Paintball Review #4- MCS 468 Primeiro jogo – Atibaia paintball club

Paintball Review #4- MCS 468 Primeiro jogo – Atibaia paintball club

You run! That’s it….. Then you shoot…. That’s the opening! In action review of my new toy yeap, better not stay there… And that’s it! My new marker. A 468 Finally, I have a marker that I will call “gourmet” There’s no better way to show my first impressions than sharing my first game with it. that’s what I’ll do. We are at APC Atibaia Paintball Club, Greeeeat paintball field. I recommand it there’s three fields plus the Ghost Hotel. aaaaaand let’s go! Let’s check what that marker have to say that damned scope cam refused to work, I don’t know why. Only at the end of the game she accepted to work…. Son of a b**** ok, first thing. I found the 468 light My friend Daniel thinks it’s a eavy one, but I don’t Maybe because I did not had all my accessories on it Also, the magpul handguard I have on it is really light, so…..
lovely Behind the beattle. Ow, stood up. lovely blow back pushing left side!!!!! here starts the problems… “I’ll push to position!” First thing I have to say : It’s a second hand marker All my markers, exept from the vortex, are second hand And of all of them, exept from the vortex….none worked well on the first game. what is happening there with the 468, it doesn’t recock On some shot, the lock bolt stops the bolt or it doesn’t have air enough to send the bolt to recock Then I need to recock manually Got one! ok, I already gave a negative point, witch could be resolved I am gonna give a positive point now…
precision I am using an original barrel and, ow lowrd, what an amazing precision!! “OUT!!” “caramba” Daaaaamned i shot a friendly I thought he was an enemy who took my teamate from behind…I thought He shot at me! but…..good shot uh. Fast! And one more That shot good straight at an enemy.
-“watch out on our back!!!” -“Good shot buddy!” “You got me” Sorry! He came to give me the highfive but, in the middle of the adrenalin, I just didn’t stop Wow, you’r crazy man Man, I shot one that was here on our back. He maybe friendly…But he shot at me That’s why I came to you thinking that you could be enemy ok How are we? Behind the car! He got throught!! Here you saw him? Have you seen that precision?! It looks like a First strike! And it’s baaaaad paintballs! rah lovely! they are pushing on our right flank! Uppon us! damend hairy guy. He flanked us! Anyway. You saw that? A guy appeared uppon us, I missed him and the lokBolt stopped the bolt. The marker didn’t shot. That’s the problem I have now with my 468 but let’s go….. The marker is a f***** good marker It is a beauty, it’s light, It’s undestructible. It is exxxxtreamly precise It has a few stuffs that others doesn’t, like the anti-ball drop system witch keeps paintballs from falling down when you take out the magazine And the lock bolt That you may already know, witch keeps from chopping paintballs when they are not well feeded It stops the bolt in that case That’s a pretty good system I use it on my Hurricane, you may have seen it on my videos but….in my 468 it become one of the problem My troubles are made of a lot of small problems We did manutention after the game and found some stuffs like the trigger frame were a bit loose So I was loosing air so the bolt didn’t had enough blowback to recock And also, my helix are the first version and they’re quality is poor If you plan to buy Helix mags, make sure to get the new ones. Older than 2017 Because the old one are not the best ones And every time you’ll have a misfeed with your Helix the lock bolt will prevent from shooting The diference with the Hurricane is that you’ll have to recock manually with the hurricane, you’ll tap the mag and you’r ready again I find this anoying in this marker but, that is reallism! let’s go to the other game two went on the left side! Watch out, I am passing by. Stay low F*** damn it’s not goin’ On ran here! Got one the one in the house is out Pushing strong left! Left side. On the extreme! Straight! good You cover me? I’ll push up yo, I’ll come to you -“Damned Jerome! We are on the same team!” -“No Jerome is on mine. We changed on that game” -“You can get out”
-They are on the other side -“get out and I stay”
-We were already out -“ah ok then” ahahaha, sorry! I swear….I gotta say something When I eliminate a friend, generaly, I say to him “stay, I get out” Here, with adrenalin I messed up my word and said the contrary. That’s not what I wanted to say! Sorry but anyway, they were already out Yellows!!!! PUSH UP!!!!! ooooow, but…… wait a sec….Let me take a look at that shot OUT! aaaaah ,Daniel
-straight in the head ok…everything’s wrong there. But I am old paintballs that breaks easily And my helix weren’t good that day But look how you clean the marker in sec, inside the field! That’s a positive point I think So this is it. I loved the 468 But, my first impression is that is a gourmet marker. You gotta wear a f** exepensive suit to go out with it You need to have super clean ,magazines do the perfect maintenance of everything in every game Drop a liter of oil in it Use the best paint I think…and I think it’s a negative point. I am used to Tippmann but As I said. It’s a beauty; shots damn straight, strong… a great marker gourmet I think that is my conclusion…..Ah! And it was Caca’s birthday. Happy one to you ah! And something I didn’t talk about. Air eficiency :


  • Ninho Balaclava says:

    Salve Jerome !!!
    Passando pra te deixar um salve tmj 😉👍💯

  • Marco Menezes says:

    Hahahahaha marcador gourmet….
    Cara eu só me preocupo em usar bolinha de ± pra boa…. Não preocupo tanto com MAG, e não tenho dor de cabeça….

  • Tureta PB says:

    Yo mano. Eu tive muitos problemas com a mnha 468 no começo.
    O pior deles foi esse de desengatilhar. Porque?
    Então. É uma junção. Como eu uso o Javelin, ele é mais pesado, e ele ficava desengatilhando, então taquei óleo ali dentro. Taquei óleo demais. Ela desengatilhava pelo excesso de óleo. Tirei e pinguei um pouco. Melhorou, mas ainda desengatilhava.

    Aí, fui checar meus magazines.
    As molas tem que estar 100% para funcionar na 468, porque. A 468 tem aquele anti ball drop, que ele segura 3 bolas pra fora do magazine, e a debaixo tem que empurrar para que a de cima empurre a primeira de todas no stop ball e aí sim ela atira. Se a mola estiver meio cansada, que nem as minhas, vai dar esse problema. Então tive que abrir todos meus magazines e esticar a mola um pouquinho na mão. Agora ela funciona normal.

    Os mesmos magazines que davam problema na 468, não davam problema na Hurricane. Então estou confiante em dizer que é por isso.

  • Tureta PB says:

    Agora que cheguei lá. Me mata dois amigos "pode sair pode sair.. HUAHAUHAUH"

  • Brunox PB says:

    hahahah top o marcador agr os helix nossa um dos meus desanimos

  • OA4 says:


  • Rildo Flankin says:


  • zunigatactical says:

    O pessoal tá tão nervoso gritando pegou pegou, que não se dá conta dos próprios hits que tomam…kkkkkkkk

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