Painting like a Sculptor

Painting like a Sculptor


  • Not an Instrument says:

    Is background dude just literally a Jedi?

  • A Wusa says:

    You have such a great positive, layed back attidude towards the whole subject. Totally enjoyed the video 🙂

  • Proxy5 says:

    Please don't go… lol

  • Elena Arboleda Salas says:

    This is absolutely interesting, but it would be much more if you taught us how to set the brushes. Of course it is not enough to take a dry brush and start drawing, we must take into account all its attributes so that it functions according to what you are painting. So, I hope you'll soon do a tutorial on how to set the brushes to get this beautiful effect.

  • Эльвина Халилова says:

    I love how you make it seem so easy!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • george sisco says:

    How are you picking colors so quickly

  • GreenGrounds says:

    Can anyone please tell me what is the PS brush equivalent of this brush that he's using? 1:57 Thank you!

  • Paul Peart-Smith says:

    Fantastic. Thanks!

  • asd asdas says:

    hey sinix, dark nose or bright nose? :S

  • mPatrick says:

    Hey guys, can someone maybe help me out?

    Ive got an iPad with Procreate but I dont get the same brushes. Can anyone recommend me some brushes or settings to get similar results?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Eason Zhang says:

    what is the painting app that you're using ?

  • joseph's daughter's son says:

    Watching this video can be satisfying.

  • burninflames says:

    Nice channel.

  • Stefanus Immanuel says:

    you sounded like iflynn

  • Jaylin Benford says:

    My eyes are bad so squinting actually helps me see better lol

  • 秋木休NeGeX says:

    Can I beat the devil out of it with Corel Painter?

  • emo blurr says:

    Is it okay if I use blending brush to blend colors because my brush is like can't blend like yours at the same time jkjkkjk🙏🙏

  • Hazami Karin says:

    new subscriber here ! Just started digital arts a few weeks ago

  • Danielsting Art says:

    Hi Sinix, I just wanted to thank you for this video, it made a significative improvement in my approach. I put it into practice in my latest paint, thanks.

  • Rocky Rosebery says:

    Where can I get this brush?

  • Name Name says:

    Ставь лайк, если тоже ищешь русские комменты

  • Chai Sun Lee says:

    Squint like your life depended on it!

  • Angel Segura says:

    Kinda looks like Ellon Musk with a V for Vendetta mustache….

  • Tilda zander says:

    What brush can you use in procreate to get this result ?

  • ZQ M says:

    Does anyone know the name of that brush?

  • Paulius Lizdenis says:

    I really admire how honest you comment and treat your work 🙂 looking forward for more of your videos!

  • Peanut B says:

    ive been drawing traditionally since i was a kid but ive only been drawing digitally for around 1or 1 and a half year and some of the stuff is really annoying like gettting a brush stroke like the way i want , in irl its so easy i can control everything but in digital its so many settings before i get one stroke the way i want , any help around this would be cool

  • P Gron says:

    Thank you. You are just brilliant.

  • Homme Field says:

    Brush settings in PS that worked for me: Under brush settings > go to Transfer and under Control, choose 'Fade' for opacity and flow. A good smudge brush with scatter turned on between 30-50% works well

  • Josh Polman says:

    You’ve just speed up my workflow quite a bit! No more switching between smudge and paint endlessly. Just need to work out the best settings for Procreate…

  • misetearu777 says:

    Guys who want to MAKE this brush on PROCREATE I have a configuration! In the Paint tab of the brushes, choose the flat brush and open its settings by giving another touch. In the first tab (tracing) Place the following values: Spacing 8.7%, streamline 0%, tremulation 0%, drop 0%. Below choose pressure narrowing, and choose size and pressure at MAX. In the Form tab put dispersion at 0% and rotation also at 0% and mark filtration shape with improved. In Granulate put everything in 0% and mark the filtration as Classica. In the Dynamica tab comes the most important: mark the brush as wet mixture and put dilution 95% and load at 84% attack by 1% and pull at 25%, gradation put everything to the right, and put all in dynamic of the opacity at 0%. In the Brush tab, put the opacity options on the max and angle at 62% (all others in this tab put 0%!). And lastly, in the General tab on the brush's behavior part, turn on the classic narrowing option and place the option to smudge at 90%. Its Done.

    Ps: I use procreate in Portuguese and so I may have translated some settings with different name!

