Painting my first Warhammer 40K Model

Painting my first Warhammer 40K Model

Hey, this is Matthew from nerd news today And it’s time for me to get started with this Warhammer 40k Obsession. Now for me this actually began a few months back when I finally made the purchase of something Warhammer It wasn’t anything too crazy or too big. What ended up getting was this big Warhammer 40k book which might not show up too well on the green screen, but I’ll take another shot at that. And this is essentially how to get started so it’s everything from How to play the game, how to paint models a whole person different things even some of the lore which is pretty scary as well and the best part about this and why I got it also is because It came with a miniature. So I got my first ever Warhammer 40k Space Marine and I’m looking forward to actually putting this guy together It’s got a really cool base, too. I don’t know how many of them have bases as detailed as that, but that’s pretty exciting So now with this Space Marine and what I’m going to do is follow the YouTube tutorial on the official Games Workshop website On their YouTube channel rather, and it’s a pretty good tutorial on how to get started with painting pretty basic Nothing, too fancy but I think that’s a good place for me to get started, get familiar with how the paint work and just follow what they do and maybe as I go along I might get a little more experimental and try some of the techniques I I will see some guys on Youtube doing. let’s just give it a try on how they do it how they suggest we do it to be in their official you contain so Let’s just get started we’re going to switch to an overhead view to make this little easier to look at and more manageable for me and So here we go, Warhammer 40k first miniature. Let me know how I did Okay, so here is that getting started with Warhammer 40k book. I just want to show you guys real quick what it looked like a little better how the green screen behind me So you could see what’s going on in this book. It’s a nice big thick book well over a hundred pages It’s got lots of really nice photos of the miniatures which is why I’m really into it talks about Painting them talks about how to play the game There’s a lot to it a lot to the rules Of course could swing a hammer and a wave door arrow without lots and lots of rules Here’s the section on painting the Marines which I found really cool I mean Jesus about how much that collection cost guys Jeez, you know what really got me was obviously the section on the painting and I like how much information there isn’t here This was kind of my first look into Warhammer. I know it was before I even really looked a lot of YouTube videos This is kind of what got me curious about how this stuff actually works and how fun It looked actually paint these guys how good these look so I don’t expect my first ones looked anywhere near this good But I hope they don’t look that terrible. At least I’ll have to thin my paints and I’m making myself plus points for that Yeah, I just love looking all these miniatures. Here’s some of the lore in this book So yeah, this is another set that I do have which we’ll get to one day this is the big starter set that I got and This will probably once I’m feeling a little bit more comfortable with painting things, which could be a while from now There’s a lot of guys and I plan on experimenting a lot with their colors I don’t think I’m gonna go straight blue, but we’ll see We’ll see how things go because that’s really the main thing I have right now is the blue color for the Space Marines But that would make some Imperial fists Maybe some blood angels and who knows what else I need to look at more of what the factions are There you go set up Well, that’s kinda what I want. I want to have a diagram like this That’d be really cool to have and maybe one day I will I’ll get to that sometime sure, but that is the book Well, the cool thing about the book is that comes with one little miniature, dude. And here he is Let’s take a closer. Look now at this guy that came with the magazine I’m gonna pop them out of the cute little plastic container. He’s in I’ll give see him outside here So here it is in all of its glory. I really got to say that base nicely detailed I’m a little worried does the first time we’re having to paint this kind of base though to start with because it’s a lot going on in there and I feel like it’s kind of a pretty daunting thing to do in your beginner is go right into something of that kind But yeah, so we’ve got ourselves a body. We very little not really much to assembly required there, which is nice There’s a head over here. We’ve got ourselves a backpack a head There’s a see it looks like part of the back as well And it’s the hand and the other arm with the gun not a lot of pieces So I think for this one because I’ve seen a lot of videos people do these They’ll basically glue it all together and then they will paint it So I’m gonna just try that this time around and see how it goes I don’t know It’s gonna be for me ultimately because I feel like I’m gonna want to do some assemblies to get more detail out of this But like I said, we’ll give it a try because that’s how a lot of people