Paintball Sniper ► Defending the Hill | Overrun | CQB | Milsim  | Adrena Paintball

Paintball Sniper ► Defending the Hill | Overrun | CQB | Milsim | Adrena Paintball

Welcome back guys! For today we have to attack the enemy’s base and defend ours. I’d like to say also that we are close do 5K Subscribers! In a little over a year! My goal was to get close to 1K. And we are close to 5K. This is a little overwhelming. I’m so happy with this! It’s all thanks to you guys. Who comment. Who leave a like. Who tag a friend. THANK YOU! I’ll do a special thanks in a video later. Just wanted to say this here! Thanks for the support! Thank you also to “Severino do Paintball” He always talks about us I’m to far back. Don’t get in here Inside the house! Watch out. You’re going to get hit Holy shit! Can’t see anyone They already took several of them CQB I see movement above you. I’ll take him out. Got one! Watch out for the tower I have two or three enemys in front of me I’m pinned down. Can’t move. I need reinforcement on the corridor. To cover me I’m comming down. Going down Watch out. There’s two guys under the stairs did you get hit? No bud. You can come in and check me Contact. In front of us. Contact there? Cover me bud. please I see shadows over there Gotta check my ammo Anyone in the house? Friendly! Anyone in here? I’m taking position Behind the rock. On the first house. Anyone from our team? Behind the rock. On the first house… No.. All enemy’s! Hit! Hit…. diagonal I’m covering the window He’s comming… comming… (Rambo!!!!)… 😉 He’s behind the cover another No blind fire It’s over!


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