Paintball Tips & Tactics : Paintball Standup Shooting Form

Paintball Tips & Tactics : Paintball Standup Shooting Form

Hello this is Rob Rubin and you’re watching
Expert Village. In this episode we’re going to talk about shooting form and specifically
standing shooting form and a lot of people are going to look and say what’s the point
of shooting form, all you have got to do is stand and pull the trigger? It’s not really
that easy and if it were everybody would be able to do it. If you don’t have good shooting
form, you are not going to be able to hit anything. Paintballs are fairly accurate if
you give them a chance to be. So we’re going to give them a chance. Standing shooting form
is what you are going to be using if you are a back player. Most of the back bunkers are
tall bunkers back here so you have a chance to stand up. The advantage of keeping on standing
is that when you are standing if somebody starts shooting at you you can slide in and
play tight if you need to play it, if somebody comes in from the plank you can swing around
the bunker and still be somewhat protected. A lot of players when they get into being
behind the bunkers like this they will stand with their side facing and they will lean
forward and shoot like this. That is not good for several reasons. Number one this is way
off balance I mean you are standing on your toes doing this and you are not going to be
able to have any sort of balance and number two it is really horrible on your back. You
don’t think about these things until you have back surgery, trust me. I can’t even do that
for practice. I’ll show you the technique that has been working for me and it also gives
you an advantage that you can work both sides of the bunker and it gives you more opportunities.
What you are going to do is you’re going to bend one knee, put about 80% of your weight
on one knee and the other knee is going to remain straight. You are then going to lean
out, play tight, and take a couple of shots. This works to the advantage that you can switch
sides very easily and go from the left to the right of the bunker very quickly. Plus
you can play a little bit loose back here, lean out a little this way and lean out this
way and have more mobility out here. As long as you are standing up you might as well be
mobile. You might as well use all of the space that you have available to you.


  • Dakkenly says:

    Rob Rubin is pro. He filmed like 10 that day in the same spot, so yeh.

  • Lambda25 says:

    I like what he is doing but you can see that he isn't a very good player. These are good introduction videos for those JUST starting off.. but other than that you should go to mike at techpb. Also, this guys snap shooting and breakout is appauling. still love the webdog radio though, it taught me a lot when I was super noob.

  • Jeronimo! says:

    this guy's woodsball vids were better

  • trevorjohn9 says:

    pumpers ftl tippmanns ftw!

  • foughtwolf says:

    It'll also save you knees and hips from being useless by the age of forty.

  • piemiester says:

    he exposes his leg and his head with this technique. for a standup can, it's best to have a some what centered stance so that you're very stable and to move your entire upper body at the hip. this gives your opponent less of a target and it makes it easier to snap quickly.

  • outreachpaintball says:

    a mag, couse hes epic

  • Josh Humphreys says:

    What kind of gun are u using I can't tell. Automag? SLG? idk but ur reg is fat so im goin with automag…?

  • Anjelius says:

    Good tips, i love the videos. But watch where you bend your knee, in the video his knee was sticking right out of the bunker and that exposes yourself that much more, instead just try to keep it in the bunker, keep your elbow pointed towards the ground, keep your hopper in the bunker. that way when you snapshoot, all they can see is a small part of your gun and a little tiny part of your mask. also never come out in the same place over and over, change it up so they wont be expecting it

  • Dallas Stevens says:

    lets see you do this go make a video doing this

  • Trickps TV says:

    the guy has put a load of effort in. Props goes out to him. But, fuck me…..this is all completely wrong. You will learn nothing from it. Only poor technique.

    Tut tut…this guy sucks ass.

  • Thomas Feminella says:

    don't get me wrong, It like this guy. This however is not good. It is good up until the point that he sticks his legs all the way out. You can use this, just make sure your legs don't stick out. I still like this guy, and I do recommend watching his other vids

  • Tat Whitley says:

    they don't freeze your gun up, it's just compressed air, not cold compressed co2, so it makes your gun work better, so basically shooting better. they don't shoot harder, it's just the psi and regulators

  • wesnilevirus77 says:

    hello this is rob rubin and the only thing i suck at worse tan paintball is watching my weight and diabetes!

  • TBoneProductionsVB says:

    Eh both ways of leaning out work but he seems to stick his leg out kinda far and it makes him a larger target. I pick off guys all the time because they don't pay attention and have they're feet poking out the side. I'm sympathetic that your having back problems but low profile, stealth, and unpredictability seem to work best for me. Good tip vids though

  • death180 says:

    it would break inside ur gun. 90% of the time.

    when they freeze, they expand, ur gun isnt meant for expanded paintballs.

  • TBoneProductionsVB says:

    Nah I just learned how to type there eh

  • bob alha says:

    u dont need to freeze them NSKpunnisher.. some dont explode anyway.