do it So why not just try it that way for the first time? so I’m gonna go ahead and clean all these pieces get them off the sprues and Next time you see this this will be assembled and I’m going to start painting All right. So I’ve now constructed the first model and I’ll also have two very good way to actually film this thing but here he is all constructed and What you really can’t notice is that I kind of screwed up the construction Kind of see there’s a seam there because well I didn’t quite do the pins for the torso correctly and so because of that There’s a little connection issue in there. But this is my first one. I’m really only doing this for a kind of practice I’m not really stressing too much over this they’ll notice also all this white fuzz and stuff around him Oh, well, that’s because I kind of overdid it with the glue as well. That’s on the plastic First time doing it. So I expect there to be many mistakes and so far. I’m not disappointing myself in that regard I’m gonna go ahead and actually start priming this so I expected them to do two coats of primer and Then I’ll add a cure for about two hours. Then we’ll come back and start working on whatever the heck’s gonna be next And here we are now this model is now crime you could see Some spots are definitely still kind of blue and I missed them but I don’t think I’m gonna go back over this again Just because again, this is kind of a practice model. So Whatever is done is done I’ve definitely learned a lot so far too stupid priming it number one being how to film this thing Because this is being don’t my cell phone right now? And I don’t really know if I like this it’s a little bit hard to actually paint with the phone in front of your face So probably future videos I will do an overhead shot again Or try and find an alternate way to do it like this because ideally I want to make this a little bit easier for me To film but we’ll see how things go So yeah priming. It was fun. It took about two coats to get to where we are now And I learned to get another important thing here so as I was doing this when I first started as you saw in the video in fact I was using this guy over here this flat brush, which is the Citadel dry brush and That was not really too great for priming which makes sense So for the rest of this at least at least the next step a few others that require more stuff Done in mass I’ll be using the angled tip to get in someone’s nooks crannies Which I did during my second layer of the base coat so far. It’s actually pretty fun I’m enjoying just just putting the primer on has been fun so now I’m gonna go ahead and put on the base layer, which is gonna be this crag blue and this is from the 3-pack intercessory starter kit that we’re gonna look at as well on a future date So I’m gonna go ahead and get started into all at least the first coat I’m gonna probably need to and we’ll check back in once I’ve got that all done All right, and here is the guy now the base paint is all done It’s all dried talked about I guess two coats more or less. I want to say it was Look like one coat and then with kind of some touch-up work feeling pretty nice, and I also kind of decided I’m not gonna go too crazy with this being the first practice space for mean I’m gonna be do whenever So the next step now is going to be taking some of this Dragon off Night Shade over here and I’m gonna give him some shade and We will see how he turns out. Once that is all done So here it is now with the shade all done on it at least the first round of the shape You can see how it looks It’s very very dark compared to what we had before and so the next step I’m gonna base a little bit rogue here because originally my plan was to follow the game workshop instructions in their little book and then maybe some of the videos online, but I decided that The version in the book. It’s a little too overly simplistic and The version that you see Duncan doing on their Games Workshop YouTube page There’s a little too many colors for me right now as a beginner, so I wasn’t a few other things online I found a few different people whose videos I’ve been watching for a few weeks now and getting some ideas from And so I decided to come follow their lean a little bit here so what I’m gonna do next is I’m gonna go back with be macragge blue and do a dry brush over it get some highlights back into this guy and brighten up a little bit and Then following that I’ll probably do the next color up which not quite sure what I have available It might be ho s Lou I think Could be I’ve got another blue as well so one of those two you guys Sup gonna be the next two phases is just doing some dry brushing to brighten them up. Bring the highlights out all over this guy And then we’ll get to the next step which will probably starting to get some of the finer details going. So here we go So I’m gonna be following a little bit of what I learned from Sonic sledgehammer Studios here sucked out in the brush really kind of cleaned off there and And We have done the highlights a little hard to see because of the lighting I’ve got here. It’s a little dramatic But he’s highlighted and I’m looking a little bit brighter now We’re gonna take them to the next step as I