Painting, Perfection, and the Pursuit of Happiness / Chalk Paint / Channel Trailer

Painting, Perfection, and the Pursuit of Happiness / Chalk Paint / Channel Trailer

What is perfection? I think about this often.The perfect color? The perfect
color combinations? Is there such a thing? Does that even exist? These are the deep
thought moments where you feel like you can change the world. But really it is my
morning cup of coffee. Perfection? I guess it depends who you
ask, right? I mean my perfect color is probably not yours Here is what I’ve come to realize.
Perfection is in all of us We are already perfect, we just have to always
do what we love If you want something truly for yourself, and can stick to that
vision till the end It’s perfect! it’s when others attack our insecurities
that perfection even comes into question we are so worried about being perfect
for someone else. That’s not perfection it’s insecurity.
That’s what I’ve learned I’ve learned if I want to use colors
that don’t make sense, then that will be perfect I really like the fact I didn’t
learn the rules at first. I did whatever I wanted because I didn’t know any
better. I painted because I loved it! I paint every single day and I don’t
feel like I’ve worked for years Even if it looks bad,
that’s perfect. I learned, and I grew. that’s what life is all about for me.
learning and growing. With painting I learned patience.
Funny how life teaches you in ways you never imagined if you just let it. It
seems like everyone is hoping for that big moment, fast… That moment in life when everything comes together and
everyone thinks you’re perfect I’m looking for happiness.
Happiness is perfection We are all perfect when we are ourselves,
don’t forget that My name Katarina “Kacha” Hernandez and
this is my channel I hope I can share my journey of life
through painting with the rest of the world. In my pursuit of happiness


  • Michael Dolson says:

    listen to your art…..(music)(fade)…….

  • monroe444444 says:

    You are an artist. You are not a painter like many others on here. I am in awe.

  • Deborah Scott says:

    Perfection in progress!💐❤️

  • Ella Royal says:

    I'm so impressed and glad to see how inspiring you are. ❤️

  • Patti Staton says:

    Kacha! I absolutely love love love this video! So funny because you sound exactly as I thought you would!😄 This piece is quite perfect in my eyes! We see what we see and that's all that matters. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder! Thank you so much as always for sharing you amazing talent😍❤ Love you girl!😘

  • Ely Uriostegui says:

    Katalina kacha Hernandez,you’re perfect 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻I’m in love with you art😍😍

  • panjatty says:

    Kacha – I've always loved your video style — loaded with technique but presented in a clear and concise, simple and straightforward way with no incessant chatter or 'filler' talk. You're my go-to when sharing videos with customers or in online forums. That being said… I LOVE finally hearing your voice in this 'getting to know Kacha' video! I did NOT expect that combination of accents! From now on I will be reading the captions in your videos in your beautiful voice in my head. LOL This video truly showed your beauty – both inside and out. And if your husband shot both of these last two videos, too, I must say – he's getting really good! They're very artistic!

  • Cristiani Moura dos Santos de Sousa says:

    Katarina … Amo seus trabalhos! Parabéns pelo talento! You It is too beautiful !

  • Lourdes Reveles says:

    Ante mis ojos tu trabajo es perfección, gracias por compartirme tu felicidad 🌷

  • Clark Dshark says:

    I've learned a lot just from watching your channel. And I am always excited to see the new projects you have in store. Thank you for being such a great teacher.

  • Maira Hills says:

    I agree completely with your definition of perfection your outlook was beautifully said. It shows in your painting I'm learning much from your videos .look forward to more .Thank u soo much.

  • juliefeathers says:


  • SoonerGal says:

    That was Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the truthful Inspiration. Your videos are so calming.

  • Donisete Simioni says:

    Sua linda😃😉te adoro ! Adoro seu trabalho!

  • AAAmoony says:

    Very stylish, Kacha!

  • karen osborn says:

    Bravo!!!! You inspire others by just being you!

  • Homebody Heaven says:

    So true. ❤️

  • Telma Marcelino says:


  • Holl Be says:

    Wowwww! What a video! You go girl 🙈❤️🌻

  • Lily Astacio says:

    I almost cry with your words. I used to say that every day we learn something. I feel passion for learn all that I can. We will learn until the day of our death. That day we will learn how the death it feels… Love you girl. This video is an example of perfection. The piece is an ispiration and your words as well. Thanks

  • JoAnn Brannon says:

    Love the accent Kacha,you are so beatiful.

  • Zhi Zhi says:

    You have a beautiful sense of color and balance.
    Kacha , you are a beautiful soul.

  • Carlos Estevam says:

    You are a super great artist!

  • Huron Chica says:

    Hola katarina! I love your channel!

  • JoAnn Brannon says:

    Kacha you have mastered perfection with your beatiful art.Love watching your videos i am inspired.Thank you

  • Brenda Caceres says:

    Super, thanks for inspiring us to learn how paint and combine colors. Your jobs are very professional, and you put passion.

