Paintball Tips & Tactics : How to Treewalk During Paintball

Hello, this is Rob Rubin, and you’re watching
Expert Village. This episode I want to talk to you about a woods concept that actually
works very well on arena fields. In the woods, it’s always been called tree walking. I have
no idea what you guys want to call it, so I’m going to call it tree walking and you
guys can make up your own term for it. What it is is putting so much stuff between you
and your opponent that they cannot physically see you or put a paintball on you. It kind
of works like this–and you can try it at home right now if you want to. Let’s say you
have a tree way off in the distance over here. You have a tree really close to you over here.
There’s a lot of space in between those two trees, but when you put it into perspective,
you can’t see beyond the trees. This is the essence of tree walking. Individually, each
one of these bunkers is very small, but if I stand right about here, this bunker protects
me on one side, I have a center bunker, I have another bunker. This is effectively a
ten foot bunker if not a fifteen foot bunker, from the guy in the center of the field on
the other side. What this means is I have this huge pocket back here. I have this huge
area I can play so loose it’s not even funny. And I can pop up from here, I can pop up from
this side, I can pop up from this side, and he’s not going to know where I’m coming from.
Or, I can really mess him up–follow me–I can really mess this guy up by coming in,
and he still can’t see me, he still can’t see me. I’m here, he still can’t see me. I
can even keep on moving up to the next bunker. He still can’t see me. And it’s right here
that I have the shot. And I moved that entire distance by tree walking, by putting so much
visual stuff in front of me in reference to him, he couldn’t see me coming.

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