mentioned. That’s gonna be a Proneness blue not the color I mentioned before it’s actually the Cronus blue so I’m gonna drive rush some new highlights onto him and we’ll see what he looks and Following the Cronus blue. I’m gonna do also coat of limits etherium blue and at that point I’m gonna also probably start working on the gun and Yeah that gun. Just kind of blew for quite some time so I Think next phase we’re gonna get that gun painted up look at the highlights up and the next time you see him He’s gonna be much brighter now While maybe a little hard for you to see this is the moment where I realized I messed up badly because of how I arranged the lights in camera I basically couldn’t see it I’m doing and when it comes to dry brushing it’s kind of important to be able to see things So I ended up brushing it too hard and blobbing the highlights all over now It just looks like the Space Marine was playing too long in the snow with his buddies So I decided not to fill in the rest of the process and just take photos to make things easier for me this time around Until I can figure out a better way to film this I really had a hard time working with the camera right in front of my hands like this So for the next video, I’m gonna have a new game plan on how to record this Anyway, in order to fix the highlights screw up back up to normal I went back over it entirely with necrotic glue to face coated and essentially just start over After that, I ended up again with a grab that’s earth shade all of the model and did the same highlighting process I did earlier Once that was all done. I decided to do the dry brushing highlights again Except this time just do it much more gently following this I went ahead and put blood Belcher onto the silver parts such as it’s chess piece scope magazine parks with Batman I also did the rims of the shoulders to use of a base coat for the gold I would add next which I learned from Masonic sledgehammer studios YouTube page For the gold on the shoulders and to other parts I used the tribute armor and took about two coats to get it to a place where I liked it Next I did the purity seal and I base that with xandrie does the seal itself was done with the fist on red? It was at this point and I also decided to just use the base as a place to test out my paints Since I wasn’t planning on him to a bunch of women, there was a lot of detail in it I don’t think I was really up for it yet. So I’m just gonna play a bit I still kind of like how it look despite being very rough and Hopefully being nothing more than a makeshift palette in a place to get the tips my brushes So the point here with the gun dry I used Nolan oil on silver parts to make it shine and I’m still a little highlighting on it with a storm host silver to Brighten up some parts. Once the base coat of the purity seals were dried I went back and use do shop debone for highlights of Harshman and some Astaroth red for the seal itself up Next was the eyes and those were a tough challenge I had to redo them to get it close to that I wanted but I started out with white scarf and base coat and Then the fist on red to make equal an eye effect That didn’t quite work out the way I wanted it to So I want baggy anime be eyes tightly ready to start and then I dab with a fine tip of my brush And white scar on the front and back parts of the eyes to give it that girl and attack It’s not quite hundred-percent what I wanted but it’s a closer I clean look the vase a little bit and then finally hit it with some Vallejo matte varnish to seal it all and call it a day Well, the photos might look a little rough from the distance This guy actually looks alright for you know the first tribe I kind of like the splatter you have to ended up getting from the dry brush when you look at it really up close But again from a distance, it looks a-okay to me and I think those are battlefields. No dude complain much about it. I Learned a lot from painting like first maybe starting out with being software with the dry brush how to apply edge highlights with the sidewall brush better and The knowledge that I have to work more on those tiny little details such as the eyes and other things like that The biggest lesson learned here was that anyone who out there who’s a beginner and wants to paint 40k miles Just suck it up and cue it I’ll make some terrible models in the beginning But the more you do it the more you’ll feed and exactly get better More importantly the less scared you’re gonna be of progressing and giving yourself better as an artist Let me know what you guys think of my first model and what I can do differently next time around all advice welcome other than just saying the lifestyle and Of course, make sure to LIKE share and subscribe so you can keep watching with Florence’s channel but it’s Warhammer 40k Twitter views or who knows what else so That’s it for model number one more number 40k my first ever a Space Marine the first ever Smurf The next time I’m going to try doing a small batch of three Space Marines and well, let’s to craft that video See what I’m fine. Am I doing there? So until then, this is Matthew from their news today That’s my first ever Warhammer 40k model painted. See you guys next time