  • Merchy 10 says:

    Maravilloso 💖😘

  • Marco Tamayo says:


  • Lisa Freebairn says:

    I love what you are saying here! So inspiring!

  • Daniela Dragu says:

    Complimenti Katerina sei una brava ragazza 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Marcela Lazat says:

    Hermosos tus trabajos!!!

  • Elena Nash says:

    I love you ♥️ and thank you for being so great and wonderful ♥️

  • Елена Я says:

    Tu sei molta brava 🇮🇹

  • Joanne D says:


  • Michelle Short says:

    Truly a lovely young woman! Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom..much love and appreciation for your perfection. ❤

  • Miss Mimi says:

    WOW! It’s always the quite ones with such deep thoughts! 💯👍💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Jillian Crown says:

    Truth, so simple ♥️

  • Ninna A. says:

    Hello Kacha, thank you for letting us know a little more about you, your video tutorials are still my favorite, as I’ve said before, I like your videos primarily because they’re free of unnecessary long explanations without leaving out what’s important. I must say what a gorgeous view, all that greenery it’s just beautiful. Keep on painting 😃!

  • ReChic'd Vintique says:

    Kacha! I'm so thrilled to hear you speak, and.. Your message is perfect!
    So fun to finally "meet" you!


    Hi Kacha 🙂 my name is Fawn…… thank you for the inspiration and your beautiful work.
    Learn to make the most of life, lose no happy day, time will never bring you back chances swept away……….

  • mary bronson says:

    Beautifully spoken👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾❤️

  • Karina Threms says:

    Can't Day enything, But thank You ❤️ i love the perfektion in You and the amazing things that you do and what You are teaching us.
    Hugs from Denmark 🇩🇰❤️🇩🇰

  • Kimberley says:

    I’m all chocked up! 🥰 This was so beautiful and so enlightening! I have a dresser that’s primed for paint for weeks now and I just stare at it cause I’m terrified if I paint it the way I like it that anyone who sees it will think it’s ugly. Your so creative and so talented! I love your videos! Thank you for just being simply and perfectly you!

  • anna stewart says:

    Hello…I just subscribed to your channel. I have watched several of your project videos (many more than once!) and I love all of them. The pieces you find are amazing in themselves but you have a way of bringing out the beauty of each piece even more with your amazing talent. You are very inspiring. I find your work superior to all the rest & you make it look so easy. It's a labor of love….Love for what you are doing & the results reflect that love. I have an old buffet that has some nice wood features that I would like to redo in such a way that the wood panels would be preserved and emphasized by the painting surrounding them. I'm hoping you could maybe try a project like that so I can learn how to do it without ruining the beautiful wood panels so that they are showcased… I'm leaning toward a sage green color with the wood accents. In my mind.. it would be stunning. Thanks for sharing your gift with us…

  • T Gutierrez says:

    Wow Kacha I wasn't expecting a video like this from you, you have inspired me and motivated me to continue on painting. Thank you!!!!

  • Teri Muncy says:

    Sweetie, it’s so nice to hear you speak!!!! We all love and adore you. Thank you for sharing your world with us.

  • pam nusky says:

    You’re AMAZING!!! 🤗

  • Missy Gilly says:

    Hello and thank you for sharing your style & creations on your channel 💕🇨🇦. I’m a newbie who considers herself lucky to be able to learn from watching you create!

  • Elena Reyes says:

    Wow this video is so inspiring and I’m sure it will motivate many people. Your voice is perfection your attitude and charisma is what makes you the perfect artist. Love you Kacha

  • Melody Key says:

    So enjoyed seeing & listening to you ! Thanks for sharing !

  • Helen BushE says:


  • Valdenia Borges says:

    Ola garota linda ,inteligente e super gente boa‼‼‼‼❤❤❤❤🙏👍👋👋👋👋👋👋aquele xero brasileiro pra você 🌻🌻🌻

  • Rebbie F says:

    Very wise words. Love your work and it shows that what you do makes you happy. ❤️❤️

  • Rita Sloniker says:

    I have created many beautiful pieces because of your inspirational videos. My favorite chalk painting artist. Thank you. ❤

  • Kelli Bang says:

    Kacha i look for your upload every single day! You inspire me so much! I love to paint too! This last piece you did is absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! If i end up even half as good as you are at this i will consider myself blessed!

  • Trina Williams says:

    Lovely and inspiring!

  • Cecile Morgan says:

    I love watching you paint! So talented

  • carolsue62 says:

    You are my biggest source of inspiration on here. Love your creativity and the way you show your projects from beginning to end in one video without all the constant chatter. It's a treat to hear your voice in this one.

  • Mandy BEWKES says:

    Thankyou for introducing yourself! For me the only time my mind is quiet is when I'm painting or crafting. I've learned so much from you!

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