  • Matt Ward says:

    horrible snap, and he'd be taken out by the 50 dorito lol

  • Ryan Rucker says:

    i hope you get shot in the leg
    this guy doesnt know shit

  • Jack Meeks says:

    called a diet. lol jk. just be really fast and flank them. lol i dont

  • Dinosaur says:

    haha dude ur arm sticking ouit,chicken wing

  • OperatorSingo says:

    lol he explains the basic common sense stuff…

  • OperatorSingo says:

    loose some weight n then tell us whats good and bad for our backs

  • Ron Tozier says:

    It's kinda sad to see nothing but bs comments on a guy who is a paintball legend. Who really gives a crap if you think your better than anybody? Get a reputation that is anywhere near Tyger's, then lets talk.

  • 13dogman13 says:

    whoa sounds like you know what your talking about u should put up some videos on youtube

  • bakuball says:

    @OperatorSingo Well, some people may not know this. Really, you think everyone come into paintball as an expert on basics?

  • bakuball says:

    @XDAN4ORTHX You, my friend, are a major dousche bag.

  • Taylor Em Démme says:

    D-O-U-S-C-H-E! whats that spell! XDAN4ORTHX!

  • Taylor Em Démme says:

    So-your saying that you just stare out of your cover waiting for someone-ya…….that probably wouldent work that well….

  • monotonelifestyle says:

    @rojo1312 that doesn't spell the desired word of, "douche." you were close though.

  • monotonelifestyle says:

    @rojo1312 although I do agree with you, that dude is a douche.

  • Kody Wedell says:

    uhh dudes dont wear braids

  • Taylor Em Démme says:

    uhhhhh….. I think you forgot to capitalize…

  • Henrik says:

    the third think that is bad about standing and shotin in the side is that its horroble tho get hit in the sides, its really painfull.

  • Mrinaj Janampalli says:

    awsome video

  • Mrinaj Janampalli says:

    really helpful =D

  • Loch Ness says:

    @technodog14 Then lets talk? With you? ^^ ya that last sentence made lots of sense.

  • Ron Tozier says:

    @bloodsuckern It's called a figure of speech WebDogRadio pretty much started the idea of online tip videos. Tygers not the best paintballer in the world, and some of you guys might be able to, "totally pwn this noob" or whatever. The point is people are going to expertvillage for info on a sport they find interesting. What kind of reputation are you giving to the players of the sport? Seems like a pretty big turn off to me when I see comments like the majority of the ones on this video.

  • Snowshredder says:

    Is he playing reball?

  • VicariouslyCurious says:

    Weaver stance! Lol…

  • Matt Gottschall says:

    @technodog14 Legend? I have never heard of this guy, how is he a legend? Did he play on a pro team? If so what team? What leagues did he play in? Cause ive never heard of this guy

  • Matt Gottschall says:

    These techniques are helpful but just a couple suggestion when you bring your body out don't lead with your feet, have your feet planted in a position where you are balanced this helps you become a smaller target, also tuck your elbow in when you pop out to shoot this also makes u a smaller target.

  • Dalton Power says:

    sooo agggggg jk lololololololololoololllolo rofl

  • Leonardo Minelli says:

    #2.- Its really horrible on the back. <– Indeed!

  • CaptChris11 says:

    the only problem with this is that more of ur body sticks out from the bunker it would be great if you play tight though

  • Sebastián Martín says:


  • Sebastián Martín says:

    the Standup Shooting is not like you're doing can not leave the knee or the trunk is half of the mask and the gun Loder

  • e0n2006 says:


    a paintball legend ??? i neeeeeeeever ever heared his name in 6 years of paintball 😉 pls shut up … this guy talks shit .. and his "tips" are shit

  • Alleycatnumero5 says:

    I like this guy. He seems like a pretty cool guy.

  • shawdabest says:

    youll get shot in the leg

  • Fitzy says:

    i played last sunday i got two big welts on my leg the size of cow eyes really i slipped down a hill my friend shot me frome like 5 meters

  • Fitzy says:

    i played last sunday i got two big welts on my leg the size of cow eyes really i slipped down a hill my friend shot me frome like 5 meters but the tips were very helpful.

  • Fitzy says:

    i went paintballing last sunday and got shot in the thigh the size of cow eyes it hurt. my friend shot me from around 5 meters i fell down a hill and got blown in the thigh.but the tips and trick helped alot

  • Fitzy says:

    @e0n2006 your retarded hes awsome you fartknocker

  • Rémi LACOMBE says:

    Please do not listen one single advice from this guy ! LOL Worst player i've seen for a long time ! ( I play semi-pro for 3 years now so please believe me is a morron)

  • Matthew Parra says:

    @technodog14 i know right

  • MassacreZR1 says:

    In fact he said, "a tecnique that works for ME" so if he shoots good this way and wants to tell it, its good, and i think the way you should not shoot he tells us is really a way you should not shoot, but might be used by many beginners, bcs they think this way they are safer behind the Bunker…

  • Tristan Ciraulo says:

    omg put ur leg in no 1 listen to him when he snaps half his body is out

  • TheWyatt007 says:

