Painting a Cutting Board With Oil, Oil painting on wood (Part 3)

Today we have the third kitchen board flowers and arrangement will be different from one point on one brush stroke sideways and the other way burgeon I’ve already made butterflies, they are a little different in color turquoise, lilac and green take the yellow paint, add a little white to density and this is our acrylic flower center take a thin brush long and make a binding and small leaves the first layer can be made with any paint since the second layer will be oiled and it will all close I’ll take the paint a little darker so that the brush strokes were visible and dry the first layer the first layer has dried the first layer was cleaned and oiled with linseed oil and so the shadow paint mars brown, dark, transparent leaf edge shadow brush we have squirrel number 6 neatly shadow the edges of the leaves our background is bright and therefore we try do not go to the background all the time gain paint on the brush keep the brush shape our brush is flat we take dark pink transparent paint carefully and edges at asters edges of petals this part is left light and some shadows the central part brush not wash add paint mars brown dark middle a little shadow edge at the central part and the third layer on the leaves brush washed in turpentine moistened with linseed oil dark green mix with light yellow smoothly raise the brush to the top to have a smooth transition from the light part to the shadow divide the sheet in half by the movement of the branch constantly adjust brush

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