Paintball Guns & Accessories : Speedball Vs. Woodsball Paintball Guns

Paintball Guns & Accessories : Speedball Vs. Woodsball Paintball Guns

Hi, Robert Stewart here, with hill13. Next
we’re going to talk about gun choice, in terms of the type of player you think you are, or
you’re about to be. If you’re interested in speedball versus woodsball, you probably are
going to want an Egun, or you’re going to at least want the highest capacity weapon
you can get, in terms of how much paint you can deliver to target. Eguns have a battery
operated trigger in them that allow you to have select fire, three round bursts, six
round bursts, ten round bursts, whatever. Those guns are really, really appropriate
in speedball because you really do want to put a lot of paint down. A lot of times in
woodsball you may want something like a weapon we looked at earlier, which is the Flatline
Barrel. Now, this is an older weapon, in terms of the Tippmann line, it’s a 98 custom, but
with this barrel, it is a really appropriate paintball gun for the woodsball field. If
you can’t spend that kind of money on it, you can also go with something a little less
expensive. This is a VL from Viewloader; drop feed, it’s a fifty five dollar gun nowadays,
so it’s pretty affordable. But if you’re whether you’re talking about Eguns, the new propane
guns that are out or even the old pumps; which still you’ll find them, even old Sheridan
is still fully functional; try to choose a weapon that fits the type of player you want
to be.


  • Greglespecial says:


  • aj08899 says:

    yeah tippman came out with the tippman c3 powered by propane….

  • mrocean468 says:

    there is a propand tippmann gun

  • Greglespecial says:

    google : tippmann c3

  • Alex Plunkett says:

    that dude needs something else than a tippman, yea some tippman markers are good like older ones but he shouldn't be talking about speedball because he sounds like doens't know anything about it.

  • Soulless says:

    yeah cuz u really don't need accuracy in speedball. yup.

  • XzXAxelXzX says:

    This guys all over the place -_-

  • Slyboy0070 says:

    techpb's review is much better.

  • Uniscope Cloud Services says:

    WTF?!?! Weapons!! they changed the name from guns to markers never have i heard the term weapon used on somthing thats not ment to kill people. M8 SORT IT OUT YOUR GIVING PEOPLE THE WRONG INPRESSION ON PAINTBALL!

  • Ricky Lahey says:

    this is the guy who thinks co2 is better than hpa

  • Brett Molineux says:

    i need 2 no what is betta a tippmann x7 with flat line barrol,folding stok,e trigga,bipod,.orr…. a deablo AR-1 ???? plzzz tell or entone els who thinks they no

  • Ricky Lahey says:

    sadly i am

  • Vapor says:

    Spyder Pilot ACS for one.
    Also many military firearms have 6 round burst as well.

  • Matthew Gallo says:

    STFU Spyders are just as bad as Tippmans

  • Kenny Nguyen says:

    this guy is a dumbass its not a weapon ass whole he is trying to sound smart so he is saying a whole bunch of big words

  • Matthew Gallo says:

    well no but you cant with tippmanns except for the x7, but what I meant where like Smart Parts or Dye guns

  • RC2222222222 says:

    Wow. this video fails……..hard.

    so many fallicies(sp?), speedball players require just as much accuracy as any woodsballer, probably more. "Speedball Guns" are the most consistent and most accurate guns out there, there is no comparing a tippmann or spyder knockoff to them.

    Higher rof is super important in the woods. Why? Ever try to shoot through a bunch of brush? With a higher rof more balls get through and in some cases will cut brush down and clear your shooting lane

  • Fable98 says:

    Yeah ive always been a avid tippy user, i still use it but id rather use my Invert Mini, and i play "Ambush Sniper" usually but i feal much more confident with 10 balls coming out of my barrel instead of 3

  • De Freitas18 says:

    yuor a fag speedball is more fun because it is fast and if you get aliminateed you don't have to wait an hour for the next game plus why the fuck would you want to drop a gun in a lake so stop making retarded comments like a fag

  • Fable98 says:

    i can aim lmao, the 10 balls is really for "the pros" that play on speedball teams… i can shoot any untrained or rec player within 5 shots… usually

  • RC2222222222 says:

    There is just as much tactic involved in one as the other, speedball is only a firefight, and the tactics are centered around who has the better team that can react quickly to situations.
    Woodsball has the firefight and the events leading up to it.