    @bmworgii 2 things he's giving tips to back players… who knows if he really plays back (granted, with his size, he probably does..) 2: if you really think barrel length=accuracy, then you are probably the guy that tells the story about how you sniped someone at 150 yards with your 22 inch barrel on your tippmann…

  • Matt says:

    This video must be old or something because what he's teaching for snapping is completely wrong. For one thing his legs are completely exposed leaving someone like me to light up his right pant leg. Second his elbows are jutting out the side of the bunker which would give any good snake player a easy target. Lastly, one of the most important aspects of snap shooting which is center of balance is not followed correctly because his body mass is shifted on his right foot. This makes it more

  • MonsterMadden12 says:

    Ok b4 i read any comments im posting this to see how many people laughed at him saying loose…GROW UP

  • yamborghini3 says:

    lol cod taught me this

  • Bopit4983 says:

    2 months I'll use you tips thanks I would subscribe if there wasn't so much videos good think I know where to go

  • roc1585 says:

    Your videos really help me. Thanks!

  • roc1585 says:

    @german3313 WHERE A CUP I GOT HIT TWICE THERE IN ONE DAY IT SUCKS. you dont want to be running around with your u know what inflamed

  • lunatic0258 says:

    Sticking way to far out u only need to come out a very little to see around

  • skebenq says:

    WTF is that jersey (sponsored by fast food)

  • IdTapKateUpton says:

    Dude thankz im going paintballing for my 2nd time and vids r really helping me i did alot of wrong things my first time… Not wrong like not listening to the ref or anything lol

  • Tyler Stanley says:

    that is false you do not want your knee sticking out you keep you face the bunker turn both feet inward and lean your body not your legs

  • aj1201pitt says:

    going paintballing with my friend in a week so i'm making sure i don't suck nuts

  • Alex Kropp says:

    really helped i'm small so it was easy

  • jackie davis says:

    its good but ur exposing to much of ur body.

  • oADDICTIONo o.o says:

    Great tips. I'm a fairly new paint baller but i just got sponsored and I'ma make sure to try out your tips. Thanks for make the time to make these vids your a real legend =]

  • Tyler Stanley says:

    @theslipknot011 hahaha to bad thats not true you keep your knee in and move your body if you have your knee sticking out and you go back behind the bunker your gonna have your leg shot and even if your out shooting with your leg out still going to be shot

  • Alexander Bolling says:

    Who taps there nose to utilize thinking

  • maplekid1000 says:

    @5mdicepot how did u get sponsored cuz iv been playing for almost a year now

  • shadon007 says:

    I JUST watched a video by this guy where he says you shouldn't do exactly what it is he does at 1:38. You're supposed to switch hands according to him.

  • NathanieI87 says:

    damn right man! it's sad that they don't know who he is. I bet that he'd even smoke all of these kids with a pump marker 😀

  • Matt H says:

    Watch techpbs snapsooting video with the tampa bay lightning, it really helped me with snapshooting, and a general teqnique for shooting

  • Tyler Stanley says:

    @theslipknot011 Your an idiot no you dont need to keep your knee out to fucking move faster if your good you can move fast enough with your knee in ! with your knee out its something to shoot at !

  • jacuzz916 says:

    less exposed body area is less target to hit. putting the knee out is not a good idea. stick an elbow or knee out when your gun fighting against me and your gonna lose. I guess if you have back problems like I'm assuming this guy does maybe you should NOT be playing paintball. I've been playing since 1990 and from my experience everyone plays within there abilities.if it works your you then use it, if it doesnt then move on.

  • MultyArms says:

    A 50 seconde, mauvaise position, son coude ne doit surtout pas sortire comme sa, mais etre rentré !

  • Alec12345678900 says:

    I love to play tight. 🙂

  • azonic2002 says:

    He gets his knee out way too far. He's right that you dont have to hug the bunker, but its important to keep about a shouler width stance, and remember to shift weight from leg to leg, but keeping the knee behind cover. and ALWAYS keep ya damn elbow in. elbows down. otherwise i'll find you 😉

  • Nokta says:

    @iBaHZuRK I was going to comment this, of all of this video show the elbow might be one of the most important thing he dont talk about.

  • Razzman says:

    putting your knee out you just gave the opponent another possible target

  • Lukas says:

    do any of these tips work for woodsball?

  • thomas hawkins says:

    you would be wide open if you do that so you better have a GOOD team

  • WhoNeedsNME says:

    Good shot Jackson!

  • Neil Curtin says:

    If you've had back surgery, you probably shouldn't play paintball…

  • FreakCheat says:

    oh i see one straight leg and one homo leg…

  • patrick elliott says:

    thanx this will help a lot i am a beginer and i am still trying to learn your advice has helped a lot

  • mrsuperiffy says:

    what if you got knee surgery? 🙂

  • rico lopez says:

    good information but u are way to far out and keep your elbow in

  • Sum Ting Wong says:

    this dumbass is gona get you marked straight up with his technique….almost half of his body is out on sight wtf

  • Riley A. says:

    thats an old ricochet apache
    they don't make them anymore

  • soulskater122 says:

    This guy is far from an expert.

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