  • NerdNewsToday says:

    How did I do for a first timer? Any tips on how to GIT GUD BRO? Please leave them below!

  • Sonic Sledgehammer Studio says:

    This is a great look into the Start Collecting magazine! I hadn't seen the contents of it, but the sheer breadth of information they include for beginners is pretty awesome. It's also not a bad turnout for your first miniature! Finding the knack to drybrushing can take a little practice, but once it clicks for you, you'll know. ;D Definitely worth being able to see what you're doing! If it helps at all, bear in mind that you can always add more paint, but taking it off… well, you started over once so you know how that goes. Thanks for the shout-out, and I'm glad to see you having fun!

  • Bethany Bates says:

    Not first paint to good

  • Eratosthenes says:

    Cool, I just started painting this summer and planning on buying an airbrush! The whole painting process is therapeutic to me.

  • Cody Fogal says:

    The glue as you mentioned.
    1. Pick up gorilla glue and apply small amounts on bonding joints.
    2. Primer spray cans are always better and provide a thin even coat when done correctly as oppose to
    painting with a base colour. If need be, start with a can of abbadon black or whatever then apply the blue over,
    it will help the paint stick to the plastic better
    2. when you apply your base coat, thin down your paints! there are tons of artists online that will attest to this.
    make sure the paint flows on your brush and make sure there is no pooling in areas as you want a smooth finish.
    3. The base coat is nice but the more you add layers, the more it clogs the details, like the gun.
    4. The shade wasn't bad, but concentrate on pooling areas and make sure you are constantly moving
    the wash so it doesn't pool in any areas you dont want it to. there is no need to basically wash the entire mini/let it sit/dry
    all over the model.
    5. I would not drybrush after the shade is applied, go back to the base colour and touch up spots you dont want shaded
    it will clean the model up and leave the areas that dont need to be shaded and make the model look smooth(thin layers of paint!!)
    5. when drybrushing a flat surface like a shoulder pad, its better to work in circular like motions so the highlight is targeted to
    a spot instead of all over, giving it a lighting effect( when drybrushing) less is more..make sure you almost have no paint left on a
    paper tissue before applying to the model.
    6. If you want a solid table top marine, spray paint with gw spray can primer blue, shade the mini, wipe off brush to absorb paint
    where you dont want it, clean up with base colour, highlight with highlight colour on raised details, paint gold trim, paint
    bolter abbadon black, highlight with eshin gray. done.
    Overall lots to learn but its far better then my first mini, keep it up and for the most part learn, go to your local hobby store
    with a primed model and your paints and get a lesson, you will learn so much more when just starting out.

    Kind regards.
    Good job.

  • glitch200 says:

    Thin your paints.

  • tunga markal says:

    1. Thin your paints you are leaving brush Mark's
    2. You did not remove enough paint in your dry brush stage from your brush
    3. Be more selective with your dry brush if you are a bit more careful and pick and choose the areas it can be close to as good as proper highlighting
    4. Eyes take practice and a really small brush

  • Aussiesteveification G says:

    Fantastic video ! And excellent painting . Enjoy the hobby very much… I’m only new to it myself and this is great inspiration for me thank you

  • Paul Garcia says:

    Not bad, not bad you did an excellent job

  • Pedro Leon says:

    Great work buddy, keep digging on the hobby, lots of tutorials to improve your skills, time and practice will lead you to competitions.

  • it's ziggy gaming says:

    Thin your paints

  • Thespooky___ ____Ghost says:

    Lol WHY DO i play harlequins


  • Alex L. says:

    Yo looks thick asf bro. u need to thin ur paints with a bit more water for a smoother transition. as for dry brushing, u left too much paint on the brush still. u need to dab it in a napkin till u can barely see the paint on it and "gently" brush it on. but mostly dry brushing is used for highlights.. in this case u gave it a webby look. lol overall not bad

  • William Johnstone says:

    Good first effort mate. It'll all come with practice 🙂

  • Joshua Barajas says:

    Now I know I'll need to invest in a air brush

  • Patrick Ellis says:

    I actually really like the scuffed look of that grey drybrush.

  • Rastamanman says:

    Very cool

  • Salvador Franco Torres says:

    Its very COOL im also very noobie to this but I like how yours looks so COOL like is somehow a freezy marine

  • wargaming company says:

    I remember this when i start painting space marines but i still have my first ones and like them

  • Venger Satanis says:

    Nice job!

  • Xar'Azoth says:

    That's why I started with Nurgle Daemons, Chaos Space Marines marked to Nurgle and Death Guard … if it looks like shit than it will still look great xD

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