    And i want to see someone stupid enough to put any paintball marker in the water. And you wont be able to shoot it anyhow with wet paint, so forget the navy SEAL stuff there bud. Tippmans are some of the only guns I have had constantly fail on me

  • RC2222222222 says:

    same here. I went from a spyder to a tippmann. Then to a mag to a cocker to a alien to a ego to a cocker to a matrix back to a cocker then to a phantom and now I am back with a E-cocker and a couple mechs.

    Despite what the woodsballers and alot of other people cockers have been the most reliable gun I have ever used, even moreso than my ego(and especially my tippmanns)

  • badguy622 says:

    Guns have a 10 round burst?

  • Fable98 says:

    yeh tippmans break… my 98 needs some tlc right not lmao…

  • ammotuff says:

    /▌This Is Bob.
    / He will be taking over Youtube very soon. Please take a few seconds to copy and paste him so he may continue his conquest

  • NooDLES411911 says:

    Speedball is fast paced with artificial obstacles. Woodsball is paintball in the woods, usually with an objective.

  • Dean Nichols says:

    anti BOB!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dean Nichols says:

    this guy does not know what the fuck he is talking about ego would rape any tippy

  • Dean Nichols says:

    yeah um i ment to say an ego would rape any tippy. and yeah i know

  • chrisbballninja says:

    PLEASE REPLY: I'm really in to woods ball. I'm looking for a woods ball gun that has e-grip and is very customizable. I've been looking at the Tippmann Bravo one (Or for Americans the US Army Alpha Black) Can some people suggest some good guns that are customizable, woods ball gun, and can or has e-grip on it under $300 Canadian taxes not included. Also can you tell me if the Tippmann Bravo One Tactical with e-grip and cyclone feed is a good gun. (THANKS YOU IF YOU HAVE READ THIS AND REPLIED!)

  • WoWbob396 says:

    why not get a dp g3 with a apex barrel tip works amazing!

  • John says:

    …haha "e-gun"….
    get a fucking pmr or something..

  • Anthony Diaz says:

    your stupid

  • Brennan Bosworth says:

    look the view loader has a cat on it

  • Jake Garcia says:

    why does he call it a weapon?

  • xDaRk0psx says:

    hmmm a flatlines not a paintball gun, and its funny this guy calls it a weapon, and the other expert village guy says u shouldnt call it a gun

  • MLG_Classical says:

    what is that camo thing on his hopper

  • pullinpete says:

    what kind of gun is the one with the camo bush thing on the hopper at 0:59 anwser please

  • UnruhlyMedia says:

    viewloader orion i think. crappy marker, skip it

  • Mitch Smith says:

    its a crappy viewloader gun that is modded to look cool lol…dont worry about it

  • Nick Aguilar says:

    the only reason why i watched this vid was cuz i saw all the alpha blacks in the back round

  • bryanSE785 says:

    hahahaha 10 round burst? This guy is a joke

    Stop calling it a weapon!

  • KappaSigJSU says:

    no. doesn't have a high enough fire rate, too big a profile as well. but speedball is much more fun

  • IndustrialHaze says:

    @tippmanx758 woods ball is just wen you play paintball in the woods or something similar, woods-ball you do more hiding and stealthy type play so you want a gun that has a quite feeder, and low profile just something you would want to be out in the woods with so its harder to see and hear you

  • Aiden AuCoin-Power says:

    This guys a fucking joke. It's not a fucking weapon and nice glasses tool. It's a paintball Marker. It's dumbasses like this that make paintball look like a violent sport calling it a fucking weapon. Jesus christ.

  • Ben Mehnert says:

    viewloader markers are CRAP….. and don't use a gravity feed… too much shaking… always choose a speedball gun because you can use it in woodsball too and its usually quieter and its just as (if not more) durable

  • norman5757 says:

    umm there markers you want paintball to sound pleasing to beginners not have the parents freak out because he brought a weapon home. Its a marker it marks doesn't kill ta da !!

  • onealhart54 says:

    @67spudgun weapon: anything used against an opponent, adversary, or victim: the deadly weapon of satire.
    is a paintball gun used against someone? YES

  • onealhart54 says:

    @aidaja weapon: anything used against an opponent, adversary, or victim: the deadly weapon of satire.
    is a paintball gun used against someone? YES

  • onealhart54 says:

    @CoopsPB weapon: anything used against an opponent, adversary, or victim: the deadly weapon of satire.
    is a paintball gun used against someone? YES

  • Aiden AuCoin-Power says:

    @onealhart54 So what your saying is that a dodge-ball is a weapon.