  • miss unt says:

    I liked the guy painting a lot. it was very beautiful. nothing boring there

  • Norbert Caillet says:

    I really enjoy painting like that more and more. No pre drawing, just sculpting over big chunks of colors. Thanks so much for all your videos, they are super helpful!

  • Randolph Thomas II says:

    Hey Sinix: is there a specific brush that's similar to the the acrylic dry brush in Sketchbook? I tried using the round brush with pressure opacity per your "painting with one brush" video, but no luck…

  • Annira Sapere Luhart II says:

    you sound so happy, it makes me happy

  • Stardoo Galaxie says:

    Lord you make painting look fun and great aaa. Also that brush is so satisfying to watch

  • Pollyless says:

    Thank you for such a great video. Do you know if there is such a brush for Procreate (drawing on ipad)? Thanks!)

  • Emir Faiz Abdul Hanan says:

    Anybody here know how to achieve a similar effect with Medibang Paint Pro?

  • Juan Sebastian S Colmenares says:

    is there a brush like that in PS?

  • SoyyedMilk says:

    watching this in 2019 ~

  • Nitesh Kushwaha says:

    sir ! do you use reference or it's all upon your intellect???

  • Micah Warren-Johnson says:

    do you have any videos on sculpting for procreate?

  • SecretBeastStudio says:

    i dont think i've ever enjoyed watching a tutorial this much

  • toma hook says:

    You are a legend

  • Bradley says:

    all these people asking for brush in Photoshop when i dont even know how to get it in corel painter

  • Spree says:

    down syndrome elf

  • edkabessa says:

    16:47 half of his face looks 47 years old and the other half, 15

  • Naquadah001 says:

    There is a brush similar to this, in clip studio paint pro?

  • Andrew Laurance says:

    Thank you..very helpfull

  • Teodora Tepes - Onea says:

    The eyes are sooo small.. it creeps me out 🙁

  • Aнтон Ким says:

    Thank you so much for the valuable lessons! the style is reminiscent of the game Dishonored. Thank you very much for the Russian subtitles! you're gorgeous!

  • Brandon Ryan says:

    hey man, where can i get a brush like this for photoshop?

  • mon moni says:

    Anyone know similar effects or brushes like this for medibang ?

  • Austen Valentine says:

    Your narration always puts a smile on my face. You make your practice time so much fun!

  • Austen Valentine says:

    I notice the eraser doesn't get used to shave the silhouette. Background-matching color is painted over instead. Would you still use this "erasing with paint" technique if you had a scenic background?

    Can anyone recommend a Sinix video where he has a detailed background and possibly uses layers in his rendering?

  • Chelsea [ Crimson Hybrid ] says:

    I really love how solid your paintings look.

  • TΛEISM says:

    I just started doing digital art and your videos are literally soo helpful 😭 I was tryna find videos like these but they ain’t helping me much

  • Joe Yuan Mambu says:

    What kind of brush if im using Autodesk Sketchbook on Android?

  • CIAN WU says:

    Would you mind telling me how to set up a brush like this in Photoshop? I opened the opacity jitter, but they just don't mix, only keep overlaying on each other.

  • Hillary S Art says:

    Anyone know how to make a similar brush in Krita?

  • Emerald Vega says:

    cool video

  • Mary Yanlem says:

    I want ur brush preset

  • Nzienem says:

    Please do a tutorial on how you can make this type of brush on Procreate cause I’m finding it hard to replicate this

  • Michelangelo says:

    hello, i'm a huge fan and an artist-wannabe. i'm sorry for bothering you, but i was wondering if you could tell me where i can download or buy the dry brush you use in this video. thanks in advance! keep up the good work!

  • AcnupuH4uk says:

    Is it the same in Krita? I tried all the standard brushes, but did not find anything like it. Can I download like this brush somewhere? …)

  • Emil Johansson says:

    Great video! This is exactly the kind of thinking I had when creating this drawingsoftware: You pick a surface-angle on a sphere and draw it on the canvas. then you can move around the lightsource as you're drawing.

  • Daryl Petty says:

    Is there a way to get a brush like this for Krita? There are some brushes that smear but they don't have the limited paint.

  • Pe Painville says:

    I need that dry brush for Procreate man … help !!!!

