Paintball Squad & Team Tactics : Paintball Squad Tactics: Confusion Engagement Demonstration

This is Robert Stewart, with We’ve
set up a scenario here to show you how a confusion flank works. On the opposite side of this
road, Katie and Becca have have bunkered themselves up, and they they’re facing the fire, but
they’re playing a pretty passive game at this point, and they’re not moving. On this side
of the field, Kaylin and Bob have just arrived at these pickets. It’s not ideal cover. If
they stay here for too long they’re apt to get painted. When the shooting starts, Bob
is going to execute the confusion maneuver, and flank them from the far side of the field.
Everybody ready? Game on. Bob’s now moving out on a hard flank from the opposite side
of his position. He’s going to try to immediately engage them from behind. To do this properly
requires speed. Player’s eliminated.

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