Paintball Shotgun in 4K

Paintball Shotgun in 4K

Now I’ve got my earplugs. All right, three,
two, one, go! Oh!( theme music playing )– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. Welcome to
“The Super Slow Show,” There are some steps.
To my right you can see a lovely assortment
of glass wear and plates and ornaments
and things, but all I really see is paintball target practice. Yes. I love smashing stuff. – It’s so satisfying.
– It is very satisfying. Let’s make this
a little challenge. The Phantom can record
for about five seconds, so we’ll each take
five seconds with a paintball gun, and see who does
the most damage. Each thing could be one point. – Safety off.
– Safety’s off. – I’ll count you in.
– Okay. Three, two, one… trigger! Good. That wasn’t bad. – Gee.
– You sent glass all over. ( laughs ) – Gah.
– You’ve actually turned
this plate into something, like,
someone had a pizza. Just wipe the rest
of the sauce on it.All right, Dan, you’re off.– Dan:Oh, it bounced off
the bottom of he shelf.

Bounced off the shelf. Gav:That was interesting.
No points.
That put me off because
then I thought I was aiming
too low obviously.
Ah, so, so you thought
I’ll put another one there.
A little lower.That was terrible.Ooh, that was down.Struck on a plate,
one point.
Ooh, you annihilated the glass.That is the most satisfying
is when you hit
the top of the glass
– and it smashes.
– Yeah.
Ooh, another smash.
Good one.
Isn’t this so satisfying?I love how satisfying it is
when stuff does smash.
Oh, you’re going over there,
another plate.
Easy target, another point.Another one on the plate.I wanted the plate
to go down.
It’s the same point.
Doesn’t count. No, it’s every time
I hit one. No, it’s every time–
every item you hit. Yeah, I hit it twice.You sort of have
to go right there.
– Dan: Oh, f–
– It was close.
That glass is feeling lucky
right now.
Oh, it was so– no!How could I miss?Oh, nice, that was a two-for.– Dan: That was a two-for.
– Gav: That was two points
for that.
That was the pizza.Yeah, that’s the pizza plate.– Ooh! That was–
– Oh, you smashed it.
Right at the end
of the glass.
– Dan: Yeah!
– That was nice.
– Gav: That was satisfying.
– Nailed it.
So I got 21 hits? – Uh…
– Think you can beat that? Did we set a rule
on what gun we have to use? Well, no… Excellent. Let’s go. So, Dan, I had
the lads working on a little something
while were up there. This is the Shelf Painter 6000. Why do they call it
the Shelf Painter 6000? Well, Dan, it’s
because each barrel has 3,000 paint balls in it. Oh! No. – So…
– You can’t do that. It’s budging. – It is bulging.
– You can’t do that. It was an effort to get them in.
Goggles on, Dan. What? – It’s gonna annihilate it.
– You wanna be over here. You always cheat. I wouldn’t say it’s cheating. I’d just say it’s sort
of doing a better job. ( sighs ) Gav: All right… Three, two, one, go! Oh, oh… ( laughing ) Bloody hell. We were right to get down. Whoa! I got paint on me. So did I. Dan: I got 21 points, right? Gav: Yeah. So that means you got
at least 3,000 points, at least. Absolute carnage. Can’t believe
you cheated again. That’s not cheating. How is that cheating? We didn’t say what gun
we had to use. You can’t use that
when you go paintballing. All right, I think we should
check out the footage and see if I got
all the points possible. Happy with that. Completely unfair,
but, you know. I’m excited to see this one. I’m kind– I’m not sure
if I’m annoyed or pleased with you. Because it was so… – It was so good.
– …immense. But again you beat me, so it’s hard to tell.Just look at that as a shot.It looks like they could be
normal sized paintball guns,
like really close to the lens.Yeah, the lens is so wide,
it’s, like, what is the scale?
Yeah, lo and behold… ( whispering )
…they’re not normal
paintball guns. – Oh…
– Gav:The white ones
came out first.
Dan:Oh, and the– whoa.Oh, my God.That is a spread.That is a lot going on.Look how high
some of them went?
I like how they came out
in columns,
in, like– sort of
like a big caterpillar,
but then the air blast
at the end flattens it all out
into a big pancake.So it comes out in just
two walls of paintballs.
just two distinct waves.
Yeah.– Gav:Oh!
– Dan:Oh, it’s devastation.You wouldn’t stand
behind that, would you?
A lot of them bounced back
towards us.
Yeah, I got hit
by a couple of them.
Oh, do you get points for if
they bounce back off the back
and hit the item again?– Yeah.
– Maybe you got more than
that many points.
Everything is going
off the shelf.
The stuff that’s leftlooks like it was always
painted like that.
Yeah.That looked class. Do you remembered when we– we fired the two paintball guns at each other? I do. Yep. So when we did it
in your garden, we used normal paintballs
about the same distance apart.
Right? That we did. Now, with your
ridiculous inventions, they’re about
the same distance. Do you think they’ll hit? I think they’ll hit. I think they will as well. Okay. Now, I’ve got my earplugs. All right,
three, two, one, go! Oh! Uh, Gah. Absolutely misted. Oh, that was mental. I didn’t see anything.
I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t see anything.
I saw a misting. One second there was nothing,
and there was just… – Everything.
– Like, everything. All at once. – Jeez.
– I like your invention a lot,
by the way. – It’s a good one, isn’t it?
– I really– Even though you absolutely
annihilated me, I love your invention. I just– I just wanna go
and watch that. – Yeah, let’s go see it.
– Let’s just go watch it. Gav:
There’s my leg going up
’cause that’s
gonna do something.
Looks like the left’s going.Whoa!
Whoa, it burst–Oh, what?That looks like one of those
Windows, like, color charts
you get when you choose
the color.

It was.– It was like the hue picker.
– Yeah, that’s it.
It was like the mid-air
gradient of mist and color.
Whoa, how cool is that?That’s wicked.That’s a mid-air rainbow.Because of the colors
of the paint and the balls
it just worked perfectly
to create a…
Yeah, like all the mixed in the
color was right in the middle,
and all the ones that missed
are on the edge.
– Just creating
the perfect gradient. It could not
have been better. Scores. 21. – Uh, all of them.
– All of the scores. No, we’re not gonna
bother counting. – I clearly… won.
– That’s fair. I mean, that escalated
from a challenge into nothing of the sort. – Just gratuitous, like, yeah.
– Yeah. Hopefully you enjoyed
that video. Feel free to subscribe
to The Slow Mo Guys, and we’ll see you
in the next episode ( grunting )
of “The Super Slow Show,” where I’ll probably cheat
at another challenge. Always keep cheatin’. I’m just gonna step
on some of these. Oh, that’s messy. – Oh!
– Don’t slip. Hello there, Internet. – Gav here.
– And Dan. If you didn’t already,
please subscribe to The Slow Mo Guys
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– Sorry. – A bit creepy.
– Sorry.


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