  • Paper Towel says:

    I love how passionate you are about your work, it makes the video that much better. I couldn't help but smile as I went through it, very helpful and informative!

  • Sacrosanct _ says:

    did they remove the "dry brush" you're using? I can't find it anywhere in any of the year selections or in the 2019 version (I am using the trial version btw but I just can't find it to even try to do something productive)

    edit: please help I just want to be able to use the brushes you're using but I c a n n o t f i n d t h em

  • Anubis says:

    I was able to replicate the dry brush in Clip Studio. I'm Completely new to brush making and digital art in general so I recommend editing it yourself. Also, to increase/decrease stroke length, adjust the ending slider under the "starting and ending" category in tool properties. Here's a link to the tool: . Once downloaded just drag and drop it next to your other tools.

    The brush tip is ripped from a gouache set by RoastedStix which can be found here:

  • Robert Robertson says:

    Amazing artist….not a great teacher. Is he switching back and forth between an opaque brush and a transfer brush to do his cutting?

  • snowman雪人 says:

    this is so helpful! thank you for making it!

  • Alexander Divino says:

    You can really tell that sinix is having geniuine fun. One of my fave artists.

  • Bluesky Painting says:

    This video and the one on the painting brushes has led me to some of the most fun i´ve had while painting in months! I´m self tauhght and have had a pretty bad attitude towards following youtube tutorials as i like to learn stuff myself. But damn i glad i clicked on this video. 10/10 would do this again.

  • Hinakichu says:

    When the middle generic face lookd like thanos

  • ArtofTagi says:

    Can someone make a brush like this for Procreate?

  • Lone Jensen says:

    I need a brush like that in my life but I'm using photoshop.

  • Anucha CG says:

    thx <3

  • Andrea T says:

    procreate users: i’ve gone through some threads and compiled all of the sinix-like brushes (link under the *read more*) i’ve found into a brushset! the ones marked best are my favourite ones, and the regular ones are pretty all-purpose. also note the different textures and shapes too, they help! if it is marked (turn opacity on half only), that’s just because the smudge is a little intense. some of them can be used for different purposes (etc. dryer areas) and none of these are mine, expect for the shape and grain variations and the opacities altered slightly.

    enjoy the brushes!

  • M.G Redemptor says:

    why does my brush always create layers of lite shades instead of painting on the surface

  • M.G Redemptor says:

    I tried painting a cuboid with shades

    How does it look

  • Hong Chen says:

    super super super good tip!

  • First Last says:

    May I, at a risk of being ridiculous, ask for values of the parameters that make this brush so useful, i tried default configuration and it seems not to be so versatile at all. Big thanks in advance!

  • Kayla Smith says:

    Is there anyway to achieve this brush in paint tool sai?

  • jai jackson says:

    omg I love everything about this

  • Sure Things says:

    Hey Sinix, I like your drawing style, and I have wanted to be able to draw like this for years, but then I realized that maybe this workflow is not for me, I am still used to start with sketches and use lines as my main tool instead of stroke. I wonder how do your plan the drawing before you start, do you paint as you work along the way? thank you.

  • Lamascaradibuja says:

    man if you can able the translations for contribuitions, i really like to translate some videos to brazilian portuguese

  • pankaj says:

    Man.. you are the best

  • Owl Polar says:

    Your work is awesome! It's like watching a "Terminator" movie in a hentai style, if there was one… AWESOME!!!

  • spacesandshark says:

    What's most striking to me is how much fun you're having. I like drawing but I also kind of hate it, it's a lot of work.

  • sun leeaf says:

    Does anyone know how to get the brush for any one of the following programs?
    Autodesk Sketchbook
    Paint Tool SAI

    I appreciate any future help!

  • Lydia Hanger says:

    You're the best teacher on Youtube, seriously <3 Finally I feel like I'll be able to paint something decent-looking in color soon! Also, this brush is simply the best, I hope I'll find something similar in my CSP.

  • quan says:

    add makeup to girls! add makeup to boys!!!

  • ADDIOWL8 says:

    “your brain will tell you…" -Sinix
    Does that mean my brain is dead already?

  • GabbyToon says:

    Where can I get your dry brush?

  • Ngọc Moe says:

    What is the brush you use?

  • Miso Soup says:

    is there a brush like this in ps? I dont think anyone here can afford 500 software to try out one brush lol

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