MAN says:

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  • Bill23799 says:

    I grew up in New Rochelle, NY in the 1960's as a boy. New Rochelle is located at Echo Bay on Long island Sound.
    Our mom would take us down to Hudson Park to go to the beach on hot summer days. One thing i loved was topping to see the
    brightly painted Chinese Junk that was moored at the City Marina. As a boy I thought it was cool the boat had an eye up front haha.
    In the 50's someone even made a souvenir Postcard of this old ship. I wish I knew more about the boat's history and if someone lived on it year round.

    One neat thing was when I became a teenager I got a job as a Launch Captain at Echo Bay Yacht Club which was located on an island in the bay.
    I spent countless hours piloting the two boats owned by the club to and from the island. So if you can use a 61 year old crewman with hundreds of hours of docking experience
    against the wind, against outgoing tide, in a severe storm ,or at super low tide let me know.

  • m0useID says:

    Hey Doug, Seeker is looking real pretty these days.

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    I have been watching this channel off and on for several years. I have never commented until now. This is just so damn impressive, I am just in awe with the scale and the dedication. Amazing job, WOW!

  • Dale Skidmore says:

    Mabs would be proud of your attention to detail, Doug. Personally I am in awe. I went back and watched some of the early vids the other day when you welded up the hull: they helped me through stripping out my car to fit the tow bar. Keep on keeping on.

  • Life On The Hulls - Building a Cruising Catamaran says:

    Impressive amount of work this summer buddy.Heat must be a real challenge with that coating. Great stuff.Ross

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    Hi Mate, chronic bilge rat here. Perhaps be careful with the black marker pen. I have done the same and it sometimes it rises through to the top after you paint it again. Perhaps you may not care as it is somewhat insignificant however i though i would mention it! Love the build, been keeping up for probably 4 years counting.

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    I’ve said that to myself far too many times, thinking of all the time I could of saved!
    Why oh why do we take so long sometimes to wake up⁉️

  • MartinW88 says:

    A very genuine question here, when the time comes to put seeker on the water. Hopefully not, but if there are any leaks, or the boat sits wrong etc, how would you go about resolving that on the water?
    Is it a case that you would be lowered in very slowly bit by bit in order to give you time to see these issues and rectify them before being fully on the water?
    A phenomenal project and one I have followed avidly from the start. Keep it up Doug and team.

  • greg work shop says:

    hi every one the boat is looking very good

  • Rat Fink says:

    The Dewalt pressure washer is probably one of the best kept secrets…. It uses a high quality triplex pump (I think its by General Pump….and you can get parts for it… Not a throw away… Engine is a Honda…. I have over a thousand hours on mine….

  • Tim Crusham says:


  • Gilbert Franklin says:

    Doug, I want to find out if you ever reply to questions which are off-topic, but of interest. My wife has a strange theory, but one which fits me so I don't object. She thinks that only men with grey hair should be permitted to grow beards. Her idea is that it should be a privilege of our elders, and that young men with darker hair just look sinister with beards. Since I am 79, with grey hair and beard, I just go along with her. What do you think?

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    Do you know already what Oceans,you"re going to sail….worm/cold climate…??I cannot wait to watch your adventures at sea…….GREETS from France(Biarritz).

  • Dave The Tyke says:

    Hello Doug, it’s Dave from the UK (yep, I’m still here, confounding the docs) and I’m avidly watching your latest video.
    I must admit that it’s good to see Seeker with some nice paint job! The attention to detail that you and all your press ganged volunteers have put into her, especially the ornate stuff, really make Seeker a beautiful one off. There are boats similar to Seeker but none will have all the detail, and engineering considerations built in to the degree that you’ve applied.

    I can hardly wait for her to get her arse wet (time being a factor) but I understand your reasoning for not setting a firm date, but rest assured that even if I can’t be there in body, I’ll try to send the spirit along (does it matter that I’m an atheist?).
    No matter, I really am looking forward to the eventual launch date.

    Good luck Doug and your family. May you have the wind at your back and a star to guide you by, and may you have calm seas to sail.

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