Painting Projects for Kids : Different Brush Options: Art for Children

So, my name is Katalin and this is my daughter
and this is my son. Hello, I am Barbara and this is my little brother Motsi. We are from
Hungry and I am the inventor of creative English in Hungry. So, we are here on behalf of Expert
Village and today, we are going to show you a few tricks about painting that you can actually
do at home. Okay. Now, we are going to show you how you can paint without the paint brush.
I am going to make a stem and the leaves with this little pine. Okay. Now let’s see what
else we got here. Maybe this one. That looks quite pretty doesn’t it? Oh, no I would rather
use one of these. Okay, let’s find the best one. I choose this one. And i would like to
put some red color on it. Okay. And if I don’t want to destroy these yellow flowers, then
maybe I just sort of paint with it rather than pressing it on. Okay, what else have
got here? Maybe some blue. So I will need a bigger leaf. Maybe that would be too big.
I am going to make some clouds at the top of the picture. So obviously, I need some
blue for that. And then again, I am working with the pressing. Like that. Very good. Okay,
a little bit more. Just like that. Alright. Okay. I am turning it around and I am working
from the other side. Sometimes you can get a more interesting picture.

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