Paintball Sniper ► Rush | Scenario Paintball | Milsim | Adrena Fernão Dias

Welcome back guys! Today’s game is called Rush! If you don’t know it’s like this: Each team has their base. While this base is active the team has infinite lives. So the objective is Defend your own base while at the same time you try to destroy the base of the enemy. So like and comment because any kind of interaction you have with the channel helps me a lot! Let’s go. you got one. But I see another. Want me to pass? Want me to pass? You are going to be exposed Go low. go above. I’ll hold over here. Let me know when you are there Let’s charge We have to get to the cqb we have to go to the cqb! There’s some guys over there Do we have acess through here? Yes! There’s a door over there. Come one with me! Cover me while I’ll run. Stay over here. I’m gonna go there Go to the door that I’ll cover your twelve. movement left. And while I was doing my respawn my friend was able to destroy the enemy base. and that’s how it ended. And for next week’s video I’m doing a video talking about my loadout. So see you guys soon!

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