  • onealhart54 says:

    @aidaja technically, yes. if you hit someone with it, you could get charged with assault. if you shoot someone with a paintball marker, you can get charged with assault with a deadly weapon

  • onealhart54 says:

    @aidaja it may not be deadly but yes it can be considered a waepon

  • Blue fellow says:

    You're missing one of the key points that makes something a weapon, whether or not it's function is to cause harm. That is not a function of a paintball marker, it's just a side affect. If it's function was to cause harm we would probably wouldn't have velocity limits.

  • Caffeine says:

    People who call a paintball marker a weapon are the same people who give this sport a bad name. they're the reason people don't play because they're scared of being hit by a WEAPON or aren't allowed to play because they're thought of as being a user of a WEAPON. Its a marker; a piece of sports equipment. stop calling yourself an expert on expertvillage if you don't even make what your talking about sound appealing to some…

  • Jay Asmr says:

    I have the m16 Paintball the won i got it at toysinjoys

  • fatguyintinypants says:

    wat gun would be good for everything i like woodsball the best but i like everything

  • fatguyintinypants says:

    @Stj035 i mean wat brand

  • poaeypark says:

    I like all those alpha blacks on the wall .

  • Angelo M. says:

    its called a MARKER, calling it a freakin weapon is wats getting paintball banned in certain parts of the WORLD!!

  • thatkindofguy234 says:

    god help us if he owns a paintball shop :O

  • Cory N. says:

    actually you can classify it as a weapon cause if you got shot in the face with it, depending on the gun and what upgrades the person has attached to it, it can potentially kill someone. If you disagree maybe you should try it sometime

  • fredjustsucks says:

    Yes, a paintball marker is definitely a weapon.

  • Christian Garcia says:

    Yo if you like better woods you are a bitch my dye or my ego can scrap those stupid tippys let me tell u i have had a tippman a5 it sucks balls man no a day thank god i have a dye nt wich destroys off a stuppid tipp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So woods you are a BITCH!!!

  • Drake Scott says:

    amm, ur not alowwed 6 round or 3 round burst in speedball guy its a fast enough double trigger

  • Filipe Nobre says:

    that gun cust fifty-five$?

  • kaneda956 says:

    its a weapon. load up some rubber bullets in em and have someone shoot ya… sources: been shot before and ate through my armor.

  • Adam Floyd says:

    it doesnt have to kill for it to be a weapon? haha

  • yowristband says:

    @KCMK123 well then a golf ball can be a weapon

  • Adleist says:

    @KCMK123 Yeah if you're shooting fucking rock at 600ft per second you might kill a grandma but theres no fucking way a paintball in the face can kill someone, no way

  • 30 Year Old Bunta says:

    are non lethal weapons still weapons? yes… end of story

  • Nathan Bucholtz says:

    @KCMK123 If you could kill a person buy shooting them with a paintball there is no chance in hell we would make a sport out of it! A hate people that say stuff so confidently when they actually have no idea what they are talking about.

  • Hokuto! says:

    witch gun i better m16 or stryker

  • Giles says:

    nice glasses maverick

  • Mux says:

    @careypricejr because hes a badass "gun" store owner.

  • PBproto34 says:

    who wears sunglasses indoors?……. pshh badass!

  • MrHardstyleFreak14 says:

    @PBproto34 he was high..

  • Dean Nichols says:

    @MinnesotaJDM look up tippmann triumph xt review and click on the rawJ4w one… i win

  • clayflat says:

    Calling a paintball gun a weapon is like saying a nerf gun can kill u. And did anyone else catch him say something about a propane marker. WTF

  • DoogieCinema says:

    Tippmann Crossover. Around $500

  • LemmeSeeYaRage says:

    Thank you hank hill……..

  • alex says:

    any speedball gun realy

  • Nick Smith says:

    HOLY SHIT THIS GUY HAS 138,514 videos!!! DAMN!

  • Tyler Fitzgerald says:

    get a decent speedball gun without etrigger. etrigger sucks in woods. i use an Azodin Kaos. its flashy fast and comes in camo
    hope this helps

  • FAID says:

    check the history how from marking animals to shooting poeple, but no my friend got shot in the face and all he had a black eye and some cut so you sir can go fuck yourself because its not weapon but only a paintball marker and fucks like you will mess up my sport one day

  • Mostafa Badawi says:

    alpha black and x7 phenom are great for woodsball

  • noah says:

    What was on that 98 custom?? Please respond

  • thom Wil says:

    This didn't help. DISLIKE

  • Asuramaru Bye says:

    true i got shot in the ear couldnt hear anything for five minutes

  • The Real Man of Steel says:

    Kill someone? Only if your firing Monster Balls.

  • Aspekt says:

    pretty good camera quality for being published 8 years ago

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