Paintball Tips & Tactics : How to Practice Snapshooting in Paintball

Hello this is Rob Rubin and you’re watching
Expert Village. Practicing your snapshooting is actually really easy because it is just
repetition. It is a very basic skill but the idea is to learn it and do it quickly. The
way to learn is to start by doing it slow. Get into the proper stance, the proper technique,
lean out just enough, just beyond cover and then come back in. Repeat this over and over
and over. Don’t just practice coming out one side and snapshooting with the right arm if
you are right handed also practice coming out the left hand side as well. Lean out,
snap, shoot, lather, rinse, repeat, lather, rinse, repeat. A nice thing about snapshooting
as a skill is that you don’t actually have to shoot paint in order to get better at the
skill. Any opportunity that you have, grab your marker, you don’t have to have any paint
in it, just learn to lean, learn to lean. You can be watching television at home and
just snapshoot at the TV, snapshoot at the clock on the wall, snapshoot at anything.
Yea, like you’re not doing it anyway, we’re all junkies and we understand. Don’t snapshoot
at animals. Not only is it a bad idea it also makes the animal very very angry at you, unless
of course the animal is wearing paintball goggles then go for it. What if I would see
somebody put the specters on their dog, come here.

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