Painting kitchen cabinets for beginners- Brush and Roll

Painting kitchen cabinets for beginners- Brush and Roll

painting kitchen cabinets for under
$200 is it possible absolutely I’m going to show you how to do it! Alright for those
of you who are new to this channel my name is one I’m the owner of 518 painters and if you haven’t done so please subscribe right now I’m always
uploading content about anything that has to do with painting and tips and
tricks and home improvement so to show you there’s something in there that you
would like I would suggest to check out my other videos too but yeah let me get
right to it so pretty much your whole project is
going to depend on your prep your prepping your product you know you don’t
want to be too tube with the product you know you get what you pay for
lets be honest you buy a $20 $10 pane you know that’s that’s the type of results
you’re going to achieve so the product that we’ll be using today I’m going to
leave a link in the description so the The primer that we’re going to be using is a
urethane acrylic called Stix and the top code is going to be Benjamin
more advanced alkyd between oil-based primer and the sticks
those are really my top to go to of primers and the Benjamin Moore advanced
this you know it’s it’s so easy to work with its self leveling it’s easy to sand
and the finish that you get is very it’s a solid it’s like a almost like a
like a shell is it really are even if you if you’re not an experienced pain
and you know that the stuff kind of works with you you know is it’s very
forgiving so this is going to make this project rip really easy for anybody
pretty much. So with kitchen cabinets usually they tend to be very dirty and
very greasy on especially the ones that are located directly over your stove and
oven tend to have a high buildup of grease and oils so what you want to do
is you want to make sure that you clean these thoroughly for you before you do
anything so what I like to do is spray this heavy duty degreaser It’s a citrus degreaser but yet what you do
which we do is you spray down your surfaces your doors is drawers you frame
pretty much everything that you’re painting. Soak it with the
degreaser . What you are trying to do you’re trying to get rid of the oil and
grease, anything that the paint won’t adhere once you spray on your degreaser
let that sit for a couple of minutes then wipe it off with a clean rag what
I’ll suggest I would let it sit for like five minutes at least five minutes I’m
already did it with this one so for demonstration purposes you know I didn’t let this one sit
too long but anyways what you want to go around you want to
you know see if there’s anything that you need to knock off any dirt that you
missed what I do I take my 5 in 1 you can take pretty much anything a
credit card work sometimes knock off any dirt and debris go ahead and wipe it
again and this goes for pretty much for every
part that you’re painting you know whether it’s you drawer , your frame
everything that that’s being painting you want to make sure you prep
it correctly you want to degrease it make sure you get all the debris off
before you go ahead and start sanding and you start sanding it you want to use
a 150 grit and lightly scuff up the surface what you’re trying to do is you’re
trying to take the gloss you try to de loss it and you’re trying to give your primer and your paint something to grab onto so what I like doing and this
important to if you’re doing this if you you know if you got somebody helping you
you want to make sure you guys are on the same page as far as sanding you want
to go pretty much always go with the grain when you’re standing and you know
the same pattern that you’re doing this the same way you’re standing you want
your partner to send the same way just so later on you know there’s no you
don’t see any difference once you put the paint on you know and one person
went against the grain dealing with the grain you know you’re going to have
texture difference to than you finish so what else to just either you know you
designate one person to sanding or you know you you guys talk it out before you
for you sin and make a plan on how you gonna tack it so yeah take your 150
grit and just like you scuff up the surface you don’t even have to put much pressure same thing in here. What I’m using is
a sanding sponge to wrap my paper around. Make sure you get your corners And that’s it. Make sure you know you
hit every spot look at it in the light and if you see any glossy spots you know
you it goes again then you take your rag and wipe off any dust you want to get
rid of heavy dust especially in the corners because if you start painting this
and they’re still just dust or debris in the corners or anywhere on the surface
it’s going to show in your finish alright just looking pretty good so what
you will do you know you do both sides and you do that with every every face
plate of your drawer every go work and put your frame you you would go about the same way
then our next step is to prime this alright I let us sit up for about eight
hours and ended up doing something else what is looking pretty good so what you
want to do is first thing you want to do you want to do a fingernail scratch test
you want to see this is this is solid and as you can see the the
primarily adhere to the to the surface so we’re good to go
next thing you want to do is you want to take some 220 grit sanding paper and see
if you have any imperfection it’s just very lightly wipe over those up and over
those five just to knock off any any debris anything that contaminated the
surface this is pretty good and see anything so we’re good to go here what
I’m going to do now is I’m going to wipe it off with a rag and get ready to apply
the topcoat another thing I want to mention real quick whenever you touching
the surface make sure your hands are clean make sure you don’t have any
grease or you know you naturally have oil isn’t on your fingers so you want to
make sure you need to wash away with a good soap on like a distant ocean soap
or some Duramax and clean your hands are really good because if you touch the
surface and you have oil grease on it when you go to paint over it you know
you can have spots where the tea won’t adhere to the surface and you know you
want that’s what you’re trying to do it’s another resented everything and
looks good and everything’s smooth we are ready to apply our topcoat so you’re
doing the same thing like you did with your primer I’m going to take our tank
hit the edges make sure you don’t put too much shot up too much paint in your
corners because it’ll build up then we’ll take our 4 inch 3/8 inch nap
roller and apply our pain tape thing your last rope you always
want to go in the same direction make sure there’s nothing running or
dripping off our side and that’s it so we’re going to do now
we’re going to let this dry there’s a suggested dry time of 16 hours in
between coats so we let this sit overnight come back see if we have to
stand anything before we apply our second coat and then do the same thing
we’re going to do that with everything with all the other doors the drawers and
the frame and then we’ll see what we have at we’re going to do that with
everything we’re going to live with the doors the drawers and the frame and then
we’ll see what we have all right so everything has a first coating on the
frame the drawers or the doors now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take
them 400 grit sandpaper send out any imperfections if I have any runs what
I’m going to do is I’m going to take a little bit of water just lightly wet
sand it and then go ahead apply the second coat and then we should be good
to go all right so just a quick recap of what
we did is we degrease we D gloss B prime and we paint it that’s all it is it’s
that simple arm and like I said the prep is about 90
percent of your job 90% is your prep and 10% is your product so you want to make
sure you prep the right you get the right product and your results are
almost guaranteed alright thanks for watching I hope you
enjoyed this little video leave a comment below let me know what you think
also check out some other videos I’m sure you find something that you know
that you like I got a bunch of you know stuff and anything from airbrushing to
how to clean exterior shutters and the I hit that subscribe button it helps me
out and let me know that you guys are really interested in seeing what I do
also together


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